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September 16, 2014
Only Boots He Has Ever Worn
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In around 1982 my husband decided to switch from dress slacks and dress shoes to Wranglers and Boots-The only Boots he has ever worn or wanted to wear have been Justin Ropers-He has quite a collection - from the plain brown roper to full quill ostrich-At present time I believe he owns 15 pairs in every price range - He loves the fit and the quality-I like the look!! Thanks Justin for changing the look that has lasted.

September 14, 2014
Justin Signature Edition Boots
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I think it was 1979 when I purchased my Ladies Signature Edition ostrich skin boots. The box and certificate says there were only 250 pairs made and each were signed by John S. Justin, Jr. They have the state of Texas on the front with a 14 carat gold star & rose cut diamond placed at the location of Spanish Fort, Texas where John S. Justin\\\'s grandfather began his boot making in 1879. We recently downsized to a condo and I found the box with my like new boots inside! I wore them to the opening of our new Polo pavilion for the Aiken Polo Club in Aiken, SC this afternoon and received many compliments. They are still beautiful and comfortable!

August 2, 2014
My New Western Boots
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In 1991 I moved to Chicago to take a new job, and was professionally moved. I arrived first, then the movers showed up. We unloaded for a few hours straight, taking the stuff in and leaving it where ever, so I wouldn't hold up their departure. I went to get us some pizza, while the guys got cleaned up and ready to roll. Once we had eaten and had a few beers they thanked me for the job and food. After they had rolled the big rig van out, I found a New pair of black Justin bent rail, pointed toe boots, (and they fit). Best boots I've ever worn!

August 2, 2014
Justin by accident.
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I was in Ft Worth several years ago and stopped by the Justin store. I didn't know to much about cowboy boots but liked the look. I tired on a few pair and was sold on a pair of black exotic's. They came in a C widith which is not easy to find in a good looking boot. Oh boy how comfortable they are. I have not looked back. I wear my boots all the time because they feel so good. I do a lot of dancing and have had them resoled 4 times (I dance that much) and they still look like new. I LOVE MY JUSTIN BOOTS!!!

July 14, 2014
Vintage Ropers back in the UK
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Bought my first pair of lace up Ropers in Lovington, New Mexico in 1993 while on holiday from the UK - where riding boots are only black or brown and desperately boring. They were red and cost me $95 and completely dazzled me! Wished I had bought 10 pairs as you can\'t get them now.

More than 20 years later, I have just bought a vintage pair from Texas and am waiting for them to be delivered. Can\'t remember what size I had so praying they fit.

Justin - please please please bring back the leather sole lace up.

July 27, 2014
Texas family tradition
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My grandmother went to school with the
Justin brothers in Texas. She was born and raised in and around Nocona. No matter where you live life does come full circle! My mother who is 85 and I both only wear Justin and Nocona boots! You can not compare the feel and the fit! The craftsmanship has not changed according to my mother! The military has moved me around for several years but still Justin boots are indeed a family tradition!

February 14, 2011
Love at first fit
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When I was working at a feed store at sunny St. George Utah. I had the chance to buy my very first pair of Justin boots. I had been looking at the George Strait line for a long time. So I tried on the first pair I grabbed, and it was love at first fit. The boots fit me like a glove, and are one of the most comfortable boots I own. Rain, snow, mud, or heat. They have never let me down. I will always buy Justin boots, for many years to come. God bless you boot makers, you make all the difference.

June 8, 2014
$2 boots
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I was yard sellin in El Paso. A pair of boots caught my eyes. The lady asked for $2. I gave her $5 because of the soles.
They were comfortable. However a friend found them more comfortable. He resoled them for me.
When i get on my bike my $2 boots are on.
Great boots from a big name company. $2 attracted me to continue to purchase from Justin.

June 6, 2014
Never too far
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I bought my first pair of ropers while staying in North Carolina a few decades ago. It was an accident really as up to that time I never had boots in that style.

Man, I have never looked back. I wear these babies all year round and in any climate. They are comfortable and stylish. Over the years I have bought several pairs even though with good care they last a few years each.

I have been overseas for a decade now with no end in sight, living in a forgotten third world country but every time I need a pair I have my sister order one and then ship it to me. Sometimes I pay more for the import taxes than the cost of the boots but it is so worth it.

If you are even thinking about a pair and never tried one do it! You will not be sorry. (Did I mention they are more comfortable than you could possibly imagine?)

Justin, you got me for life!

May 17, 2014
First Pair
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I bought my first pair of Justin work boots two weeks ago. I have worn them everyday for 12+ hours a day and these are the most comfortable work boots I have ever worn hands down. I won\'t wear anything else now. I hope that Justin doesn\'t every stop making these boots.

May 15, 2014
American made, American tough
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I was at my friends house hanging out in the backyard. In southern CA because of college. we saw some smoke coming from the street and a tire was on fire under my truck and I ran out there and kicked that tire while it was burning at least a 4 foot flame and I remember telling the guys it was alright because I has boots on. the tire got caught around my boot I got it off into the middle of the street. I remember saying, man my boot is done.... couple weeks went by, i just started wearing them again and the burn mark just added character. Nothing can beat the quality that these boots have. Made proudly in The good ole USA.

May 15, 2014
American made, American tough
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I was at my friends house hanging out in the backyard. In southern CA because of college. we saw some smoke coming from the street and a tire was on fire under my truck and I ran out there and kicked that tire while it was burning at least a 4 foot flame and I remember telling the guys it was alright because I has boots on. the tire got caught around my boot I got it off into the middle of the street. I remember saying, man my boot is done.... couple weeks went by, i just started wearing them again and the burn mark just added character. Nothing can beat the quality that these boots have. Made proudly in The good ole USA.

May 1, 2014
Dog-Not-Gone Boots
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My husband and I took a trip to Gatlinburg several years ago. Of course we were shopping and I was looking for that "just right" pair of boots. We FINALLY found them after several stops and lots of stores. The best fitting most comfortable boots were your Gypsy Cowgirl Coral Cow boots. I loved them! I even received a pair of Ariat boots same size and everything and do not like to wear the Ariats. They were not the comfortable fit as my Justin's.

Then we got a dog.....a black lab. My most favorite pet ( a black lab, Abby) died in our house fire several years ago and my husband and I got another one, Stella 4 years ago. Stella was a chewer. We had to put everything up so that we would have a house left when we returned from work each day! Stella apparently decided my boots were next. She managed to only chew the very front of the left boot, not even touching the right boot! I am so disappointed that I have lost my pair of boots, but I am keeping Stella! She is a great dog now that she no longer chews!!!! I kept my boots and lovingly pull them out once in a while thinking why did I not put them up where Stella could not get them?! Oh well, she is a great dog and I have long ago forgiven her for messing up my favorite pair of boots. I even left my Ariats sitting out one day and she never even touched them. So , see, even my dogs prefer Justin over any others. Just wish I knew someone that has a left boot size 9B in the Gypsy Cowgirl Coarl boot!!!! Do you guys know where I could find just the left boot?

May 1, 2014
Deerskin Justins- Perfect
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I purchased a pair of deerskin Justins a number of years ago, and they are my "go to" boots whenever I want something really comfortable for walking around OR the barn! I'm unable to ride any longer, and tie hiking boots never have been really comfortable for me, but I will never give up my Justins (or my old horse). I just brush them off, and I'm ready to go- to the barn, walking, or hiking- everyone always comments on how comfy they look. I only wish I could find another pair just like them, "justin" case anything ever happens to these.....

November 1, 2012
boots saved my feet from car wreck
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me and my wife where on our way to the store when a drunk driver ran a red light and t boned us on my side of the car I was driving. Even though they had to cut my boots off my feet they saved my ankles from being crushed during the impact of the crash. thank you all so much for the great product.

April 20, 2014
Rylie Justin fan
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My name is Rylie. I'm a Australian Shepard border collie. I proudly wear my Justin scarf that my family picked up for me in Texas. If you ever need a non speaking part or someone to model your clothing line..I'm a doggone good guy!

April 19, 2014
Boots from father to son
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Greetings from Finland!

Back in the late '80's my dad brought me a pair of Justin boots from his trip in the US. From that day on, I've been wearing boots everyday. In the icy winters and hot summers, good quality boots have been my shoe of choice.

Today, I passed on my first pair of boots to my son. Justins. I've taken care of them for over 20 years just waiting for this day. And my son fell in love with them.

April 14, 2014
Justin Boots are made for comfort and Safety
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I bought my first pair of Justin Boots from the P&K Western Store in Zip City Al, outside FLorence Al. Mrs Keeton has now sold Justin boots for 48 years. The Crepe soals are just great and whether I am Driving Trucks, working on the farm or hunting, I am comfortable in my Justin Boots

April 14, 2014
Justins are the Greatest !
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About 11 years ago , I purchased my western Justins in Bend , Oregon. They are a little scuffed up , and have a crack or two. I have never had a pair of shoes ,that have outlasted my Justins ! Thank you for putting so much quality and workmanship in my boots . My next pair will be Justins also !

April 11, 2014
Best Boot I've Ever Worn!
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I have been wearing safety toe boots for 30+ years. The first time I put on a pair of Justin Worker II Wyoming Boot I was hooked. As an Alaskan Miner I walk 2000 to 3000 steps a 12 hr shift wearing my new Justins it felt like I had been wearing them for months. Zero break in time, simply said Outstanding. The most comfortable boot I have ever worn, Hands Down. My Feet Thank You!!

April 9, 2014
Worth the wait
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After visiting the store in Justin, TX found the most beautiful pair of snake skin boots or should I say only 1 of them for the staff could not locate the mate to the boots I wanted to take home. So, I left my name, address and phone number so that when the mate was located they could let me know and I could return to bring them home. Months went by but I did not give up. After continually checking in with the staff, I kept getting the same response - we are still looking but haven't found the mate to the one boot yet. I'm sure most people would have given up and moved on but I wanted that pair. As with all the staff they were extremely friendly, definitely remembered me and didn't mind my continuing to follow up on this one pair of boots. Almost a year had passed but I hadn't given up yet, and I made my monthly call to check on my Justin snake boots - and I got the answer I had been waiting on - the mate was found. I immediately ran up there and picked up "my" pair of black snake skin boots that had been waiting to come home with me. Even though I have other cowboy boots to wear (is there any other type of shoe??) these have been and are still my most favorite even though they've seen better days. Most of the time if you see me, these are still what are on my feet. I LOVE these boots and they were definitely more than worth the wait. :)

March 29, 2014
Suburban Cowgirl
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Remember the movie Urban Cowboy? Once upon a time on the East Coast, a single suburban 20-something Virginia girl got hooked on all things western after watching that movie. When I visited my friend in Fort Worth back around 1980/81 and made a visit to Billy Bob's, I learned to 2-step and bought me some eel-skin boots, size 7-1/2. Fast-forward to 30 years of marriage, 3 grown children, a few repairs here and there (to the boots though I probably could use a few myself) and feet now size 9! And guess what, I can still wear them! Yes, one of my toes is coming through one side, but they stretched with me and still fit like a glove! I won't give them up without a fight!

March 19, 2014
Found....Old H.J. Justin Employees Photo From October 1941
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Today while searching some of my deceased father's old things I found his old 1940 college yearbook. Upon opening the old yearbook and sandwiched in between some of the pages was this old photo of the employees of October 1941. To my knowledge, my father never worked there but did live a short distance from the location. Perhaps someone will know of a friend or family member who did.

March 11, 2014
My work boots
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I have a narrow foot B width. I wear my work boots all day long, so I need a comfortable boot and my Justin work boots are. Thank you for producing a quality boot. Best work boot I have found.

February 22, 2014
Hard working boots
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I work outside for a living. In the summers it is near 100 degrees and in the winter it can get to -30. I live in my Justin (Gaucho #4440) boots, from the 5 am to 11 pm I wear these boots. In the rain, snow, mud and dirt I wear these boots. I have had these for two and half years now, I am wearing holes on all side but these are still the most comfortable and longest lasting boot I have every worn.
Thanks Justin for making a boot That will hold up to my punishment and look good doing it.

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