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May 31, 2009
My Justin boots
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My Justin boots are over 20 years old thy are older than me I'm 18 I got the boots from my grandpa just before he past on the reson he gave me the boot is because he broke his ankle so he could not wear them any more so he gave them to me because he knew I liked wearing cowboy boots so he gave them to me after he gave them to me I got new soles put on them because the soles that where on the boot where woreout. I wear the boots all the time I like to polish the boots to keep them looking nice.

May 28, 2009
Old Justin boots now living in Australia
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I was visiting my daughter who had been working the ski season at Lake Louise Canada when I "accidently" bought my first pair of cowboy boots. My daughter had met me in Vancouver for a bit of "retail therapy" away from the snow. Number one on her shopping list was a pair of cowboy boots - and we searched high and low for days. On our last day in Vancouver I said - "that's it I am over shopping - lets go down to Cordova St where I had seen some great looking cafes and pubs." Of course there were also a number of funky little vintage clothing shops as well. There inside the doorway was the "perfect" pair of cowboy boots - everything she wanted - the right colour, style and when the girl told us they were authentic Justin boots (not the cheap imitations) we thought we had hit the jackpot! Lani was ssssooooo disappointed as she sadly took them off, saying - they are just too long and too wide. I thought - maybe they will fit your mother! They did - perfectly, and I have culled and enhanced my wardrobe to go with my very own cowboy boots. I have always been country, and have been back in my little country town in Far North Queensland Australia for a week now. The "authentic american cowboy boots" made their first outing at the Agricultural Field Day two days ago to rave reviews - I wore them to the office again today - goodness they feel good, and they make me smile! I am trying to figure out an outfit that will take them to a forum in tropical Cairns tomorrow. I will get a photo and post it as soon as I can.

May 25, 2009
High School
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in the fall of 2003 i was starting my senior year in school, then the marine corps after i graduated. for Christmas that year i got a pair of Justin basics Black leather and silver toe, i wouldn't wear them they where two nice to wear. i spent three years in service, got out on a medical as soon as i came home i wanted to wear them for ever about a month a ago me and my wife celebrated our one year anniversary, she got me another pair of Justin boots lacers i believe they where made as thought built for me only, they where beacuse she had them made for me.

May 15, 2009
My Favorite Boots
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I had been going out with Lisa' s brother, Cash, for eight years and had spent many Christmas' with his family. But this particular Christmas was different. We were newly married! They showered me with gifts...it was crazy! But after twenty years I only remember one special gift because it became one of my favorite possessions.

My sister-in-law, Lisa, got a new pair of boots that Christmas from my father-in-law and everyone was making a big deal about them. She must have known she was getting new boots, because she wrapped her old boots up and gave them to me for Christmas. At the time, I thought it was kind of strange. She got new boots, I got her used ones and to top it off they were a half size larger than I wore. I had to pretend like I was glad to get them...Hand me downs and they weren't even going to fit me.... Later that evening, in private, I put them on, I needed big socks, but surprise! I loved them! They were fancier, black, exotic skin, than I had ever worn and I had had a lot of Justins! (My Grandpa bought my new Justins and Wranglers whenever I needed them for the big Forth of July Rodeo in Rocksprings, Texas.)

Little did I know, when I was pregnant with my kids, my feet grew. My couple old Justin boots no longer fit, only the ones Lisa gave me! Now after some twenty years of lot's of dancing, walking, working and riding, they have needed to be resoled twice. But alas the tops finally started to split, I was going to have to give them up. I really hated to have to do that, I knew I wasn't going to find another pair I liked this much.

One more stop to Ortiz Boot Repair in Uvalde, my boot man said he could make my favorite boots look brand new! He resoled them, covered the top with shiny new black leather and promised me they would still fit just the same. He is right! They are pretty and feel great! I'm going dancing!! They will still get to be my favorites for another twenty years!

I always think of Lisa when I wear them. That was a great Christmas--thank you LISA and thank you JUSTIN.

May 14, 2009
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May 13, 2009
Uncle Bill's Boots
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These boots are Special boots that belonged to my favorite belated uncle. He passed away 2 yrs ago. See as a child I used to steal/swipe his shoes all the time. He was a truck driver and I only would get to see him, when he would pass through town. So, when he would come through, we would go to the races and that is where I would make my move on his shoes/boots. He would always make sure he had a new pair of something in his truck/or at the house. My Uncle Bill was small in size but had a Huge heart. I was lucky one because we wore the same size shoe. My brothers and sister all had big feet. So when he passed away my aunt was going through his things, she came across his boots and called my mom. She said she had something for me. She said she looked at those boots and remember us always laughing about when I was a kid and stealing his shoes/boots. She said she knew he was looking down from heaven and knew that those boots belonged to me. She said she gave them to me because she knew that I would be the only one who would appreicate them. When I got them, I just looked at them, tears came to my eyes and I could see Uncle Bill right there looking at me, telling me to put them on. Just like he used to do when I was a kid. I did and I haven't taken them off since. I have worn out the soles on them and also a new pair of soles. They are in need of more repair and as long as I can, I will continue to get them repaired. They have taken a beating but nothing will keep me from cherishing them. He rides with me, every weekend at the horse show, I fell like he is sitting there in the saddle with me. He is my guardian angel.

I love you Uncle Bill.

May 13, 2009
30 Years Later
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A year ago I received a phone call from a beau of many years ago. Ed phoned to say Hi and during the conversation asked if I still had the boots that he had given me some 30+ years ago. At the time I had broken my leg and the orthopedic Dr. say too get some walking heal cowboy boots. These were a gift from Ed. The answer was Yes, I still have the Boots, they were at the time signed by cowboy Larry Mahan. Now 30 + years later, I have a new pair of RED boots from Ed that he gave me for Christmas this past year. Needless to say the boots from 30 years ago are still being worn, wonderful memories and still makeing more with the wonderful man and his wonderful gifts.

May 13, 2009
Used but not used up
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When I met my husband he had a bunch of boots (all worn out) from dancing; he was a square-dance caller and when he put on his best old worn out boots they made him look tall and sexy and I fell in love with him the first time I saw him call a dance.

We been together for twenty years and in 2002 he had by-pass surgery and thank God he is still with me, but his dancing days are over. A few weeks ago we began to talk about going back to my hometown for my 45th class reunion and the first thing he said was: I will need a new pair of boots. I got on the net right away and found a pair of used boots and was able to purchase and ship them for about twenty dollars. I felt a little emabarrassed because they were plain brown oiled boots(nothing fancy). I thought his boots had always been very expensive and he had worn them a long time but he assured me they were cheap boots and wore out very quickly. The on-line auction boots arrived and he was extatic! He slipped his feet into them and praised the fit and feel and said how he always hated breaking in new boots and these felt like he had worn them for years they were just perfect...then he took them off and began to admire them in earnest...he said "Wow! they're Justin's; I always wanted a pair of Justin boots but could never afford them. This is the first pair of really good boots I have ever had".

He looks straight and tall and proud, again, when he wears his boots. I remember,again, how it was the first time I saw him in boots and I am looking forward to all my old classmates seeing how confident he is in his new(used)Justin boots.

May 12, 2009
dont give up your boots
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I worked for Faith cattle co for several years.We had several ranches , at Van Horn, north of Marathon and at Carrizo Springs. I worked on all at working season, which was shipping in fall and branding in the spring.

On this ocassion we were working in Carrizo Springs gathering cattle , if you have never worked in the brush country you dont know what you are missing. One cow decided to quite the heard and i went to get her, these were brangus cattle and when crowded the will find a hole. My horse stepped in ahole and fell on my foot and left leg,When i got up my foot was broke, went ahead and finished penning them and finished the day. That night i tiried to remove my Justin boot but foot was too swelled to remove the boot without cutting it off.I left it on for three days until i could get to the home ranch which was at longfellow tx. North of marathon. The ranches were Faith cattle co. owned by Wesley West. And that is the rest of the story. i was able to get it off with quite a stuggle, but i saved my boot.

May 12, 2009
My Husband and His Work Boots
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Several years ago my husband was working on a car and it fell on him breaking his back. He spent 3 months in the hospital and was not even allowed to raise his head.

When he was finally discharged from the hospital the doctors told him to never wear anything but a pull-on boot with a wedge sole and a arch support.

Since then the only boots he has work have been Justin 10" pull-on JOW-10" W2 Wedge. The numbers may have changed but not the feel and craftsmanship.

His back never bothers him unless he wears something other than these. Thereby he does not buy any others.

The leather is exceptionally soft and do not require being broke in.

Thanks for you high quality leather and excellent workmanship.

May 12, 2009
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I was so overwhelmed when I received notice that I won a pair of Justin Boots. They are best designed and made boot in the world and should be told to everyone that wears boots!

Thank You Justinboots.

May 12, 2009
Cowboy Boots - The Beginning
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It started in July 1964, I was just 13 years old. Haying season had just started and I got a job working for the farmer next door. I had a plan that by the end of summer I was going to buy myself a pair of cowboy boots.

Well it did not take long for me to relize wire bails of hay could weigh up 90 pounds! At the end of my first day this 13 year old thought he was going to die. Evey part of my body was hurting and to top it off I made a whole $7.50. I knew ringt then it was going to be a long summer!

At that time in my life there was not much you could spend your money on so my bank roll got bigger as the summer rolled on. By the end of August, just before school started, I had sved up enough for my new boots.

Seeing how my dad worked and we had only one car the only way I was going to get my boots was by bicycle! It was 12 miles into the city but that did not stop me. I started out early that morning but as nature would have it a major thunder storm hit about half way ito my journy. I did not let it stop me and I mad it just in time for the store to open. I remember it as though it was yesterday, my new black and white cowboy boots! I put them on and headed for home, but about half was I was pulle over by my mom and our neighbor. My mom, well you know how moms can be. So from that day on I have worn cowboy boots and now have 3 pair of Justin.

May 11, 2009
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I have been wearing cowboy boots for almost 50 years. I have photos of me about 10 years old with stringers of fresh trout and me in my cowboy boots. My grampa used to tell me quit kicking up all that dust...yep thats me in my cowboy boots. They stood up to any abuse I put them through. We used to go camping in Northern California and there I am horsebackriding, fishing, sitting on huge rocks showing off my cowboy boots. Now here I am 50 years later in Nevada in my, yep you got it, in my cowboy boots. There is nothing in the world that catches my eye more that a pair of good looking cowboy in a pair of cowboy boots.

May 11, 2009
Stinky boots
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I was just a little kid and had to go to the dentist. I did not want to go. My older brother told me that if I would go to the denest he would buy me a new pair of cowboy boots, Justins, of course. I went to the denest and he bought me the new boots. I loved those boots.

Back in the day, the 50's, the grownup did a lot of visiting with friends and neighbors. We went on a visit to my parents friends and as I always did, I played outside and tried to find some kind of trouble to get into. In those days Sinclair filling stations had a large round sign that would hang in front of the stations. Being in the business, these friends had one of these signs laying on the ground out back. Being the nosey kid that I was, I reached down and picked up the sign. Little did I know, the sign was covering their septic tank. My new boots slipped and down I went into the stinky septic tank. I screamed and screamed until my parents heard me and pulled me out. They hosed me off and I cried all the way home because I thought that was the end of my Justins. We washed them good and stuffed them with newspapers and they came out just as good as new. I was more careful where I poked around after that.

May 11, 2009
I never thought I would dance again
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I grew up loving to dance to oldies rock and roll with my sisters. (I was not yet a teen) Then in high school I found out I had developed epileptic siezures. (First one was on the dance floor in the gym) Back then, they treated me like I had black plague, or something. I developed an intense fear of dancing for fear of being laughed at. Over the years I outgrew the problem, and on the last day of taking medication, I decided to do something special for the occasion. I signed up for a dance class. One class led to another, then I found Country Western dancing. Man, I was in heaven, it felt like I remembered as a kid!

I went to to eventually start teaching country, and in my first pair of boots, simple black Justin's, I was out to conquer the world! In 2007 I was the dance instructor at a party that opened with Miranda Lambert, then my lessons, and finished with Brooks & Dunn.

Not bad for the kid afraid to dance. My website is www.chicagocountry.com where I have lots of photos of places, and events I have taught at.

May 11, 2009
Ride cowgirl ride
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This is my daughters story.She was 10 years old at the time.We just bought her a new pair of Justin boots,So to break them in we decide to go for a ride.It was a windy fall day and she and her horse were a little nervous but we started out across a freshly cut corn field when it was time to cross the road the wind rattled something on the nearby grain silo and off her horse went .First she dropped one rein (they were tied together) when she grabbed for the saddlehorn then her both feet came out of the stir ups at a full gallop.she proceeded to lose one boot on a fullout turn she managed to turn him back towards me .When they got to me he took off again this time she lost her second boot she slowed him down enough to bail off.she rode him out the whole way.But now her brand new boot were lost .We followed the horse tracks to the first boot but spent 2 hrs looking for the second to no avail.Till we got my birddog out we took the first boot and stuck it on her nose and played fetch with it a couple times.Then we pretende to to throw it and sent her after it .Well the dog found it in 20 seconds .They are still ingood shape 4 years later.She still tries to wear those boot even though they don't fit.

May 11, 2009
my trucking boots
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my sweetheart tom, a trucker, was always putting his money other places, it was his birthday back in 1984, and i thought what could i get him. his feet are uneven the toes point right so shoes are uncomfortable for him.

i knew he liked boots, but he did not have a good pair. so we went out for his birthday and went by the leatherhouse and started looking for boots, i suggested him try them on just for fun. he did and they fit him comfortable, he just didn't want to take them off. but he did and of course i went back later and bought them for him for his birthday. now in 2009 he still has them, and still loves them, he said no one had ever bought him a pair like those boots before ($121.00) on sale even then. he polishes them often and keeps them in the original box. i love him to pieces. all because of a pair of boots, we will be married in september 24 years .

jo schons

1278 laymantown road

troutville va 24175

thanks again

May 11, 2009
My Lucky Penny
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After my first horse died, I though the end of the world had come. Where was I ever going to find a horse as perfect as my first? As Christmastime came around, I was left with a surprise of a new pair of Justin Ropers and a shiny new halter. The next day my uncle took me out to look at an old bay broodmare he had found though a coworker. I was awestruck at her beauty, her gentleness, and her behavior undersaddle. As we listened to her owner tell of her history, I felt a sharp pain between my toes and found that a rock had seemingly crept into my boot. On the drive home, I took off my boot and dumped it on the floor board. To my surprise, no rock could be found, but instead a shiny new penny dropped out. Lucky Penny came to replace that old broodmares name, and lucky she has been. She pulled through a surprise birth of a mule, and survived a serious bout of colic. Penny has taken me places I never thought possible. She can jump, barrel race, do tricks, rein, and has taken me through lower level dressage. From living in a pasture her whole life as a broodmare to competing in the show ring, she has proven to me that there is luck in a penny and a pair of Justin boots!

May 11, 2009
Grandfather's Love
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It was the love for the outdoors that my grandfather passed on to me...the innate ability to appreciate the simpler things life has to offer. It was the work ethic of a time long ago that he instilled in me. To work hard, you need boots that will not hurt your feet, and that will last. He always bought Justin boots...and so do I. While some women wear high heels, I will still take crepe bottom Justin boots! My grandfather was my friend, my mentor, my Dad...and most of all....the one person who taught me the importance of loving others and being kind to others.

May 11, 2009
bury me in my boots.
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My husband and I are great fans of justin boots. My husband wears boots and will not be caught without them. And I would rather wear my boots than any tennis shoe because they are more comfortable. My children wear justin boots. We would wear them to bed if we could. When our grandchildren want shoes we'll buy them justin boots.

Well just bury us in our boots. We'll be just fine.

May 11, 2009
Grandpa's boots
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Before I met my wife, her grandfather, uncle and two cousins died from carbon monoxide while hunting one Wyoming winter. Being from Wyoming, her grandfather of course wore boots most of the time. He had his work boots, and then he had his dress boots.

When we married, I had heard many stories of Harvey, and how he had treated my wife like a little princess when she was little! He must have been one heck of a guy! I think everyone knew him.

After about a year of marriage, I was given his dress boots. A very nice pair of leathers, that to this day, I only wear on the best of occasions.

That was almost 23 years ago, and I still have them and wear them. They sit polished and covered in my closet, ready for their next outing.

May 11, 2009
Jack's Boots
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My Papa Jack was the Saturday Evening Post image of the grandfather that existed in every American eye. He was a true cowboy, born and raised in Colorado and spent many a day on the back of a horse. Sure, he smoked and drank a little, but if he called you a "sheepherder" you knew you were in trouble! His boots were always in evidence in every picture I have ever seen of him. He moved to California at the behest of a famous and wealthy man to "keep his polo ponies."

Soon another man hired him away from the polo ponies to help him ""run a ranch" and develop horses. I learned terms like "a barn sour nag", and "that's pretty good-lookin' horseflesh!" when I sat on his lap leanring of days past.

His closet had old cowboy boots on the floor, and I asked "why he didn't wear them anymore?" and the simple answer was "oh the horses stepped on my feet too often so he wore dress boots now." When I asked if I could try one on, we found a pair that came close to fitting. We cleaned them-up, and I was very proud of my first pair of cowboy boots.

That was probably fifty-eight years ago. I still wear cowboy boots and have more than one pair now, but I will never forget my first pair from Papa Jack.

May 11, 2009
Another George Strait Show
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I was turning 30, trying to survive a divorce. I went to a small BBQ for a band "Ace in the Hole......W/George Strait" As I went in the BBQ joint, food was free and I was soooooo broke and my girls had not had meat at a meal in a while so I was going to ask for a to go bag. NO< you have to listen to the band first, then the BBQ is free. So, I thought I needed the slow down time. So, I did, and then I noticed I was the ONLY one not in boots. And as we all know once you see George you have to keep going. Well, I went to the western wear store and they were $69, to me that was alot of money. My mom worked in a beauty school in Conroe. She said, "If those boots will continue to make you smile let's go to the store." That was in 1983. I attended over 100 shows of George 3 years in a roll, and those red ropers were my heart. George signed them. I still wear them even today and they are the BEST.

You cannot beat a pair of Justin's. My mom passed away in 1992, and she told me, "when you have a granddaughter, you will have to buy her boots." My granddaughter is 8 and she is on her 3rd pair. ONLY because they do not fit, her sister will wear them.

May 11, 2009
Growing Up
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I remember growing up on a farm. I was a little girl about 7 years old and always tried to be like my older sister. I had to do everything she did and wanted everything she did. We did not have a lot of money for I had four brother and four sister. One year at Christmas my sister got Justin boots under the Christmas tree. I remember watching her open those boots with envy in my eyes. They were so beautiful and shiny. I wanted to be like my older sister who rode horses and I wanted those boots. Later I sneaked under the tree and took them. My sister was so upset she could not find her boots. The family started looking all over the house. This went on for it seemed like hours. My sister started to cry. I felt bad so I came walking down stairs with her boots on my feet to tell her I took them, and she can have them back, When I reached the bottom of the steps my sister looked up sobbing and started laughing. I was thinking why is she laughing, she should be mad for I took her boots. She said you know if you want to borrow my boots thats okay, just do me one favor wear them on the right foot. I walked around thinking I was big with those boots, all the while they were on the wrong feet. We laugh to this day about it.

May 10, 2009
My dad, My hero and a pair of boots
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I have a pair of worn out black leather, size 10 1/2 Justins in a cardboard box. They sit in my closet. Just to remind me that I am my fathers son. the story of these boots go back in the early 90's. A few years befor I was born. my dad at the time was 20 and my grandfather bought him a pair of justins them justins was worn when. Dad marryed mom, when i was born, and my grandfathers funeral. Just a month a go i grew out of my old boots dad went in to his room grabbed a box. Ive never seen and pulled the boots out. He replied "Here son i know these have a few miles on them but i want u to have them. even though im a few inches taller i gave that man a hug and thanked him. when my dad goes it will be time to pass those boots down to the next one in line.


William Earl Tipper

May 3, 2009
I left my heart, and boots, in Brazil!
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I have been a fan of Justin boots ever since I received my first pair of Justin Ropers while serving a church in Decatur, Texas. From there, my family and I traveled to Brazil to serve among ranchers and rodeo fans. My Justins fit right in and we quickly grew to love the people and culture of the Center-West region of Brazil, cattle country! We began a rodeo ministry and branched out from there to minister on the seperate ranches in our region. After serving seven years among Brazilian cowboys, my wife came down with an illness, called RSD, that lead to our return stateside. It was difficult leaving the country and people that we grew to love. I was given one last opportunity to speak in one of the local Brazilian churches prior to our departure. I decided to use an illustration from the states, "Who will fill my shoes?" as my main focus of the message - only adapted for the culture. I placed my new pair of boots on the table at the from of the church and stated, "I am returning to the US. Who will stay here and fill my boots?" After the service, the Brazilian pastor's wife came up, picked up my new boots that I bought for our ministry there, looked them over, and stated, "These will fit my husband!" Then she left . . . with my boots!

May 1, 2009
Like Papa's
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Maybe love of boots is genetic in my family. My dad has always worn boots, so has my brother. My parents have a photo taken of me at age three that shows the two sides of my nature. I am wearing a burgundy velvet dress and with it matching burgundy 'cowboy boots'. Apparently this laid the foundation for my own son's love of cowboy boots.

From the time he was a little tyke he has preferred boots over any other footwear. Probably because he was very close to his Papa ( my dad) who wore boots everywhere. When he was two I tried very hard to teach him to tie his shoes. Each time I would attempt to show him he refused to try. Instead he would tell me "I don't need to tie my shoes, I'm only gonna wear boots!" Still I kept trying until the day he stated very emphatically "I don't need to tie my shoes, I wanna wear 'Dustins' like Papa!"

So I gave in and let him wear 'Dustins' like Papa and though now grown he still wears his Justin boots most of the time (me too). Oh and by the way he finally did learn to tie shoes when he was four.


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