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December 29, 2009
The Death of a Classic
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Well I have been wearing Justin back cut python boots for years and to my disappointment they stopped making them quite a few years back. These boots were by far the most comfortable boots ever. I've tried a few other brands over the years but nothing compares. Since I found out they were no longer making this style any longer I have tried to keep them alive. They were my everyday boots and they have been resoled 5 or 6 times now and restitched, patched & repaired to the point they are no longer recognizable as the snake boots they once were but I kept wearing them because they were so comfortable. When they were newer they always got complements and as they wore they took on even more character and received more complements. in the past few years the comments were more along the lines of what are those things, because most of the original skins were gone and they had numerous patches sown on them just to hold them together and keep my socks from showing. Well needless to say I had to retire them this week and it was with great regret and tear or two that they had to go. I can only hope that Justin will decide to rekindle an old classic someday. The auto manufacturers are making some money these days on retro perhaps Justin can do the same. Don't let the remains of the last pair be the death of a classic.

December 27, 2009
My long lasting Justin's
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I'm 22 years old and when I was child I had a few pair of cowboy boots, but never a real pair of boots. When I was in the 10th grade in 2002 my dad bought me a pair of Justin's. Brown, 10" ropers. Here i am almost 8 years since he bought them and I still wear them all the time. They haven't given me any problems and are showing no signs of slowing down. I love my Justin's, and when and if these ever wear out another pair of Justin's will replace them. I swear by my Justin's, and when anyone asks me what kind I have or what kind they should buy, Justin is the first thing out of my mouth.

December 26, 2009
Here she is!!!
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I got my boots on Christmas eve, i was so excited when i shook the box and i heard them shake. My mom and dad let my sister open hers first and then got mine down out of the closet. I was pretty upset when my sis got a pair,but then my dad said "I just found one from mom. That was my boots.

December 25, 2009
Is Golfing Work?
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I'm not a cowboy. Pointy toed work boots were the last item on my list of work-related purchases. I looked at 'em all Red Wings, Carolinas, and only looked at the Justin boots on a recommendation from a co-worker.

The Justin boots felt the most comfortable and were on sale. So I forsake my fashion sensibilities and made the plunge for the Justin boots.

It turned out that we drove from the boot store to the golf course where I put my new boots through 18 rigorous holes of golf. After returning home, I pulled them off. No soreness. My feet felt great - like I had pulled off a pair of trusty sneakers.

So I checked my city-boy smugness and embraced my Justin boots while putting them through the worst weather from Texas to Nebraska, spring, summer, fall and winter.

My love for my Justins even left me being sneaky when I worked in a job requiring a 1 inch, 90 degree heel. I bought a pair of boots from a Justin competitor to wear into work but always changed into my Justins as soon as I left the office.

While I haven't been working in a career requiring work boots, I still wear them often in the winter or when I'm doing outdoor work. Like a trusted friend, my Justins will always be here - just a little extra care and they always look just like the boots I went golfing in 11 years ago.

December 18, 2009
$ for $ the best boots (or shoes) I have ever owned!
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I first discovered Justin Boots when I moved to Texas in 2001. Excited about being in Cowboy Country, I went out and purchased my first pair of western style boots, a fine pair of Justin Real Leather Apache Ropers (I was too shy and too broke to go exotic or top of the line).

It's December 18, 2009 and today I am at work, wearing those very same boots!

The very same boots that have seen 4 continents, over 15 countries, temperature ranges from 35 degrees Celsius, to -25 degrees Celsius, and have been worn at work, at home, on travels, in nightclubs, on farms, in the car, and just about everywhere you could imagine......and yes, I have slept in my boots!

I have re-soled my Justin Boots 4 times, and they just keep on walking, and better still they are the best looking shoes in my closet!

My girlfriend loves them, I love them, and I dread the day coming when they will finally have to be retired!

The only concern I have about my Justin boots is HOW am I ever going to replace them......I am not sure it's possible!

December 18, 2009
Officially a Cowboy
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This is a picture of my Handsome son, sitting infront of a Mirror at Cavenders! He found a hat and a pair of Justin boots and walked around the whole store with them on..and then found this mirror where he sat and checked himself out. Iam pretty sure he was thinking..

" I'am Officially a Cowboy "

It was Precious!

December 13, 2009
George Strait Cotulla Ropers
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I've been wearing this same pair of Justin Ropers forever it seems like. My wife has been after me to get rid of them and get another pair but I just couldn't do it, they are way too comfortable. Well, I'd worn them so much that the inside lining was coming apart and finally they gave in. When I went to take them off on Friday my right boot wouldn't come off because the liner got on my heel like a barbed hook in a fishes mouth. I had to cut it off which was a very sad day for me. I've found them online though and will be ordering another pair today.

December 11, 2009
every ones got a little justin in them
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back in 2006 i was in kentucky at their state fair a friend of mine had signed me up to ride what i thought would be a quick 8 second ride off of a new bull a gentleman had brought up from SC as i climbed in the chute i realized this bull didnt like the fact any thing other then birds might get on his back i started to have a second thought bout this ride but my buddy told me if i took at least third place he would go and buy me a set of justin Ranch boots or ropers which ever i wanted being the tyoe never to back down out of a bet between life long friends i told him not only would i ride but i would come in second. the pair of justins i had on were given to me by my grandmother (whom passed Dec 08) well they were about as worn out as a 65 chevy pickup needless to say that i took the bet with all intention to win into about 4 seconds into the ride I didnt have time to counter the swing to the right with a jump the bull deliverd to me which tossed me almost 12 feet away as i was lying wondering where i was gona get to first i felt a sharp pain in my leg the bull had step on my leg just below the knee ripping my acl and tearing my cartilage in my knee but worset of all he busted the seam down the inner side of my boot as they rushed my to the local er to get looked at my buddy now my childs godfather told me even though i wasnt in the third place he was still goin to get me a set of justins any that i wanted. Bout 8 weeks later the brace the doc had given me come off my leg and i was walking around in a brand new pair of justin basic's choclate brown leather style fr 100 and they are a little worn out but the still have a lot of wear in them. now I am in Iraq in OIF i bought my little girl a set and my soon to be wife a set and we love them as well please keep up the good work

February 23, 2009
Here she comes!
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I got my Justin Boots last year. This was my first pair to ever get. I wear my boots with everything. If it doesn't look good with my boots, I dont wear it!

I had already gotten so many compliments on my boots and to be honest you are really a different person when you wear 'em. Its just something about 'em that makes you feel like you are a million bucks even with my worn out ''favorite' jeans. They actually look even better with those jeans to be honest!!

Anyway, I went Christmas shopping with my husband at the mall one day. This was our first outting together with my "boots on"....I had told him how people would turn to look for the clickity-clack as I got closer. He laughed as to not believe me!!

Once in the mall, I noticed he started to lag behind me. It was not like him to do that but as usual lots of folks looked at me and my boots as i approached them. Finally, I asked why he wouldn't walk beside me and he said he too noticed how folks would stare at me up and down and check my boots out! haha He said that it is not only men but women are checking you out!!!

I laughed and said " Yeah these boots get their attention! They wanna be me or be with me!" Needless to say, I really like the sound they make! You hear me in the distance and think some lady with spiked heels is coming only to look up and see 'country' has come to town!!


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