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June 14, 2009
Sharing my boots
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I've always worn western boots while riding my motorcycle, and most often my Justin spanish kipskin ropers. While out on a ride one day I passed a young lad hitchhiking on the road. He was kind of shoddy and scruffy, and very tired looking but what stood out most was he had no socks and ratty looking sandals on his feet. I rode about a half mile further , but his image stood in my mind, so I made a u turn and headed back. As I pulled up to him , He said "nice bike, nice boots. ", I asked where he was going and he answered to Massachusetts to see his brother whom he hadn't seen in 10 years, but was in the hospital from an accident I asked where he was from but he just frowned. He said Im homeless and unemployed so this is why I look this way. I handed him a five dollar bill and looked down at his feet. I asked what size shoe he wore and he said 8-1/2, well I wear size 9 and I had my boots for a while, so I sat on the curb, removed my boots and handed them over. He bagan to cry and I said you better take them before I change my mind.

well he did , and I rode back home with a ratty pair of sandals but a happy heart. You know I never got his name but maybe some day I'll bump into him again.

June 12, 2009
The memories & the cowboy way
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As a child, I grew up in a southwest Missouri town wearing boots for fun. As a teenager, I spent most of my time in tennis shoes, except on game days and Sundays. During college, I worked for a high fashion men’s clothing store and wore imported suits and shoes. Then I moved to an oil town, Tulsa, and was introduced to oil tycoons, lawyers, bankers, doctors, stock brokers, and high dollar sales executives all of whom wore thousand dollar suits with exotic cowboy boots. Pinstripes and Lizards, Herringbone and Ostrich, Navy Blue Gabardine Wool and Crocodile, Window-Pain and Sea Turtle, and they were all beautiful. If you were going to spend time at the paddock on the track with a roll, Saturday night on a dance floor, or facing down an 8 ball in a pool hall it was denim and snakes, or any of the afore mentioned exotics, but for work in the pens it was denim and bull.. Foot-ware became a statement of life saying as much about who you are, and where you came from, and it showed when you took a stride in pride. Still it was more, it was about childhood heroes no matter if they were farmers and solders that pulled their boots on and strapped them up with leather strings; or ranchers, movie and radio cowboys that simply pulled their boots on by the strapes. Some would say it was the re-capture of childhood the belief that you could dream, be and do anything.

Just as a child going to the five and ten, or the dime movie on a Saturday afternoon there was something exciding about going to “The Boot Store”. It may have been the smell of leather, or polish, the wood floors, the posters, or the sales-people that would be just as diverse as to the type of store. In the big retail outlet you would find sales associates, while in “the western boot store” you would find, attractive cowgirls in RM jeans fitting them just right and colorful western blouses, cowgirl hats, and of course cowgirl boots. You would also meet old cowboys retired from the ranch, now living in the big town, with stories when they worked the range, riding their horses for eight hours a day, roping cattle, training horses, bucking hay, or mucking stalls. Totally, opposite the cowgirls, weathered, like old leather, tall and thin, dressed in a western work shirt, boot cut Wranglers or Levis, boots made of bull, and some wearing spurs. If you went to a Farm or Ranch Store it may have been all the other trappings, the horse supplies, the saddles, the bridles, the whips, the clothes, the chaps, the cowboy hats, and it could have been the customers as some would come with their cattle dogs and horses returning from shows, races, and rodeos. However, in the end it was more than likely the Boots. In a real boot store there would be Justin, Mahan, and Tony Lama. There would be work boots and exotics of every kind. There would be a section for children, men, and women. There would always be one pair that would catch your eye, just like that special something in the five and ten or that matinee movie you saved your dime to see.

For all the talk of how comfortable Ostrich is, or beautiful Crocodile, Alligator, or Turtle are; for me, they were not the best I have ever wore. That honor belongs to the pair that caught my eye over twenty-five years ago and that I wore for several years and numerous re-soling. The boots were a beautiful stovetop black eel skin with yellow and red featherstitching, and with a foot that was an equally beautiful eel-skin of oz-blood red completed with a riding heel. For me there has never been a boot more comfortable or beautiful then this pair of Justin Eel-skin boots. I have never owned a pair that received more complements or remarks. People that saw them thought them to be the most beautiful boot they ever had seen. Boot storeowners would agree but hated eel-skins because cowboys wore them into the corrals, into mud, and urine resulting in too many returns. For me if I could find another pair I would not hesitate to buy them.

Just for a note. Once while attending a sales meeting an east cost female account executive, which now lived in the west, was, going on about how totally out of place it was for a businessman to wear cowboy boots with a suit. How it showed a lack of class, was distasteful, and rude. With other associates both female and male glancing over at me, I finally put an end to the debate the “cowboy way”: with not a word said by leaning back in my chair crossing my legs and parking the heel of my oz-blood eel-skin boots on the edge of table.

June 11, 2009
No loafers here...
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Well, my boot story is ongoing. Just wanted to say thanks to Justin for these boots. I bought my first pair of Justin black cherry Ropers when I was in 8th grade for my first formal date. Before that, I'd worn boots for years, but never the real thing. While that date didn't result in a second one, I kept wearing the best footwear on the planet. Through years of school, late nights, dusty barn halls, days in the hayfield, and church on Sunday, I have stuck with Justins, for work and dress.

Recently, 13 years after I bought them and on their 4th pair of soles, in a crowd of high heels, loafers, and highly polished dress shoes, I wore the same pair of Ropers across the stage when I graduated law school. Two weeks later, I wore them as I proposed to my now fiancee. I'm wearing them now, just left the law firm where I work and I'm headed to check our cattle for the day. Thanks again for a product that has never failed me, whether in the pasture or in the courtroom...

June 11, 2009
second hand boots
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I found my first pair of Justins in a thrift store in Atlanta! Go figure.

They were a perfect fit, only slightly used and new to me.

Don't know who was "ridin" through Atlanta, but thanks!

That was three years ago. I'm now on my third pair.

Love my Justins.

June 10, 2009
A Great Santa After All
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When I was 9 years old and my little sister was 5, Santa really came through that year big time by bringing us cowboy boots for Christmas. They weren't just any cowboy boots; they were Justin boots and they were made to show off! The boots were red leather with black tips and heels, and black and red leather tops--just the greatest in a town where the school colors are red and black.

I think we were the first girls to wear cowboy boots with our dresses and skirts because they kept our feet warm and dry in the cold wintertime. Mother sometimes made me wear jeans underneath my dresses to keep warm which I thought looked icky, but the boots made that look alright when I was desperate.

We also received fancy black scabbards with Roy Rogers 6 shooters in them and white hats, too, so we could play cowgirls if we wanted to, but it was the boots that were so important. We could wear them with anything and look and feel good!

June 10, 2009
Watch Your Thoughts
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Watch your thoughts because they can become words watch your words because they can become actions wacth your actions because they can become habits watch your habits because they can become your charaacter and wacth your characther because it can become yours...............................................................

June 10, 2009
Justin's in a Wedding?
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I have always loved my Justin Boots. In my early 20's always wore them dancing. So much so that I had to have the soles replaced. But those days were so fun.

Then when I starting to plan my wedding, my new husband to be was told we had to have a country wedding. He was no were near a country person. So when we went to the country store to look for a wedding dress he was so shocked that you could fine such nice things. I did find my dress, purchased it, then said I had to have a new pair was Justin Roper boots to make it look its best. We shopped for days to find a white pair of Justin Roper's. Looked everywhere, then I said take me back to the store where we bought the dress. Sure enough I found a pair of Roper's. Had to have them ordered. My husband to be told the lady at the store that if these boots did not come in before the wedding that we would have to cancel it. Well the boots did come in and they were great. So comfortable that I started using them for every nice dressed place I went.

The husband did not last but the Justin Ropers to this day are still great.

June 9, 2009
My Children and Boots
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I have four children. The youngest girl will not engage in my taste for boots and hats. I once attended a piano recital on the condition that I would leave my hat in the car. She refuses to sign the gift card that is included with my new hat or new boots from my wife or other children. She simply tolerates her father's weird taste.

June 9, 2009
I can't part with my boots
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I have had a pair of Justin boots for years. They were unbelievably comfortable, broken in just right. Unfortunately, they didn't look all that great, having been resoled about four times, and being scuffed up so that none of the original polish was still on the boot. They were my perfect boot for living on the acreage. I could slip them on or off in a minute, and I never left the house without them - except when I was at work.

Then came the day we moved from our acreage to the city. And somehow, in the move, I lost my boots.

I looked for them for weeks, and then one day, my wife gave me a wrapped up box.

In the box was a new pair of Justin boots. She finally broke down and told me she had taken the opportunity to toss my old boots out when we moved. But she couldn't stand my continued search for something that wasn't there - so she went and bought me a new pair.

It's going to take a while to break them in. And deep down, I still miss my old boots.

June 9, 2009
charlie walker
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charlie walker from th grand ole opry and texas always wore good boots. we both admired -justin boots, and when i drove him to his last road show up in southern illinois we talked about him not being able to wear his boots on stage any more because his legs and feet were swolen he nver looked the same with out his boots. we talked about this almost all the way on our trip.

June 9, 2009
My loving son
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I am a single mom and live in texas. For years I have pretty much raised my son alone. A lil bit of child support dosent make you a parent. My son team ropes and keeps his grades up to do so. I put a pair of Justin boots on layaway for him and it took a while to get them out. He was so proud of them an was offered new ones when it got time for state finals. He said my mom worked hard for these for me and they mean more than anyone giving me a new pair. All these kids has expensive one and he still had on these old ones with the sole coming off an the side busted out. He said they were good enough to get me this far and they are good enough to carry me all the way! My heart just want to fall out. He is my world and I do all I can for him. He always comes first in my world and always will!

June 9, 2009
Where Are My Boots?
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I have always had muscular calves. After many hours of trying on boots and being disappointed, I finally found a pair of Justin men's boots that fit! I loved to wear them to school on blue jean Fridays. But one Friday I went to look for my boots and they were gone! My son had worn them to church on Sunday, and he too fell in love with them. He had hidden them in his pickup truck. I would much rather see him in a nice pair of Justin Boots when he is an usher at church, than in his muddy work boots. The mystery had been solved but I need a new pair!

October 22, 2008
The only boot I wear now.
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I work all day on my feet greeting the public about our bird of prey programs (www.birdsofprey.net). A few years ago, my feet started hurting after a few hours. I always wear good footwear and was suffering. It is really hard to be cheery and professional when you are aching (and at times limping around). Then I saw a gentleman wearing a pair of Justin work ropers. I liked the look of the boots and he commented as to how his feet were comfortable all day on concrete in them. I bought my first pair that summer. That was in 2005. I raved how I never have achy feet after all day. Yes, my feet get tired at the end of the day. But, I could still stand and work all day. I have purchased 3 pair now and I love them. I wear them all of the time, with good quality cotton socks (Wigwam) and additional arch supports due to my very high arches. Ahhh comfort!!!! Thank you Justin!!! I wear

June 9, 2009
Justin saved the day!!
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I would like to start my story by saying that Justin boots are the best boots on Earth. On 1/20/09 I waz at work removing a gas tank from a pickup that we were about to send to the scrap yard. Well to make a long story short some sparks from a grinder ignited the gas and caught me and my place of employment on fire. I waz hospitalized for 2 weeks in the burn unit at USA hospital in Mobile, Al. I had to have skin graff surgery to repair my left leg and had it not been for the Justin boots i was wearing i would have probably lost my left foot. Thanks a lot Justin!!

June 9, 2009
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I have worked in retail grocery business for over 40 years. In 1975 my wife gave me a pair of Justin boots for Christmas. They were light tan Buffalo leather. I wore them everyday these were the most comforable I had ever worn. They were so comforable I started to wearing them on my Quail hunting trips. I would come in from hunting ,clean and polish my boots and they were ready to wear to the store the next day. I have retired now I have a new pair of Justin boots. Last fall I was going through my closet, saw my old boots that still looked good. I gave them along with other shoes to the Jesus House. I am sure someone is enjoying my old boots.

June 9, 2009
Boots are Cool!
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After 25 years working in the athletic department at Oklahoma State University I took a job at the United States Naval Academy.

I wore my cowboy boots that I had worn in Stillwater to work and got a lot of comments from the athletes. They said that it looked like my Oklahoma country attitude was well and alive even though I was living in Maryland.

Before a Army/Navy game a couple years back President Bush came into the locker room to address the team. He had on a suit that had to cost $2,000 and a beautiful pair of cowboy boots.

After the game and for some time after that I recieved many compliments on my cool cowboy boots.

June 9, 2009
Country Girl
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I remember when I went back to school at the age of 40 for electronics.

I showed up in class with my Justin Boots.

The school was in the city and about 50 miles from my home. I was living in a rural area and when I left class I went to feed the calfs.Of course I needed my Justin Boots.

My instructors and classmates,all men and all of them living in the city ,I guess I took them by surprise! I even had some that were my sons ages. We all became friend and I graduated with a 3.89 GPA in my Justin Boots

June 9, 2009
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Long ago, I joined my first cattle / trail drive. It started out in a rain storm, and continued to rain most of the day. But needless to say we were soaked from the top of our hats clean down to our boots. By late afternoon the sun

had come back out and we were ready to set up camp for the night. We picked our spot, a rather high spot I might add, and set up our tent. It was a nice evening, and we climbed into our tent for a quiet night under the stars. As I am laying there, I can hear the roll of thunder and see the flash of lightening. It's getting closer and closer. Now I am terrified of storms and I am laying here in a tent in the middle of a pasture and I thinking all kinds of things. But my friend with me is a seasoned camper so I am keeping a close eye on her to see if she is reacting to the storms. The wind is blowing a gale, raining in sheets, and hailing, when finally she sits up and says maybe we should think about getting our jeans and boots back on. WELL,,,,,,that is all she had to say. I am up like a flash pulling on my jeans and I go to get my boots on, Justin Diamond J's and they will not got on, because they are still wet from the days rain. My friend says, here is some baby powder, put some inside your boots and it will help them go on easier. I take that baby powder and I am filling these boots with the lovely white stuff, it is permeating the air, we are breathing it in, but those darn boots slid right on. Well, now I am ready to abandon ship, I say ship as it is still pouring outside, we are both looking out through our tent flap and watching things blowing and floating by, and she says, just remember if we leave everything here will go with it. Not my boots by darn, cause they are now safely on my feet!!!!

June 9, 2009
Late one night...
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My wife was pregnant with our second child. It was late at night and I just returned from a 10 shift of police work. We had not decided on a name and she had already gone to bed. I flipped off my Justin ropers and there it was on the heel of my boot...Justin. I left her note like I always do and our little boy became Justin. Since he has been able to understand the story he has always worn Justin boots and Wrangler clothes.

June 9, 2009
The Winning Boots!
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A few years I played one of your instant games on my computer for my oldest grandson. To my surprise I won a pair of your work boots that looked just like the ones that are on your advertisement today. He tried to wear them but his legs were to big and they caused them to swell as he was working in a restruant and on his feet for long hours. One of his best friends needed some boots for his job so Ron gave the boots to him. This friend is still wearing them and has wore them to work every day since he got them. I thank you for the instant games that you present because they help people in need.

June 9, 2009
Navy Pier Poster
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Author's Photo

My business called for me to travel extensively in the state of Texas during the 70's and 80's.
Many things traveled back to the Windy City, by far my favorite being my Justin Boots.
My wife and kids wore these great boots for years and were required to listen to my stories about my Texas experiences. Further, they had to look at my set of Longhorns, watch my Bluebells die in the Chicago winter, eat beanless chili and enjoy smoked bbq.
The favorite, aside from the great boots, were the priceless posters which advertised the Justin boots. Most have been lost in various moves, but I sure remember them! My favorites include the snapping turtle attempting to grab a stringer of bluegills, the rattlesnake about to loose its front quarter and the scorpion being flicked from a boot.
I am in the sausage business in this great city and brought this concept to our marketing department. Their enthusiasm was evident and we started a program of developing a similar line of posters in 1980. The reception has been fantastic.
Seven or eight of these posters grace the walls of thousands of ViennaBeef hot dog stands all around America and Japan.
Your wonderful company is always given credit for the genesis of this terrific idea.
A copy of the most popular poster which depicts a ViennaBeef hot dog being "dressed" as it rests on our famous Navy Pier is attached.
I still wear the boots on Sunday afternoons. They are much more comfortable than my slippers.


June 9, 2009
My Favorite Boots and My Favorite Horse
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I am a barrel racer. I got my first pair of Justin Boots while on vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I still have those, but have bought others throughout the years. My first pair are still my favorite pair and I also have my first barrel horse and he is still my favorite horse. Those boots and that horse have taken many different places that I will always remember. I always said that when anything happens to my horse he will be taken to the taxidermist and placed at my house and when my boots have finally walked their last mile and rode their last horse I will have them bronzed and placed beside my horse.

June 9, 2009
"The Tall Drink of Water"
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My name is Carmen and I am a latina woman....the first time I ever walked into a country bar was back in 1999....little did I know that I would become a country girl, meet a redneck and fall in love and still continue my love for country music. He bought me my first pair of justin boots when I became his girlfriend.......and dressed me country......we became the envied couple at the bar because his way of dancing was and is very unique!!! I always felt so proud walking in with my cowboy and my JUSTIN BOOTS ready to hit the floor!!!

I've never had a drop of alcohol, I was given the name "Tall Drink of Water"!!!! This 5"10, long curly hair, beautiful woman, was only there to drink water and dance off her JUSTIN BOOTS!!!

Since then, the bar has closed, the boyfriend moved away to the coast, but something has never changed or will change, MY LOVE FOR COUNTRY MUSIC, MY DANCING, MY TRUCK, AND MY JUSTIN BOOTS!!!

June 9, 2009
Boot Scoot'n Boogie
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A girl I worked with talked me into giving country dancing a try. She convinced me that I needed to buy some nice Wranglers and a pair of Justin Lacer boots with leather soles for dancing. Although I was under aged, I was convinced that I could successfully make it into the local dance club. That night as each of the three girls I was with "distracted" the bouncers at the door, I made my way into the club and have enjoyed dancing in Lacers ever since.

June 2, 2009
help with a style?
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I just purchased a vintage pair of justins style j9771 a very soft strange skin can anyone help me in identifing what kind of skin it is beautiful boots very comfortable just very curious what they are help please!!


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