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March 25, 2009
Justin Boots Saves Little Boys Toe
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Justin Boots have always been a staple with our family. So it was only natural when I had a son of my own that he too would wear Justin Boots. We bought him his first pair of Justins as soon as we found a size small enough. Now fast forward to him as a five year old running around on the farm and trying to keep up with the big boys. It was a warm summer evening and we were square baling hay and we were in a hurry to get it done before the rain came. He was on the tractor with his Granddad baling, and I went over to tell them I was going back to the barn to get another wagon. He wanted to go with me and I said "No you stay with your Grandad I'm in a hurry", but he insisted and I gave in, so off we went. When I got to the barn the wagon I went to get didn't have the rack on it, of course. So I pulled the wagon over to where the rack was stored. I jumped out to put the rack on as I did I told my son to stay in the truck. Well when I returned with the heavy rack, as most five year olds would he had gotten out of the truck and climbed up on the wagon. I went ahead and tried to lift the rack up and put it in place. When I did it started falling over before I could get it in the holes and it was falling right towards my five year old son. I yelled for him to jump back and he did just in the nick of time. But the top of the rack still got his toe. He started screaming. I just knew I had cut his big toe off, but when I pulled his Justin boot off it had just smashed it real good. But the boot had a cut in the leather, so my wife and I are convinced that if he would have had tennis shoes on it would have cut his big toe off. He is six now and his toenail has completely grown back and looks normal, but if he goes out farming with the men, he never goes without his Justin Boots.

March 24, 2009
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From the first time that I put them on I knew they were gonna become my new favorites....they took a weekend to break them in and im not going to lie my feet were killing me, but after that they are the most comfortable boots that I have ever wore and I will never go back!! LOVE THEM!! and plus they come in so many cool designs and colours ......mine are brown and PINK!! :)

March 22, 2009
Good Looks, Great Comfort. Justin.
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I Remember my first pair of Justin Quality Boots. ALL ive ever worn were justins, and im never going back. I got my first pair at Skips Western Outfitters. Man, it was the best feeling on earth. once you slide or tie on a justin boot, you'll never go back. i didnt. and to this day i always have my ropers next to me at all times ;)

March 18, 2009
The Four Year Old Victor Raats Took a Shortcut from Europe to Texas by… his Justin Boots.
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Victor Raats, Schilde, Belgium, Europe. He’s a four-year old boy who went on holiday to Texas together with his mom and dad and his two sisters.

Nevertheless he spoke no English, and was just a small boy in the big State of Texas, Texas fitted him like a glove. Everywhere he went, he was welcome for a drink, a ride on a horse, a chat with a cowboy, a candy,... In San Antonio, tourists asked to have a picture taken with the young cowboy, and in Bandera he put himself aside of a sidewalk guitar pickin’ cowboy who boosted his day’s revenue with the young cowhand’s assistance.

Also in airports, taxis, restaurants, malls, customs,… and also in Europe, he always finds people willing to assist him in his needs, plans and wishes. He often accomplishes more by talking less than his grown up companions. Even at the school bus, in the classroom, at parties,… he finds himself a fast lane and easy access to his good looking and sweet objectives. And at home his two older sisters are his right and left hand promptly at his service. Even the horses at home are remarkably willing to take care of this kid’s cues.

What's the secret of that small boy and his prosperity in his traveling and his young man’s adventures? Well, he always –always- wears his pair of Justin roper boots. He never parts with them. His Justin Boots are his true and reliable shortcut to the big wide world, horseback and on foot.

March 13, 2009
Dancin' Boots
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My husband who is now retired, was an over the road owner operator truck driver. He has always worn western boots but could never afford good boots.

While in Alabama we found a boot outlet store with 1 pair of soft (very soft) gray leather Justin boots in his size at 50% off. They were purchased quickly.

We went from Alabama to New York State. We had to spend the weekend in a hotel-the boots were brought out and we danced all night-perfect fit no need to break in. We went from New York State to Texas-boots still haven't seen PA soil-still kept new dancin' boots in the box "to good to wear everyday"-While we were waiting for a load back to PA my husband was working on the truck. He pulled the boot box out put it on the Hot Box (heater for fuel) accidentaly hit the switch and the dancin' boots burned up-melted down whatever you would like to call it-beyond saving.

My husband who is now 78 will talk about the dancin' boots forever. Has never found another pair as soft and nice as those.

March 12, 2009
The Lost Of A Limb, Not The Lost Of A Great Love
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Being raised by my grandparents, I pretty much knew my grandfather's collection of shoes and his pair of Justin Boots. He had different types of shoes from slippers to Stacy Adams dress shoes to his Boots. Even though he had a different variety of footwear, he always wore his boots. He'll use them with a suit, he'll use them with a pair of casual slacks and as well with good ol' blue jeans. You can say he just loved his boots. About 8 years ago he had his right leg amputated due to diabetes, he was devasted as well as the whole family. He is a man that has to being doing something, keeping himself busy so to say, if not he wouldn't know what to do with himself. He enjoys fixing things and mechanic work, also carpentry and his Justin Boots were on his feet all along. For him to sit there and/or lie there he feels useless. One day he mentioned to me that he wouldn't be able to wear his boots again, I told him sure you can, you can wear one and then when your prosthetic leg you can try to fit the other on. He said it wouldn't be the same. The comfort and versatility I felt with my Justin Boots was amazing. the next day we went through his shoes and put them into boxes to give away to charity. All his shoes were in great condition and were expensive ones as well. He gave two pairs of his good dress shoes to his grandson and the rest to a charity of his choice. I told my grandfather what about your Justin Boots, who are they going to? He said " no sweetie, my boots will stay here with me. I wouldn't dream of letting those go". I said but grandpa if you fell you can't wear them anymore, why keep them? He easily repied " when I fell down in the dumps , I could look at my Justin Boots and I would be able to feel the joy, comfort, and the love I felt just as I was wearing them and it cheers me up and puts a smile on my face". I said awwww grandpa then your Justin Boots will stay...

March 11, 2009
boot story
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Consider the labor involved in making a pair of boots: It takes more than 100 steps to produce one pair of Justin boots. In addition, more than 16 square feet of natural leather goes into every pair, making it easy to see why Justin boots are such a great value.

March 9, 2009
I don't wear sox.
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These are the most comfortable boots I've EVER worn.
Stephen Esposito

March 9, 2009
Sometimes it pays to ruin a pair of boots
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Back in the early eighties I started working at a refinery in South Louisiana after getting out of high school. The construction forman I worked under was a rough ole guy. No matter how hard I worked at the jobs I was assigned, he never gave me a compliment.

There was this one incident I remember well when we had a job. As a crew we were assigned to tie in a meter run off of a flowline. We had to excavate with a track hoe around the area . The opperator happened to punture the flow line just as the work pit was being cleaned out. As the pit was filling with fluid the foreman asked for someone to jump in and isolate the flow by closing the valve also in the pit. I looked at my week old boots and volunteered to do the job. I jumped into the pit knee deep in condensate. When I completed the task I crawled from out the pit where co-workers hosed me off. Nothing was said to me by the foreman, not even a thank you.

Well the following day we recieved our pay checks and was on our way home. I was the last one to be dropped at home when I notice the foreman going through town to get to my house. He then pulled up in front of the local department store where he invited me to in the store with him. We went in and he said pick you out a new pair of boots. I said excuse me? He said I appreciate you doing what you did yesterday with your new boots . Well at that time I had the opprotunity to where my first pair of justin boots and have been happy with justin boots ever since!

March 8, 2009
The Sad Mule Hide Boots
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I had bought several pairs of Justin Mulehide natural colored boots through the years. I have loved them since the first day I put them on. The boots were soft and true to size and I did not have to shine them and they looked great with jeans. Well, after several years, the heels finally wore out so I decided to have them repaired. When I got the boots back,they were so stiff that they hurt my feet. I took them back ,but the man assured me that they would soften up. The boots did not and my feet kept hurting. The boot repairer did not how to fix them. Finally, extremely frustrated, I donated them to Orlando Service Center. My Mule Hide Boots miss me and I miss them. The boots are sad because they came to a bad end.

March 8, 2009
Just Boots
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Last yr my wife and I decided to go out to various boot stores and to look online and see what would be a good pair of work boots and dress boots as well. As it had been several yrs since the last pair was purchased and mine were wearing down.

and really wanted soemthing dependable.

All though my wife advised me to "just shop around for now and not to get in any big hurry" as to purchase, so not thinking much to ask a lady any questions I just followed along with her suggestions and I did not give any more thought! This went on for about a month,every other weekend we just went to different stores. Asking and looking around.

So around the first of the yr as I was sitting in the front room watching football she says honey I know you beeen putting up with me so i have a suprise for you--here she is holding in her hand a new pair of justin work boots.Talking about a shock just overwhelmed. Just goes to say dont look and ask your wife questions.

March 8, 2009
The Day I Met The King
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I was born in Los Angeles in 1944 and, until the age of 10, grew up as a relatively typical city kid. In 1954, however, my life took an unexpected turn. I worked that summer on my uncle’s dude ranch high in the Colorado Rockies, near Pikes Peak and Cripple Creek. Rather than being merely a youthful adventure, that experience led to a lifelong identification with cowboys and the cowboy way. In fact, I performed a cowboy wedding for my cousin’s son in Colorado last year (after getting ordained on-line), looking authentic in my frontier frock coat, Tom Mix Stetson and, of course, my Justins.

But even that was surpassed as the highlight of my Justin-wearing cowboy life by an event more than ten years ago, when one day I fired up my ’50 Chevy flatbed (the one with the fuzzy dice, CB radio and dual chrome stacks) and drove up to Victorville, CA with the hopes of seeing my hero...Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys.

Unfortunately, Roy wasn’t there when I arrived, so I consoled myself by touring his wonderful museum (no longer there). Afterward I searched the lobby, but still no Roy. Having driven 100 miles to get there, I decided to re-tour the museum before heading home in the hope that Roy might arrive before I had to leave. After completing that second round, my Justin boots and I went out into the lobby one last time and this happened (see pic)!

I treasure that picture and the memories of that day...just as I ‘preciate my many Justin boots!

Cowboy Up!

March 7, 2009
my favorite boots!!
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I bought a pair of Justin boots for my first pair of cowboy boots almost 11 years ago. I still have them and wear them everyday. I love them. They are soo comfy and broken in. They are just now starting to fall apart and I think I am going to have to break down and buy a new pair. I just hope that I can find a pair of Justin locally that are made in the USA. I have been looking but I haven't been able to find any yet. Still looking though. Hope everyone else's boots last as long as mine have.

March 6, 2009
Justins For All
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I have worn cowboy boots for most of my life. And started rodeoin when i was in college. After I married and had my second child we still were country and wore cowboy boots, Justin's of course. Well, my second child was a little girl named Ginger.

When Ginger was around 4 or 5 she started learning the Pledge of Allegence. She came home from pre-school one day and said mommy I can say the Pledge of Allegence. Of course I said "Well let me here it".

She started and did very well when she got to the last line this is what she said and the way she continued to say it until she was old enough to understand where she was going wrong.

"With liberty and Justin's for all."

Everyone we knew had to hear her version, and loved it of course.

I never got the chance to record it, looking back now of course I realize I missed a really special time.

Thanks for listening.

March 6, 2009
These Boots Do Last Forever
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I am a person who doesn't have the money to buy new pair of boots all the time. One day I was shopping a my local Coastal Farm store and it was shortly after christmas so they were having a huge sale on most of there brand boots. Well I always wanted a pair of cool, in style justin boots so I looked all around and to my suprise I found a pair of boots that were my size and only half the price. So I bought them. I got maybe no more than three weeks of wearing them. I would only where them to nice places because I wanted to keep them all nice a pritty. I have this dog that likes to distroy personal belonging of my family and when I left to go do something at the barn I left them up where I thought they would be safe from any harm. To my utter regret I got home and went into my room and knowticed that one of my boots was missing. My mom then came in and told me my dog had gotten to my boots and chewed on one of the pair of boots. I was so upset and mad at the same time. So told me she would buy me a new pair as soon as we found another pair that were as cheap as these ones. The next time I went out to the barn I took the boots, because there is no way I would were them out in public the way they looked. I used the boots to muck out stalls, clean up horses, ride horses and what ever else I would do out at the barn. I even showed in those boots because I loved them so much. It was slightly embarising but I loved how comfortable they were. I continued to use those pair of boots every time I was out at the barn, showed OHSET, which is the high school equestrian team, so not the nice really expensive shows. I also used them where I ever I went that had to do with horses. I continued this for four years. I had my justin boots that one was ok looking and the other was all chewed up for four years. They were still comfortable but they were so worn out that they were getting holes in the side and I would get the insides wet when I washed a horse and sawdust when I cleaned a stall. It was so frustrating. Then I ended up going shopping at the canby tack sale they have every once and a while and I found my self after saving up the money to buy new ones, found a pair that were my size and so I bought them. I am so happy now that I found myself a slightly new pair of justin boots just like the ones I had that had gotten chewed up by my dog. So now I keep those pair in the box them came in and in a spot that I know my dog will not get to them.

March 5, 2009
Two boots for the same foot
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Back in the forty's after the war, times were tough. As a young nine year old boy I spent most of my time dreaming of being a cowboy. Having a pair of cowboy boots was out of the question.

Down the road lived a horse trader who rented saddle horses by the hour. He also would buy a few pony's from the reservation to brake and sell. I would hang around and do what ever he told me to do, for the opportunity to get on anything that had four legs.

My dad whom worked at the local fire department came home from work one morning with a pair on Justin cowboy boots. He gave them to me. A boot salesman who was short on cash while passing through town, stopped and asked my dad if he could spend the night at the fire station. Dad had given him a place to sleep, so in return he gave my dad a pair of boots. thay were samples, both for the same foot, and not quite a match. They also were about three sizes to big. That didn't matter to me one bit, I wore them boots for the next two years. I was the happiest kid in the State of Oregon. When the soles got thin I wrapped them with white medical tape like I had seen a couple rodeo cowboys do at the local rodeo. I cannot ever remember anyone ever making fun of me and the boots that were for the same foot.

Years later I stopped off to see an old timer who trained race horses at the fairgrounds when I was a kid. As we sat and talked over a cold beer, he started laughing and told me that he would never forgot the kid that hung around the fairgrounds in a pair of Justin cowboy boots that were both for the same foot. "Darn'est thing I ever seen," he said with a smile.

Well a lot of time has past since those days of long ago. I fulfillid my dream and lived the cowboy life off and on for the past fifty years. As for Justin boots, I have worn out many a pair, and thinking back on those days. "That must of been quite a sight."

March 5, 2009
Let's Bowl!
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I was repairman at the Boot Ranch in Madison, WI in 1976. We had this customer who was obsessed with two things: Justin Boots and bowling. He kept wondering if he could bowl in boots and would talk at length about bowling in boots every time he came over to see what was new in styles. He had this wonderful pair of everyday Justin's: black top with grey calf foot, w type toe, walking heel, that would just about do the job. I had some outstanding chrome tanned sole leather, about 9 iron, that would do perfectly. A bowling shoe can't have any dark materials, can't be dyed on the edges, can't expose nails, and needs the forefoot of the lead foot in rubber, the trailing foot in leather. The chrome was ideal, matched with some white neolite taps we'd found from who knows where, and white neolite half sole. I think, in retrospect, some of this white neolite was the vestige of the old go-go boot days! I replaced the 3/4 welts, used the chrome and neolite on the soles, very carefully pegging the shanks without nails, and rebuilding the walking heels in leather, capped with the white neolite taps. It worked and he bowled: The happiest bowling cowboy you ever saw in grey Stetson, black shirt with white piping, and matching black on grey Justin's with white chrome and neolite soles.

March 5, 2009
He's wearing his Anteater's in Heaven
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I was the repairman at the Boot Ranch in Madison, Wisconsin in 1976. We had a young fellow from Tennessee who served as the Justin Rep then and for a couple of years after. He had some of the most interesting boots in creation, including a pair Anteater's with a bone white foot and a chocolate top. He'd gotten a lot of wear from them and they still retained a good shape, and the Anteater was virtually unscarred, but had gotten rather dirty. We talked about them several times after working hours over long courses of beers and shots of bourbon. We'd finally decided to completely strip the finish and dye them a new color. I sent him off to his territory saying, trust me on this, you'll be surprised next time you come through. I completely stripped the old finish, dyed the vamp a beautiful cognac, and put on new full soles with a hand built stacked leather heel. They literally sparkled as if they'd come straight from the Justin factory. When he came back he was astonished, and traded me for a couple of pairs of boots, no less than a few drinks. One of those was a pair of Kangaroo work boots that my younger brother still has, thirty-three years later. I moved away not long after though returned occasionally. I inquired some years later what had happened to that fine good old boy, and sadly the story is tragic. It happens that his drinking had gotten worse, but friends got him to sober up, accept the lord, and get on the straight and narrow path. He did, his family was proud, and his dedication to work increased so that he was on the road many extra hours and until late at night. Well, late one night on the road he was travelling home when some other drunk lost control, crossed the median and crashed head on. He was a fine fellow, I can't recall his name, but he definitely died in service to the boot, and with his boots on. I'll say a prayer for ya, and will never forget you or those Anteaters.

March 5, 2009
A boy, his dog, and his boots
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Growing up in the south, in the sleepy town of Pulaski Virginia, I was a kid with too much fun to have and not enough daylight. There were trees to climb, forts to build, battle ships to build out of scrap wood, mowed grass mountains to scale, and trips to the store to get penny candy.

My parents brought home a scruffy mutt, of unknown age, to me and my older brother, I was probably around eight or nine years old. We decide to name the mutt Taffy. Taffy followed me everywhere I went. I guess I was more interesting than my brother.

On Saturday around 1:00, I would sit down long enough to watch old westerns on the TV. The TV was housed in a wooden box; we only received a couple of channels. Channel 15, PBS I think, showed old westerns with Roy Rogers, William Holden, and John Wayne.

I noticed that all the cowboys had on boots. So I had to have a pair cowboy boots. Being an excitable kid I asked mom and dad almost daily if I could have some cowboy boots. They said wait until Christmas. That Christmas I asked Santa Claus for a pair of cowboy boots and a bb gun. That Christmas morning I woke up early, around 4 am, of course. I had to jump on my brother and wake him up. Excitedly I ran into the den where the Christmas tree was, there in front was a pair of boots. I was so happy I woke up my parents and probably the next door neighbors.

Everywhere I went, I wore those boots and, yeah, Taffy tagged along. I wore those boots year-round. I even tried to sleep in them, but mom won’t let me. Those boots lasted at least to my second growth spurt.

I am now 42 and I love Justin cowboy boots. I wear them to work and when I go out. I have a ten-month-old daughter; as soon as she starts wearing shoes, I want to get her a pair of Justin boots.

Justin Boots offers the best boots around. They bring back great memories of my youth. They allow all of us to be cowboys, outlaws and bandits, even if it is just in our minds.

March 5, 2009
Them old Ropers just keep gettin better, well with help.
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Back in '86 my wife got me a new pair of Justin Ropers, which was the first and only pair I have had the pleasure of breaking in, polishing, cleaning the mud from the soles and the tops, wearing to church, ball games, and cowboy shooting. You know what finally happened last summer--they cracked at the crease over my little toe. They tough lining is all that was keeping dirt from my Justin socks. The expansion of the crack was causing a bit of discomfort to form after all these years. What an idea I had, how about some shoe goo.

The shoe goo is holding for the time being, but it looks like the third set of soles and heels are going to be a bit of necessity. They are still a polished marvel as they sit and wait for their the rotation to choose them for the steps. In the meantime I still have the Justins that were purchased a couple years before them to keep in the rotation, but they have finally lost their comfort, and requiring thick socks is just not my can of worms to keep my toes from creaping toward the discomfort zone.

Refurbishing is just not in my budget plans at the present time, so if you see me in my Ropers, with the goo, please compliment me on the shine that glistens. If you see me in the Justins with the black bottoms and red tops take a look at those underslung heels and tell me how much you like'em.

They're gonna be gone before long and I can't decide what color or style of Ropers to get, or have my love purchase for me. The memories have been an awesome adventure, guess I'll have to add some to my other five pairs of spares. You know what "I think I'll get a pair with square toes."

March 5, 2009
Football in "Boots"
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My son had a cheap pair of cowboy boots when he was very young. Then He got his first pair of Justin Boots and still won't wear anything else. As he got older he worn them everywhere with everything. In high school he would come out of the gym after football practice with his gym shorts on and yes, his worn out Justin's . After track practice he would take off his running shoes and put his Justin's on before he would go out to the bus. People would look at him like he was crazy. But that did not change his way of dressing. I expected to see him run onto the football field with his boots on afraid he would forget to change shoes, but thank goodness he didn't. Although if the coaches would let him I am sure that he would have. He gets it honest, I also wear Justin Boots. My son is grown now but we laugh about it alot. He still wears them to work now. I guess as history has it he will want to be buried in his comfortable Justin's.

March 5, 2009
Boots vs. Asphalt
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In 1985 I went to work for the Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma City. The agency issued the uniforms but not foot wear. I went to my local dealer and bought a brand new pair of Justin Ropers in black. I wore them to work every day until moving from court house duty to the street (when I bought tactical boots). I did, however, keep, and continue to wear, my Justins off duty.

Skip ahead to 1999 when I bought a motorcycle. I wore my ropers, which had now been re-soled about 3 times, when I rode; short trips and long trips. They were great for road wear and I could still wear them when I was just out and about. I kept them clean so I could also wear them when I needed something for nice functions with the family. Basically they were my riding and general wear boots. I love these thing so why get rid of them?

Now, we skip ahead a little more to August of 2004. These boots have been re-soled about 7 times now and had 5 sets of heels. I was out riding my motorcycle when a car ran a stop sign and took my back tire out from under me. I rode the bike down until it impacted the curb, flipped off of me, and landed on it's side. I was on my back, having rolled through it, and found that even though I was sore nothing was broken. Several people came to see if I was okay and call police. I was told the driver who hit me left the scene never to heard from again.

I was banged up but not bad enough for an ambulance. My daughter showed up and once the police were done and the bike was wreckered back to my house (priorities) she took me to the ER. I had some road rash and stiff muscles and a cut on one arm but nothing major. I did notice, however, when I removed my boots (which I refused to let them cut off of my feet) for leg x-rays, that my right boot had a huge hole gouged into the top of the foot. I checked the rest of the boot, then the other, and found no other damage. They held up to me sliding across the asphalt with a 700 pound bike on me.

I took them to my local shop where I got them soled and he did what he could, under sewing a patch on the hole. Well, they are no longer in a condition to wear with nicer clothes since the repair is noticeable. But they are still functional and 4 1/2 years after the wreck I still wear them for riding. These are a tough pair of boots. Now if I could just get another pair for my daily wear.

Justin Ropers - 1 Asphalt - 0. Thanks Justin for making these boot this well.

March 5, 2009
Country Girl in the making
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I have been horse crazy ever since I was born. But where I lived the only horses I owned were Bryer models and the only horse power I rode was on the back of my Grandfathers John Deere tractor. But I still wanted to be a country girl and begged for boots every Christmas. When I was seven I finally got my very own boots for Christmas. Justin Boots. They were beautiful and I wore them with dresses, shorts and even to the beach. Though my mom wasnt too happy cleaning off the sand that got in them.

Its been 13 years and I am still wearing Justin Boots. My old faded ones are in my memory box, which I take out from time to time just to relive my "country girl" memories. I now own a horse and my Justin Boots help me through-out the day of riding and barn chores by making my feet as comfortable as ever. I guess I did end up a true country girl after all, considering Im going to major in Equine Management and I am also teaching little cowgirls and cowboys how to ride.

I thank Justin Boots for making me a the cowgirl I am today.

March 5, 2009
No Story
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Just the best damn boots I've ever owned thanks for the boots.

March 5, 2009
Never go swimming without your Justin's.
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I live near the wettest spot on earth, Mt. Waialeale on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. In early December 2008 it rained so bad out here that a lot of homes were flooded and agricultural crops destroyed. My husband and I, along with a friend of his decided to go to our farm and check on our animals to make sure they were all right. Well, when we got there I just couldn't believe my eyes. The entire area around our tackroom and round pen was completely flooded. We joked for a while that we needed a canoe to get to it but the joking soon was sidelined when we noticed that some of our chickens in a low cage were in the water and could possibly drown. My husband and his friend had rubber boots and slickers on, they jumped out of the truck and started the rescue. I felt helpless, the water was at calf level and I didn't have rubber boots, just my Justin roper that is totally molded to my foot and so comfortable that I use it all the time. I decided to take a chance and brave the rain and rushing water to help out. To my surprise, my Justin's did not leak, they kept my feet warm and dry the entire time even while submursed in water. My husband and his friend both were in awe because the entire time they were worried about me and thought that I was going to get soaked , but in the end, their cheap rubber boots failed them and they were the ones with the cold wet feet. On the way home, we laughed and joked about the weather and how it looked like we could swim at the pasture. They also talked about getting me a pair of rubber boots, but instead I told them, Nah, I'll never go swimming without my Justin's. (This picture was taken from our tackroom of the mountains to the back of our pasture. This mountain doesn't normally have waterfalls but as you can see, we had a lot of rain that day. Isn't it beautiful?)

March 5, 2009
Boots in Heaven
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Bill Lamb was an old cowboy stuck in modern times. His perfectly starched Wrangler shirts and jeans, cowboy hat, and shined Justin boots were his trademark around the big city of Garland, Tx where he was the newspaper's photographer. No one ever saw him dressed any differently day in and day out.

When Bill lost his battle with cancer, we had a pair of those boots sitting beside his picture at the memorial services. My friend's son, who was about 4 at that time, noticed all the flowers and other things that were on the altar and seemed to hone in on the boots. That past Christmas, he had run to his room to put on his boots because his were just like Uncle Bill's. So during the service, he looked down at his own boots and quietly asked his mom.... Do you think God will let him wear his boots in heaven? (I sure hope so.)

March 5, 2009
Skivies and Justin boots
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I remember as a kid growing up in San Diego, my dad, first thing in the morning, throwing on his Justin's wearing nothing else but his navy issue "skivies" (boxers). Grabbing a cup of joe, he'd go out to get the morning paper at the end of the sidewalk. Im sure if there were any of the neighbors out, he would say something to the likes of," Good mornin', glad you got to see me today"! My dad was born on a South Dakota wheat farm, and even being in a city like San Diego, it just goes to show you it aint going to take the farm boy out of his blood. When any one asked why he threw those boots on first thing in the morning, he always responded," because they are more comfortable than bedroom slippers"!

March 5, 2009
His Boots
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My husband is 73 years old and he still has several old pair of boots....He swears by his boots, no matter what....He just had vascular surgery on both of his legs, and guess what, he has tried to wear his boots, and gets mad because he can't right now....Everytime he see's a pair of boots in the catalog, he wants me to buy him a new pair, which I agree, he really does need a new pair....He wears his boots for years until they are almost wore out, and believe me that does take years to wear them out....We've been married 30 years and he has boots that he has had longer than that....He would be so happy to get a new pair of boots and he deserves them....We just can't afford them right now....

March 5, 2009
Justin Boots Definatley Made To Last
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I grew up on a farm in southeastern IN so where boots has always been something ive done. The used to go thru boots alot one because I would just simply where them out or two I have a funny walk and where the soles oddly.

The best pair of boots I ever bought came from Discount Boot and Tack in Seymour IN. They are Justin Teckno Crepes. These Boots I only wore for good boots along time almost 6 years with lil to minimum year. Last year these boots became my farm and riding boots. No matter what kind of hell I can put these boots thru I cannot destroy them and I just wipe them off and they still look good.

These boots even carry a C7 and a Diamond R brand on them. I really wont go into the story of how the boots got branded but at the time I was afraid the hot iron would burn a hole clean thru them yet these boots still held up.

I love my Justin boots and will be a proud wearer of them till there simply is not anything left of them. I will proudly purchase a new pair for all to see.

March 5, 2009
How Colud Justin Get Better?
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I got a new pair of Justin AQHA with the J-Flex comfort system. I have problems with my feet because of some medicine I have to take. But with my new boots my feet do not hurt at all. I wear my boots everyday, and before I could only maybe wear my old boots maybe once or twice with one month because of pain. Not now, I have been braging to all my friends who have had a heart problems and take medicine like mine that these are some of the best boots ever made.

March 5, 2009
I can't find my boots
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I bought my Justin Ropers 22 1/2 years ago. The are the most comfortable, best wearing boots ever made. I have resoled these boots numerous times, but they are about on their last leg as far as repairing the leather on the toes. If they had not been so dependable, I would have started looking for new ones many years ago. I have been looking for four years now, and have found they quit making Ropers in "C" width for women. I have been told I have to purchase a little boys boot instead. Little boys do not have the same arch as women. It just doesn't work. Maybe I should put an add in the paper for an old pair. Maybe one of Justin's remote warehouses (like in Egypt or something) still has a pair back in a corner somewhere. Otherwise I am afraid I will have to duck tape the toes and just keep on dancing. Please help me find size 5 1/2 "C" styleL3058, reg# 53154

March 3, 2009
Tough Enough
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I just built a four strand cable fence around my house with 2 7/8" steel posts and steel top rail. It was one heck of a project with over 300 steel posts set into three foot holes with 80# of concrete in each hole.

I had just purchased a new set of Justin boots and I HATED to wear them for this project but my work boots (not Justins) were killing me after just one day so I commited my nice new Justins to this project.

I mixed over 24,000# of concrete with a shovel, spent a lot of time on a my tractor with a borrowed auger and rented skid steer, made untold number of cuts with a torch and spent many, many hours welding. Every time I set another steel post I would stomp the dirt in around it and leave the Justin logo imprint all around the base. In my delirium in the 100 degree heat I thought, "Now that's a great boot! What a great commercial this would make."

No kidding. My fence is finally finished and it looks great. Although it was the project from hell I can tell you I still wear my Justins every day. They still look good considering all they've been through. They may have the odd welding burn, barb wire cut and cow poop on them but they are still good to go. As soon as I find another pair like 'em I'll be adding them to my collection. Maybe I'll be able to keep the next ones "purdy".

Steve Goff

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho via Spearman, Texas

March 3, 2009
Justin Boots In West Texas
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I love to wear boots! And I love living in West Texas where the cowboy mentality is shared by everyone. The cowboy state of mind consists of a laid back, easygoing, more introspective lifestyle.

And then there's the laid back, casual, cowboy look. It's very simple, really--boots, jeans, tee, and a cowboy hat or baseball cap. Sometimes hats are not worn at all, but boots are definitely the most important element of the laid back, cowboy ensemble.

While jeans and tees are replaced often, boots can be worn almost forever. And what about the great leather smell of a shiny new pair of boots? There's nothing more comfortable than a favorite pair of nicely broken-in boots on a cowboy's feet.

After wearing other boot brands since my teenage years, I bought my first pair of Justin boots about eleven years ago, after being impressed by a Justin boot ad in a magazine. The style and new leather boot smell were great, and I realized something different about the fit. The new Justins and my feet were in perfect harmony with one another, and the boots were remarkably comfortable and "feet friendly." Breaking in my new Justins was fun and totally painless.

I take very good care of my boots, and my Justins are the most important part of my wardrobe. I wear only boots, and my Justins look as great with a brand new pair of Wrangler jeans and a button down sport shirt as they do with well worn jeans and an old tee.

Being laid back and dressing cowboy casual, in my opinion, reduces stress and makes life much more simple and enjoyable. A good pair of boots is a cowboy's best friend, and my Justins are right in the middle of things, making me feel more like a "real cowboy" than I really am!

March 3, 2009
Justin's on our honeymoon
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My husband and I got married in 1979. He had been a commercial truck driver for many years before as well as in construction work. Well, in August of 1979 we got married at my home and when we got ready to leave they had tied various objects behind our car, Par for any car... right. Besides the rocks in our hubcaps.... shaving cream all over the windows... and cans tied behind was a pair, of what some would consider, warn out boots. These boots had been warn many years and resouled several times by a local blacksmith. The only thing really wrong with them was a hole in the leather. So they were tied to our car, drug down the highway, and then saved for a long time by my husband. Eventually he did have to throw them away.

March 1, 2009
Wedding Day
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I purchased a pair of justin boots 25 years ago my future wife said they looked nice. 16 months later we where married. my wife said lets do the wedding western style. I wore my justins style # 1657 that day. I was elated at her idea. I still own those boots and they still look great and take a wonderful shine. I still wear them to dress up events. Its all I ever where Thanks Justin Boot company


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