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April 24, 2009
One pair and History
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My hometown County Sherriff (Ohio) is responsible for me getting my first pair of Justin boots. His son was my age and what started as a joke continues to become folk lore history. The Sherriff owned a small farm where he had Quarter Horses that he showed and of course there was all the duties of cleaning out the stalls of all that wonderful smelling beddings and manure. I wasn't even old enough to drive, so my friend (the first time ) called and said, "Hey, do you want to come out and play basketball, bb gun wars, or anything else to get my attention. Agreeing, I jumped on my brother's non shifting bicycle and road up and down hills for 5 miles to get to his house. After working up a great sweat getting there and thinking that we were going to have fun, my friend would showed me the 4 foot high 50 yard long pile of manure that we had to pitch fork into the manure spreader so his Grandfather could go and spread it on the field. My friend immediately offered to pay me twice as much as he got paid to help. He always had money, so I thought "Great!" I could use a few bucks. After about 4 or 5 constant hours of backbraking scooping of horse crap in blazing summer heat, we finally got done. Of course my good basketball shoes were covered with manure (as well as the both of us) and our own smell keep us from going into the house. Grandpa hosed us down outside and I asked about my pay. My friend replied "Well, TWO times Zero is still ZERO!" I had to laugh, he got me on that one, yet I still had 5 miles to ride back to the house. We would have fun for a while and then I would head out to get back home before dinner. So for the rest of the summer, he would call and even negotiate 3, 4, or even 5 times his pay for help. Understanding that he had hours of work ahead of him I would hold out usually until he finally got to 5 times his pay and get on my bike and ride out to help him. I used the distroyed pair of basketball shoes to help do some work around the horse barns, there was no way to recover these shoes. Finally, at the end of the summer, right before school, my friend and his Dad (theCounty Sherriff) picked me up at my house to go to a Western Store to get something they needed. Not knowing what was going on, we arrived at the store and the Sherriff started having my friend and I look around at the boots. They were not in my budget, and for fun we were trying them on to see how the fit. I had a pair of Justin's on and the Sherriff asked me how they feel and I told him the boots felt great! The next thing I knew, he was having them boxed up and paid for. It was around $100 for them in 1977 and I knew that was so much money. The Sherriff's comment was, "That's not quite 5 times the base pay, but I hope that will due!" I was ear to ear smiles, and never thought I would have boots like that! I wore those boots whenever I had long pants on all the way through my sophmore year at college (over 5 years) and I had a local shoe repair place put on new soles and heels 5 or 6 times. The last time I gave them to my mother, I asked her to get new soles on them, I went back to college and returned 2 weeks later. First thing I ask for was my boots and she stated "Honey, I am sorry, I threw those old things away!" I was so disappointed. I had to wait until I graduated from college and got a commission as an Army Officer, before I got my next pair of Justins! Now my favoite pair is a black smooth skin Ostrich that I have put 4 or 5 soles and heels on and I won't let my wife throw them away! Whenever, I get back to my home town and get together with my friends the boot story always comes up and grows. I think the last version was that I rode on a unicycle, 5 miles in the snow, both ways uphill, without food or water for days, to work for a pair of boots to cover my bare feet! Somebody always adds something to the Folk Lore Story, and the laughter is always louder and harder each time. I loved my Justin's and always told everybody about them! Thank for being my first and favorite story in my life and first and favorite pair of boots.

April 17, 2009
Boots that Burn a Place in your Heart
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Cowgirl on Fire. That was the title of the article that made the headlines all over Montana in July 20 years ago. Sounds great, right? Wrong. I was limping from Bozeman, MT desperately looking for a place open on the 4th of July to have my truck checked out. I knew I had a problem when it would backfire everytime I backed off the gas. Everything I owned was in the trailer (and I mean everything), my good barrel/rope horse (and best friend) as I had been following the good rodeos and weather. My 2 Rotties were asleep in the back seat of my truck as I cruised along the highway praying for anything open. A frantic scream from a passing motorist waving me over had me pulling over on the side of the freeway. As soon as I stopped, flames engulfed the truck and I barely got out as my 2 Rotties piled over me. Explosion after explosion rocked the truck and I could only think of my horse in the trailer. He came flying out the back and here I stood with my horse and 2 dogs on the side of the highway watching helplessly as my truck and 26 foot horse trailer distentigrated before my eyes.

The fireman later told me he had never seen a truck burn that hot. It looked like a scene from a bomb blast. There was barely enough to haul off the road to the nearest town. There was nothing to save. Or so we thought. When I finally got the courage to go see the wreckage of my rig, I saw something where the driver's seat had been. I always carried a holstered Smith & Wesson 38 under my front seat and I had pushed my boots under the seat, preferring to drive barefoot. My Daddy had always told me to carry a little extra money in my boot and scattered around "for emergencies". I had a slit cut in one of my boots where I could slide a little clip in. I had always worn Justin boots. They held up better and as much time as I spent in them, they felt like I was born in them. Well, what to everyone's incredulous surprise, there was that Smith & Wesson, the grips gone and the bluing burnt right off and the heels and back of both boots (with the money clip intact in the left boot). Well, I can tell you, this cowgirl just broke down and fell to her knees. I did go and get me a hat and another pair of Justin boots with the money in the clip and my truck burned down in front of a big ranch where they gave me a job until I could get on my feet and back to Texas. Now, if that ain't a reason to get a pair of Justin boots, I don't know what is. And, to tell you the truth, I'd love a pair, but if you would just give that pair of Justin boots to my granddaughter who is 12 and loves horses as much as her grandmom, why it would just tickle me to death. I have since recovered and learned to be grateful everyday for the simple things of life and I still wear Justin boots.

April 14, 2009
Boots for Snaggin'
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Growing up I remember my dad always being a Justin man. I always thought he looked "dressed-up" work or play. I wanted to wear boots too but my mom thought a little girl should look like a girl in little dresses and dress shoes. When I was 15 and had saved enough money I bought my first pair of ropers, the navy blue ones! I was hooked. As the years went on I got several different pairs in different colors but my favorites were my red pair of ropers. They are the ones I was wearing when I met my "husband". He said it was love at first when he saw me in those, Wranglers tucked in and all boot-scootin toward him!! Over the years and three children later my feet somehow became wider-go figure- and I had to give up my 7.5 B red ropers. Well, now, with the kids grown I think I deserve another pair! Don't you?!?!?

April 13, 2009
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I live in Lubbock, TX. I have worn cowboy boots since I was 14 years old, mostly Justin but some other brands too. I used to travel to El Paso, TX on business often. I was 31 years old in 1973, and I stopped into a western wear store and walked out with a brand new pair of Justin Roper boots. They have been re-soled one time and I am now 66 years old and I still wear that same pair of Justin Ropers. From time to time someone will say "that sure is a good looking pair boots. Are they new?" I always laugh and say NO I bought these boots in 1973, 26 years ago, and most always reply "they shore do look new to me."

I have really got my moneys worth out of these boots. They fit and feel so good on my feet I just cannot give um up.

Sorry, my camera is not working, but if my story is good enough to win a new pair of Justin boots I will surly get a friend to take a picture for you.


April 10, 2009
Justin boots.... not just for feet anymore
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I come from a long line of Justin boot wearers... We didnt have much when I was a child & I received my first pair of "rough-outs" from a cousin who had outgrew them. You'd a thought it was Christmas. I wore those poor things 'till the leather fell off... Mind you, they survived two children! From then on I was hooked.

As long as I can remember, that's all I ever saw on my father's feet. I never saw him wear tennis shoes....always boots. When he pasted away in 2000.....that's the one thing that I could not part with....His Justin boots. I found ways to display them thru-out the house. Nested under a barnwood table with his spurs & cowboy hat & sitting in a corner with dry flowers arrangements in them.

All around my home are my Dad's boots & the fond memories that go with them! You see..... I found that Justin boots aren't just for your feet !

April 10, 2009
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My motherinlaw told me that after she bought a pair of cowboy boots for her son when he was little. He started limping horribly. holding his leg and dragging it. She took him to three doctors because she thought something was drastically wrong. Then one day his uncle sat questioning him about his leg. If it hurt or not. He replied."No, I am Chester on Gunsmoke!".

There was never anything wrong with the leg . He was imitating a cowboy's walk on television for weeks.

April 10, 2009
Class Reunion and my Justins
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I got a new pair of Justins for my 10 year class reunion. It was a pair of Elephant Skins ,tan in color and fit me like a glove. I had some good response from the guys and in fact they still fit me like a glove. That doesn't sound like much does it? I bought them in 1988 and now I'm 49 years old and I still have the Elephant Skin boots, Justin you are GREAT!!!!

April 9, 2009
Best Home Remedy I ever Had
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In 1986 I had a bone spur in my right heal , that was one of the most painful things I've ever had. After a few day of limping around in pain I ran into this lady I've know since I was a little kid. She walked up and said what is wrong with you? I gave a painful reply bone spur. Without a blink she said got any cowboy boots? I said no why? Well get you a pair and ware them everyday for about 6 weeks and that foot will heal up! I said thank you I may do that. She said suit yourself but it will work! On the way home I stopped at a western ware store they had several brands of boots but only one pair my size 71/2 EE brown Justins . I paid for them and wore them home , alot different than the converse sneakers I always wore. After about a week or so I could walk without a limp and after about 6 weeks my heal was no longer tender and hurting. To this day I still ware Justin Boots, the key is to find some one who knows how to fit you with boots and you will be hooked for life. God Bless

April 9, 2009
Cowgirl blues
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On a family trip to Carson City, Nevada, we notice a western wear store having a clearance sale and proceeded to shop. Unfortunately, my wife and I were unable find anything but our 4 year old daughter has taken a liking to a pair of pink Justin cowgirl boots which she had to have. She claimed she needed them for her horse which she was going to ride. Fortunately, for her she had found a matching pink hat. Although biased I had to admit she did look mighty cute in her jeans with the boots and hat.

Being city folk from Los Angeles, California I wasn't aware my daughter knew about cowfolk and how they dressed until she educated me about Woody and Jessie from Disney's Toy Story 2. Now, she could be Jessie and I would be her horse until she got a real one. Even after the trip those boots were her favorite's to wear out with whatever outfit she was wearing.

She wore them until she couldn't fit her feet into them anymore and was disappointed for outgrowing them. Thankfully, we did not have to drive up to Carson City to get them replaced.

April 9, 2009
If the Boot Fits, Wear it.
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For as long as i can remember my grandfather wore Justin boots, i remember when i was little i would put them on and they would come past my knees. He was a farmer and he wore those boots for everything, weather he was haying, shoeing a horse, cleaning out the barn, or butchering a chicken he had those boots on everyday, As i got older the boots fit me better, and i could never figure out why sometimes his boots were very dirty, and yet other times they seemed like they were just polished up. Little be known to me, he had several pairs, some for good and some for play. When my grandfather died, my grandma planted them in her garden, and is now in my moms garden, I always think of my grandfather when i see those boots.

April 9, 2009
Boots for a can of Soda
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This is father's love for a daughter. One evening, I came home from work and my father told me he bought me a pair of boots. I was surprise by this. Well he hand me a pair of maroon Justin lace-up boots. I could tell it was worn out a little. He told me, I know it's not new but I bought them from a friend of mine. I really didn't mind, cause I couldn't afford Justin boots at that time. Oh, how I fell in love with these boots even though the boot were an inch long. I worn them everytime I coached. The team would laugh about my boots telling me it was my good luck charm. Suddenly I overheard my parents talking about my boots. I couldn't hear a single word. So the next day I asked my mother about my boots. She told me that a friend of my father wanted to drink a can of soda after a long walk and ask my father if he could spare him fifty cents. My generous father give him the fifty cents. As his friend was 'bout to walk away, he turned around and hand him the pair of Justin boots and said thank you for fifty cents. That's how I got my maroon JUSTIN boots five years ago. I would not throw them away, since it reminds me of my father's love, who died a year after he gave me my boots. The worn-out boots are now retired, but the first thing I see every morning when I wake up.

April 9, 2009
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I have worn boots all my life,a true cowgirl at heart and when I am down and feeling sad I would go put a pair of my boots on and feel better....and on days that i felt good i would put on my JUSTIN work boots and play, work ect.,and be the happiest country girl ever......I have over 30 pairs of cowboy boots and although i own 15 pair of the ariat boots and they are great......I found justin and never look back.............the G. Strait boots`3-1 are the best ever....of course they are JUSTIN.....I have maded my mind up not to rest until I own each pair of Justin that is out there......My husband Joe said well I know you will with a laugh......hahahahah.So everyone join in and lets all be JUSTIN COWGIRL BOOTS OWNERS AND BE THE HAPPIEST COWGIRL IN THE WORLD........No one ask me anymore what I want for Christmas are my birthdAY they just say what color dont you have........well happiness to you all and may God hold you in the palm of his hands til we talk again........KIMMIE FROM LOUISIANA

April 9, 2009
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Tiny boots started with my younger sis. She had to have them. Well, I was Dale Evans when I was younger.

My daughter,too, was taken with cowboy boots. She may have been about six. My husband had been away for business. His plane was to arrive, and we were running late to meet him.

As moms do, I told her to hurry,hurry. She did. She met me to leave in her girly school dress and her little Justin Boots.

Ok, we made it to the airport in time and had to wait. There she sat in her little dress with short legs stuck straight across the seat. As I thought how cute, I noticed the toes on her boots. Well, she never noticed left/right until I changed them for her.

April 9, 2009
Seven Hundred and Eighty mile Boots
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When I was thirteen years old I decide that I wanted a pair of black full quill ostrich skin Justin cowboy boots. I helped my father all winter and spring working on the farm to work out enough money to buy myself a pair of those boots. I had finally saved myself enough money for a pair by summer vacation in 2005. We were going to New Orleans, Louisiana for our vacation that year. I called every store between my hometown of McKee, Kentucky and New Orleans, Louisiana that was listed as a Justin boot dealer on the internet to see if they had a 10D in a black full quill ostrich skin Justin. Finally after calling many stores I found a place called Sac’s western wear in Gonzales, Louisiana; just south of Baton Rouge that had my size in the ones I wanted. That store was seven hundred and eighty miles from home, but they had the ones I had saved almost a year for and it was right on the way to New Orleans. When we left home I was so excited to get to that store and buy those boots. When we finally got there I walked right inside as proud as I could be and asked the man working there for those boots. He went in the back and came back with a Justin boot box. It was like Christmas morning opening up those boots and trying them on. I purchased those boots that day and four years later I still have those beautiful boots. I wear them every time I go out for a special occasion or even with jeans and a T-shirt. They have been well worth that year of work that I put in and everyone at home knows me for my black ostrich cowboy boots.

April 9, 2009
My first pair of boots
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I was grown before I got my very first pair of Justin boots. When I was growing up we could never afford a pair of boots now I own atleast 50 pairs of Justin boots. I'm 40 now and I love to wear Justin boots all the time. They are the best!

April 9, 2009
Justin Boots to the Rescue
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In April of 2005, my husband and I relocated to the Panhandle of Florida. Their I rekindled my love for horses after more than 35 years since I owned one. I began to rescue starved and neglected horses bringing them back from death's door in some cases. I still have the first horse I rescued and she is living to be a very old girl. Anyway, one day as I was going out to feed and doctor a few of my horses, one of my kids began laughing at me as I dressed in some old overalls and new white tennis shoes. He told me I looked silly and asked where my 'Justin' boots were. I answered with a puzzled look - "what Justin's?" Later that afternoon, he and I went shopping for an approppriate pair of Justin Boots and I have not owned anything else since.

I am going out today to get my third pair because I wear them out to the end. They have seen many days of rain, mud and now snow since we have relocated to Central New York. I still have two horses and hope to soon begin another rescue program in my area.

April 9, 2009
Wannabe computer geek ropes again…
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Justin boots, when I used to rope, team rope and calf rope, was something that was ALWAYS on my feet. They were comfortable and safe to wear when riding horses and roping steers or calves. I always wore the lace-up ropers and took off the leather tag on front because it curled up with wear and I hated that… I always wore the black lace-ups and could never afford the black bullhide because they were too expensive.

My last pair I wore at a roping in Craig Colorado called “Rope the Rockies” in something like 1996. After that, I probably just tossed them in the back of my closet but since then, they traveled to western Colorado, eastern Colorado, northern Colorado, Minnesota and back to Colorado. Since 98, I decided to get out of the construction trade and use my brain for a change and go back to school. After much schooling, I finally got a degree in Information Technology, but along the way, I was fortunate enough to land several jobs where I was “programming” computers, or using them to help others. Either way, compared to my co-workers, I considered myself a wannabe computer geek. However, always in my mind, I thought of roping and still do today.

Through these boxes we call computers and technological advances in software, YEARS later I discovered locating long lost friends through a site called Facebook. After a small amount of searching, I located a couple buddies in northwest Colorado that were still going at it strong in the roping world and hauling their kids around to rodeo’s as well. As we got to talking, they invited me up to Craig to rope a few. Well the word excited could not even come close to describing my feelings about this. So the first thing I did was go looking for the proper foot attire to do this… I went digging deeper and deeper in my closet and there they were. My black lace-up ropers, still had a bit of dirt on them from the last time I used them. Smiling, I slipped them on and was surprised they still fit after almost 13 years. 7 ½ D’s, small feet I know but took them to Craig, got up on that horse and immediately I remembered I needed to resole them. My feet kept slipping out of the stirrups unless I slid my food in the stirrups more. But nothing like the feeling of having a good comfortable boot on, especially after 13 years, on a horse, rope in hand and roping with good friends. I will NEVER get rid of em, well maybe to get em resoled but can’t wait for that now!! Thank you Justin for making such a nice all around, LONG lasting and well built boot…!! I can’t wait for the next roping session to wear them again!!

Steve Alicea

April 9, 2009
Future Boots
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ok, I dont have a pair YET!

Here's my story. A girl at the barn borrowed her roomates Justin Boots, wore them to classes all day at college (walked alot, and said they were so comfortable) then wore them to the barn. She changed her boots and left the Justins in the tack room. I walked in and saw them! They were brown with all the colored threads. I fell in love with them!

Very cool looking. I wanted to know where she gotten them. She told me they were borrowed, and asked if I wanted to try them on. I did, of course. They fit! They felt good and looked good! I said what if you tell her they accidently disappeared from the barn?? (we wouldnt do that to Erika) Anyway... my mission is to get a pair A/S/A/P! I just received a catalog and that same pair is in it, what a coincidence. The price was cheaper than what I thought they would be!

April 9, 2009
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April 9, 2009
Division Director
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I have worn Justin Boots most of my adult life. I wear a 11 1/2 AA and Justin is one of the few companies I can special order form.

I have a pair of tan lizzard boots which was given to me by my staff when I transferred jobs 22 years ago. I have worn them to every National Finals Rodeo for the past 22 years and wear them on special occassions in addition. After 22 years they look like new. I have resolded them twice and expect to get another 22 years out of them.

April 9, 2009
Thank goodness for my Justin's!
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I recently bought a pair of the Gypsy boots . I really like pull-ons but for years have purchased boots that tie, because my socks would always slide down inside the pull-on boots! Well, I saw the Gypsy's and really liked that they were shorter. I also like pull-on because if something does happen, your foot will be able to slide out of the boot! Well, that horrible thing we all dread happened to me recently on a trip to Texas! A horse belonging to friends got to feeling froggy and bucked me off! Well, my foot came out of the stirrup just great and although my ankle was broken my Gypsy's were unscratched and looked great!

Thanks Justin for a really comfortable and safe boot!!!!!!!

April 6, 2009
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I bought me some justins *gyspys* and they are great! they give you support and comfort. they are great for: working, dancing, or just wearing! they are pink and dark leather. mmy mom got her some too.

April 5, 2009
These Old boots
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I've been buying Justin Boots since i was 11. Since then i've had numerous pairs of them and others. Different styles and different colors. But i've never had a pair of boots better then my Justins. I still buy Justins today.

April 3, 2009
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Ever since I was a small fry my Dad and I wore Justin boots. My Dad was a large animal Veterinarian and those Justin's got put to the test every day in the barnyards of central Indiana. He would wear a pair out about the time I would out grow mine. He would order a new pair for both of us. I remember being in high school and he ordered a pair that were a little to tight for him to wear. His feet were bigger than mine at the time and I couldn't wait for my feet to get big enough to fit those boots. It didn't take to long before I could put a little newspaper in the toe and be good to go. I wore those boots my entire senior year and took them to college with me. They have been gone many years but I still wear Justin Boots today. I have a couple of horses and do quite a bit of trail riding. There is a ride here in Florida that goes fron the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean called the Cracker Trail Ride. My Justins have made that ride four times and hoping for more. Thanks for having this contest, it has helped bring back a lot of fond memories.

April 3, 2009
I love my Justin Boots!
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They give me comfort for all the work I do regardless if it's on the farm or when im hunting. I have not found a boot that can match the quality of my Justins.

April 1, 2009
Dancing Boots
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I had met my fiance while stationed in Germany, but did not meet my future mother-in-law until a year later. When I finally met her in October of 1985, I was scared to death even though my fiance had reassured me I had nothing to worry about. He was right. She became my mother-in-law, best friend, and mentor.

A few years after our first meeting, she was diagnosed with cancer. As soon as she found out, she told me she had a pair of cowboy boots that she wanted no one but me to have because she knew I would appreciate them. She told me of all the good times she had dancing in them, and she loved to dance and knew I did, too. As soon as she had time, she was going to dig them out of the closet for me.

Radiation treatment made her very ill and left her a mere skeleton, but every time I saw her she reminded me when she had a chance she was going to dig those boots out of the closet for me. Other illnesses attacked her fraile body and she never fully recovered, but she was still going to dig those boots out of the closet for me. Even after I divorced her son, she was still going to dig those boots out of the closet for me. After 18 years of in and out of the hospital and always in pain, we lost her but we all knew she was in a better place.

A few weeks after her funeral, my ex-husband knocked on my door and he held in his hands a Justin boot box. He said he knew those boots belonged to me because all he heard from his mom was how she had to dig those damn boots out of the closet for me. I cried for a week.

My kids now call them my dancing boots. I have a special place in my closet for them and every time I go dancing they are on my feet. When I put them on, I think of her and our friendship and a big smile comes on my face because I know she's dancing with me.


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