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October 31, 2010
New Boots!
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We all know how hard it used to be to break in new boots. If they are ill-fitting, they can be the worst and then you are stuck with them and sore feet.

Recently, I bought my very first pair of Justin boots. I have never been so satisfied with new boots like I have been with these! From the first time I tried them on I knew that I was gonna buy them. Where have I been? Not checkin these out apparently!

Thank you Justin for such remarkable boots and I will tell everyone I know how much I love these boots!!

October 28, 2010
Wearing Justin Gypsy and being mistaken....
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I went to pick up my niece from high school and was in my western wear. I am a petite lady wearing my pink and brown Justin Gypsy boots.

I had to wait because she was taking her PSAT exam. So I took a seat to wait and a couple of teachers and administrators thought I was a student. They kept complimenting me on my boots then asking me why I was not in class.

Quite embarrassing since I am a 38 yr. old female.

But Justin keep making those boots they keep getting attention!!

October 28, 2010
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I am a 40% disabled veteran. I was hurt overseas. I tore muscles from my spine picking up a soldier and carring him down two flights of stairs. Cause my spine to be unstable. Then our next PT test i developed a spondy which destroyed the disk. I work retail and am on my feet 8 to 12 hours a day. And since I work in the western lifestyle, I am required to wear cowboy boots. Which is awesome. But when I got back from deployment and put my old boots on they killed me. See I have nerve damage from my waist down and I hurts real bad to be on my feet for long periods of time. So I bought all sorts of boots, nothing seemed to work. So I started looking around again. Then I started talking to one of the Justin reps, Scott Turner. To make a story short when we met up in Deadwood for our Manager Meetings. Well he told me about the new Bent Rails by Justin. I had to at lest try them. And I must say I am thankful I did. I wore them all day and was thankful I could stay on my feet and move as fast as I did. Thank you and thanks goes out to Scott

October 28, 2010
My perfect fit
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I wear boots everyday. Every pair of boots I buy i have to oil so they will fit better and last longer. Not my Justin boots! I put my boots on and they are the most comfortable and longest lasting boots I have ever bought. . . everyday!

October 28, 2010
Loooooooooooong lasting boots
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Well hello y´all!! I´m a cattle rancher, Senepol Breeder in Brazil, and I would just like to let y´all know how I first fell in love with Justin Boots. I was an exchange student in Taylorsville, MS, back in 1995, a 17 year old brazilian country boy who for the first time in his life was leaving mom and dad´s home. And guess what? Strait out of the country, to a new culture, a new world, and sure scared to death!!! Taylorsville High School was a hard place to fit in, specially when every single kid there had never had no contact with a foreing son of a gun. Them sure were hard times!!! Picking up the accent wasn´t easy, strangest slangs for somebody who had studied the most proper English back in Brazil, even had to drop some classes ´cause I just couldn´t understand a single word the teacher was saying.

Well, long story made short, country music was my best teacher of the redneck english that was spoken there. And along with country music, which is one of my passions for life, there came Justin Boots to help me fit in that hell called THS. That´s right!!! Although pretty much every kid there dressed like rappers, some of them were hard working farmers who started to accept me the first time I walked in the classroom wearing my very first pair of Justin´s!!! Wow, nice boots you got there stranger!!! LOL!

And just to thank Justin Boots is why I let y´all know my little story, how my boots helped me fit into the american culture, the american way of life. I still got that first pair I bought in Laurel, MS, in a store named More Than Boots, kept as a treasure to me. Them boots helped me through my path not only protecting my feet, but most of all, by introducing me to a new world. Thank you Justin Boots!!!

October 27, 2010
Their called boots for a reason
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So I've always had a strong opinion about girls, and their sanctified boots. Don't get me wrong, I know everyone has their preference, but here is my reasoning. They wear them to a concert, wipe them off, then stick them in their closet until the next time they want to put on the "cowgirl image". Boots deserve to be worn, and wornout :)So just to prove my point, for my senior pictures I put on my dirty, muddy, actually worn, old-fashion Justin boots and cute dress to show what glorified boots really look like. :)

October 27, 2010
Some Lonely feet
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I have never owned a real pair of Justin boots. As a child i had a pair of boots i walked around in. Every time my three year old wears hers it reminds me of how special boots can be to a child. We strut around like we are on top of the world almost invincible. As an adult now, i have had Justin boots on my wish list for the past couple of years. How can a girl From Texas not own a pair of good quality boots? They would feel so nice on my feet i can't wait to own a pair, and hopefully soon.

October 27, 2010
the roads traveled in justin boots!
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Ever since I was knee-high to a football I have been wearing boots! I remember my first pair were red and it took an act of congress to get them off my feet... Wit those boots I played in many mud puddles, walked thru plenty horse and cow droppings and of course wore them to daycare... Once I out grew them I got a new pair. At this time is when I started riding horses and trying to be more like my dad! I've been riding horses my whole life and helping with the cattle... I also have show pigs heifers and helped with other show animals all with in the 4-H and FFA. And my favorite pair of boots to wear during showing and handling the animals was my Justin FFA chuckas... I still have them to this day... So when it comes to boots for me now days they have to be able to over take the days in the cattle pen or cleaning out stalls from the horses all the way to the dance floor at the Texas Hall of Fame!

October 26, 2010
A Dream come true!
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I had such pain in my heels for months! It was only getting worse and I'd run out of options for shoes that I could wear not only to work but being a local performing musician, I especially had almost no stylish or otherwise choices to be pain free for the times I'd perform on the weekends. I was diagnosed with chronic achilles tendonitis...wowo, was it all gonna come to an end? I couldn't do my job anymore, I couldn't play music standing up, all my dreams I had seemed to be coming to an end because of the intense heel pain. And I mean intense!

My doctor gave me a protocol to follow involving daily therapy and the proper footwear. He said to start wearing a heel like in a biker or cowboy boot. So I headed to the nearest boot store and I must have tried on 100 different pairs of biker, work and cowboy boots, none were even remotely comfortable. I finally tried on a pair of Justin Gypsy boots and I almost fell out! I was oohing and ahhing as I walked around the store because I had found a boot with just the right heel size and comfort is an understatement! The real test was going to be the next night at a local club where I would play music for four hours. Justin, you are an absolute dream come true! Not only did the comfort level exceed my expectations but I didn't even think about the pain! Now I've bought another pair for work. I've been telling everyone how awesome the boots feel and they look awesome as well! So my dreams have new life now that Justin boots allow me to walk pain free! Thank you Justin!

October 22, 2010
Met the right pair at the RODEO
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One year I had gone to the county rodeo with a guy. It was a date, but I wasn't into him. Sparks didn't fly, things didn't click for us.

The rodeo was in the middle of the summer every year, and it was hot out. Before I had gone to the rodeo I was at the beach with my friends. I was wearing my favoirte pair of flip flops. I didn't have time to go all the way home and get my boots, so I just work my flip flops to the rodeo. I was litterally the only one there without boots. It almost got imbarrassing when my date would introduce me to his friends, and they would look for my boots and find flip flops. They would laugh and tell my date, "Dang dude, your dating a hippy." I would explain where I had been and even bet them I could ride a horse better than them wearing flip flops.

Anyway the rodeo went on for three more days and I wore my flip flop the whole time. Mainly to bug my date and make his friends laugh. Even though my poor boots were itching to get out and get some dust on them.

It was the last day of the rodeo, and everybody was packing up to leave and head back home. I was helping my date pack his stuff up. I thought I had met everybody there was to meet, but one more of his friends showed up.

My boyfriend of two years came to visit my then date and me. :) I was never fully introduced to him at first. He just kind of stood there like a dear caught in the headlights. I watched him and waited for him to tease me about my flip flops too. He didn't! He finally said, "Hey I like your flippys, I can see your bright pink polished toes." I laughed and smiled at him. He went to get us something to drink, and my date took me and left before he got back. I felt so bad. I told my date that was really mean to do and he said, "Don't worry he will get over it." All I knew about him was the truck he drove. A sliver Dodge.

Every sign that the rodeo was in town had been gone and I didn't see my date much at all after that day. It had been a month later when I was at work. This sliver Dodge came roaring into the parking lot. This guy jumps out with a bottle of Mt. Dew and he found me. He said, "Here's your drink I got you." We started dating then. :) I wore my boots on our first date even.

Since then I had been everywhere with my boyfriend. California, Idaho, Washington, Arizona. My boots and my flippys go everywhere with me. But the best place we went was this years county rodeo, and this time I wore my boots.

October 22, 2010
A girl can never have too many shoes....I mean boots
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I've loved Justin boots for a long time. When the gypsy line came out years ago I loved them, I would save a small chunk out of my paycheck in order to buy a new pair of gypsy boots. A girl can never have too many boots. I wore the boots everywhere barn, church, school. I even wear them in college.
I'm a paramedic student in college. First day my instructor said "you need to have boots" First thing that came into my mind, 'whoot I have another excuse to buy a new pair of boots' Although the teacher went on to mention the specifications of the boots. Although the Justin boots didn't match his criteria, I make it a point to wear my Gypsy boots to class.

October 21, 2010
Cherished Boots
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Well, here's my story....I always wore Ariat's...until my mom had bought me a pair of Justin work boots, and I was hooked, I loved my boots, they were so comfortable and durable...well, they were the last thing my mom had bought me for my birthday, she passed on in 2002, we found out on Nov.10th which is my birthday that she had cancer, and when she passed away on Sept. 9th, 2003, I retired my boots and kept them with me...since, they were sentimental, but through some unfortunate events, my boots got stolen....and I have never seen them again...and it breaks my heart to know 1 that people can be so bad and two, that, they were the last thing my mom bought me before she got sick an passed away...and I wanted to keep them forever, as they were sentimental....I still to this day, cry when I think about it....as it breaks my heart....that not only did I lose my fav. pair of boots, but I lost everything I owned, clothes and all...so, in a way I put this post in memory of my mom, Carolyn R Barnes, 2-10-51 to 9-9-02....

October 16, 2010
If the Boot fits!
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I bought a pair of bull shoulder Justin boots in 1984 and still ware them to this day. After six or seven replacement souls and heels there more comfortable now then ever. I'll never buy another brand of cowboy boot.

October 14, 2010
Finally Got a Pair
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For years I've been wishing for a pair of real cowboy boots. I've never had a pair before so this is my first pair. I will never buy any other kind of boots now!

October 11, 2010
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Bought some brown Justin boots for out at the ranch. It came to my wedding day. Where I had previously bought some white high heels to wear. While getting ready to leave for my hair appointment. I through out the heels grabed my boots and headed out the door.

October 10, 2010
Justins would have stopped the burn
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Bought a pair of lace ups for the motorcycle. Dad thought they were too funny looking. He borrowed the bike and laid it down getting 3rd degree burns on his leg. The boots I had came up the leg higher than where he was burned. Next week he went out and bought the same pair.

October 8, 2010
The Lady Loves a Cowboy
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Two years ago while I was singing in a band at a local country night club, I looked out across the dance floor and I saw the handsomest man dressed in cowboy attire. As he moved closer to the stage, I thought it was Alan Jackson. I remember looking at his boots and saying to myself, now those are Justin Boots, this is a real cowboy. On break I managed to mingle in the crowd and asked him to dance with me. I asked him "how do you dance and slide so good with boots on"? He said it was the real leather on the soles, if it was rubber soles you wouldn't be able to do this. I don't wear anything else but Justin Boots. We were married shortly after this. I love to see my husband dance and it seems that he does it so well in a pair of Justin Boots. The song "Boot Scootin Boogie" by Brooks and Dunn, was made for Justin Boots to line dance in.

October 8, 2010
Work boots that saved her feet.
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i have a friend, jessica, that is a horse ferrier. that means she gives horses petticures. when she first told me that she did that as a second job, i was impressed. however, when i went with her the first time, i was amazed. if you have never wittnessed a horse shoer in action let me tell you it is just amazing to see how she gets under the horse and it actually lets her put nails in its foot. wait it does not hurt the horse. it will actually help the horse.

she wears justin's chucka boots. awhile ago she got a hole in the sole of the boot, and she got them resoled. she said those were the boots that she choose to work in and for the last 8 years those have been her work boots. she swears they are what have saved her feet.

October 8, 2010
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I have this friend that can do the jerk in his boots. We call him boots and he s as country as country comes. Sooo one day in my agriculture class I had on my Justin gypsy's as always and he taught me how!!! It was a great accomplishment!

October 7, 2010
I love my boots!'
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I've been working & saving up for a long time, for a pair of Justin's Boots.

I finally was able to have just enough money to buy a pair. So I got the Justin Stampeed Square Toe boot in hot pink.

(I figured the month of my birthday was a perfect time to get new boots!)

Everyone I see comments on my boots. They ask me where I got them. They all want to get themselves Justin boots as well! (:

I wear them almost everyday. They're the most comfortable thing anyone could ever ask for. I am so proud of my Justin Boots,

They're a part of me, my life wouldn't be the same without em!

Thank you dear God, for providing me with the best boots in the world!

Sincerely, Rachael Moore

October 7, 2010
The Ultimate "Here's Your Sign..."
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So I worked at Boot Barn for three years. I absolutely loved working there and only left because circumstances forced me into a Monday-Friday 9-5 situation and I wouldn't be able to work weekends and holidays. At any rate, Boot Barn gives it's employees incentives during different times of the year based on different companies' needs. The time of year for me was Justin Boot Time.

As a sales associate for Boot Barn, we would greet our customers (many of whom are regulars and we know by name) at the door and if there were any specials going on we'd shout 'em out. The specials that month were Justin Boots; I don't remember the exact opportunity, but a handsome gentleman walked in and me being me, made a bee-line for him.

He wasn't too tall, had a nice goatee, a sweet smile and a great sense of humor. We joked about boots, what you wear different styles for, that sort of small talk. Finally, he tried on a pair of Justin Ropers, the traditional. He liked the black so much, he commented that he'd like a brown pair. Settling on a pair of distressed (and many jokes later about how we tell a pair of boots is distressed...do they sigh? do they moan?...you get the idea), he commented that he liked the feel and also wanted a nice pair for dress wear, but wasn't sure they'd be dressy enough. I gave him the history of the roper boot including information that they were made for steer wrestlers and ropers that needed to wear a flatter heel in order run, but wouldn't have time to change out of them before an awards ceremony an hour or so later. They would shine up their ropers and head on in to dinner and pick up their buckle, nobody realizing they had worn those same boots out in the arena moments earlier.

My customer was pleased and chose a pair of shiny burgundy ropers to go along with his distressed brown, and black pairs. We brought them to the counter and I was pretty pleased with myself, not only for the great sale and incentives I had earned, but that I had really used some great information that helped the customer make a good, informed choice. I was asking him if he'd like to be part of the then customer list that we kept for discounts and specials that ran weekly when my manager walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Are you really asking him for his address?" he asked.

"Well, that's the procedure," I answered, mildly annoyed that he was questioning my actions in front of the customers. "I mean, he wants the discount card and all, right?" The customer laughed and assured me that yes, he did indeed want to be included in our system.

My manager tapped me again. "Don't you know who that is?" Now I noticed his mouth was agape slightly and he couldnt' take his eyes off my customer.

I looked at the customer and was embarassed that I didn't recognize him in any way, shape or form. "I'm sorry, no."

"That's Bill Engvall."

The customer began laughing when I shook my head. "Ok. Nice to meet you, Bill." I continued ringing up his boots.

"Bill Engvall. The comedian. 'Here's your sign.'" my manager stated.

What did I know? I grew up at the beach and had only recently become part of the "cowboy" scene. I smiled at Bill and said, "Hi. I'm sorry. I'm sure you're very funny. What's your zip code?"

He was cracking up at this point, and such a good sport. He actually gave me his entire address to put into the system, and by buying three pairs of boots, helped make me one of the top sales associate of the week!

Now, whenever I see Bill Engvall on t.v., I tell anyone near me, "I sold him three pairs of Justins, once." My children tell me, "Yeah, mom, we know. You didn't know who he was..blah blah blah."

And I just sit there and smile because he was such a gracious, funny, and nice customer to have come into our store.

I have my own, personal sign now.

October 7, 2010
Named Justin just like Dad's Boots!
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My husband is a PRCA gold card holding steerwrestler and rodeo judge, he wears nothing but Justin boots. His name is: James (Jim) Allen Banister Jr. He named our first-born son James Allen Banister III. When our second-born son came along I didn't want him to feel left out with his older brother being named after dad so I named him: Justin Allen Banister since he dad only wears Justin Boots! This way both our boys are named after dad! Our boys have worn nothing but Justin boots just like dad since they were born! Me too-we all wear only Justin boots!

October 7, 2010
that darn dog
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So this past christmas I got my first pair of justin boots. I loved them. So comfortable and best of all didn't make my back hurt. cbe cause I have had back surgery the boots and shoes I wear I have to be kinda picky. I wore them everywhere I went. I moved in with one of my best friends and she had a puppy and I have a puppy. The joys of puppies is they like to chew. Well the lil houdinis figured out how to open my door or somethin and got in there and chewed them all up. I was and still am devastated. But oh well puppies will be puppies. God bless them!

October 7, 2010
The ropers
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my Wife bought me a pair of Justin Ropers about 20 years ago,they are a blue brushed bull hide(I still wear them).Money was tight,but she put them on layaway at Cordrays corral.They really are special to me,because she sacrificed to buy them.The store is closed ,but my Justins still look good!

October 7, 2010
Boot Story
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I was I the 8th grade and was going to my 1st Concert to see George Strait and I got some Canary Yellow Justin Ropers and as we walked across the street to go to the Concert, people were yellin' out the window "Love the Boots" and about a year or so later I met someone and they remembered My Yellow Ropers! And I still have them to this day all scuffed up and holes in the soles. My best friend tells me she can't believe that I STILL have them after nearly 25 yrs!!!!!!

October 7, 2010
My First Pair
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I got my first pair of justin's this summer! I absolutly adore them. I call them my Sassy Southern boots or my Rockstar boots! I have even been the envy of one of my roomates and we can't share them because her feet are smaller then mine. I enjoy them not only for the attitude they protray but for their comfort and durablity. I have the snip toe and this is the first pair of boots I have liked with that type of toe! I think I should win because I am a work hard, play hard country girl who wears Justin's with pride and who isn't afaird to take risk! Believe me, if my mom would let me, I would get on a bull with these boots!

October 7, 2010
Red Ropers
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For years I wanted a pair of Justin Ropers in red. My husband kept saying NO. They were $%^&#y. Well I still wanted them. So the day we separated, I was at the western store buying a pair. Probably had them on before he even got to the edge of town. Had them for about 15 years and no one ever thought they were $$%^&y but him!!!

October 7, 2010
No story..just reality
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I dont really have a story..Just a hard working man trying to make the best for my family. Thats the American way dont complain, dont whine, and wear your Justins no matter what!

October 7, 2010
Take care of a good boots and a good boots will take care of you...
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I bought my lace-up Justin Ropers as a multi-purpose riding boot ten years ago. I chose them, not only because they suited my needs perfectly, but they have the look I love and one of the best parts; they are made in the USA! These boots have been so comfortable I wear them every where, doing everything, even "sort of" playing tennis with my daughter once... The years have begun to show their wear, so I came to your web site to find another pair. Now I have come upon your "share your story" page. This is where I get to send you my complete customer satisfaction and my simple "thank you". I buy my boots at John's in Pratt, Kansas, my hometown boot store and repair. He's truly a credit to your namesake. I think a pair of WK 613's are going to be my next generation of long wearing, exceptionally comfortable, do it all boots. My ropers have been my mates for a long time however and will continue to serve me until the repairman says "sorry"...

October 5, 2010
Can't Bend Over To Tie Shoes
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I have had 5 Back Surgeries.

Nothing else they can do but medicate me for pain. Nerves are shot.

I had trouble putting on my socks then shoes. I would take a breather between feet then I would be in too much pain to go where I needed to go.

I brought a pair of Justin Ropers. Slip my feet right in them then drop my jeans over the Justin's and on my way.

Since then I've brought 7 more styles. I alternate the style and color every time I go out which isn't much.

I buy Justin's because they are cheaper then Tennis Shoes by far and they never go out of style.

My friends call me Cowboy Mike and I've never been on a horse or a Saddle..lol

I have been to a few farms..

October 5, 2010
Justin Boots and the Band
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I met the love of my life in college - he was the drummer in the USC Trojan marching band wearing Justin Ropers on the practice field every day. Naturally, between the boots and the accent his nickname was "Tex." We met at my sister's party where he noticed that he wasn't the only one wearing boots for once, and I can still see the huge smile on his face when he came over to talk to me because I reminded him of home. He passed away far too young, but for every band reunion halftime show I wear my Justin Ropers out on the field of the L.A. Coliseum in his memory. No other material thing holds the memories of us that those ropers hold for me.

October 5, 2010
Concert Boots
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When me and my wife were dating, we were supposed to go to an outdoor Chris Ledoux concert. It rained all day and there was mud about 6 inches deep. I had to take her to buy a pair of boots to wear to the concert. By the end of the concert we were both covered with mud. But I knew i was going to marry her after that night. We have been married 18 years now and she still has that pair of boots.

October 5, 2010
Only Justins will do
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When I first started riding horses I tried many different brands of boots. It was always something either they were nice to walk in and hurt when I rode or visa vera or fell apart in only a few months... until I got a pair of Justins. My Justins would last years of hard wear and tear and were comfortable for all activites. They are also so nice looking that I can wear them in the pen or out on the town.

October 5, 2010
my boots
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it started when i was big enough to no what boots were and i have been through 5 pairs. i have just grown out of them because the are great boots and do not get worn out fast like most do. i were them just about everywhere. they are great and i couldnt ask for a better kind of boots.

October 5, 2010
Showmanship Winner
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I remember getting my first pair of Justin Gypsys. I remember how comfortably my feet slid into them and how comfortable they were to walk in; more so than tennis shoes. I got them down at Rod's Western Palace in Columbus when down at the Ohio State Fair showing for 4-H. Granted I knew all of my show card points and all the answers to the questions the judge asked me. When the judge began to place the class, she placed me first! I was so excited, especially when she commented on how well my boots matched my belt and made me look like a true professional. Needless to say, Justin boots are the only boots I wear and am proud of it!

October 5, 2010
Christmas...1st pair of red boots
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I was just a little girl, 7 years old (Im 36 now). My step dad wore nothing but wrangler jeans and justin boots. I was walking beside him when I noticed how his jeans made a swooshing sound when he walked all the time. Probably from the starch I'm guessing. I told mom that I wanted for Christmas some wrangler jeans because I liked the noise and some boots because you wore boots with wranglers just like my step dad. A few months had passed so of course I forgot about asking for wranglers and boots for Christmas and as I was opening presents on Christmas day it wasn't the toys that was exciting it was opening to find the most awesome red justin boots and wrangler jeans. Today, that is the best day I have ever had.

October 5, 2010
Birthday Present
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I'm a cowgirl, have been since day one. For my 14th birthday my uncle took me and bought me my first pair of Justin Ropers. I fell in love with those boots. Now 7 years later I have the same boots, they have held out this long. They last forever! Best pair of boots I have ever owned! I am now looking to get a pair to replace the current ones for my 21st birthday which is in just a couple days. =) Justin Boots = <3

October 5, 2010
Even Hamsters love Justin Boots
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On my way to our lake house in the 70's, my hamster "Mr. Wiggles" was as always traveling with me. Singing to Willie, paying no attention to my driving, I felt something crawling inside my boot. Reaching down to grab whatever was there, I found Mr. Wiggles peeking up at me from inside my boot. Glad I was younger, and was able to muti task: driving, singing and rescuing Mr. Wiggles from my boot!

October 4, 2010
Boots That Marry
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Eleven years ago, I met my husband at a night club. When I walked through the Entrance of the Club, he noticed that I had my Iguana Lizard Justin Boots on and I noticed his Justin boots right away too. That was our introduction to our future. We talked about how Justin is the only brand we wear and from there, we starting dating and married one year later. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year and I would love to win a new pair that I could wear on our anniversary.

October 4, 2010
the birthday boots
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it was my birthday and my tia brought me a gift i opened it and their it was some buetiful justin boots i was 9 on that day and my mom made posole i put on my preety wonderful justin boots and tried them they looked good on meand in two weeks the rodeo starded the end...

October 2, 2010
First Kiss (the toes of our Justins met)
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I grew up on a small farm in south central Oklahoma. I was bussed into a school closer to town since there were none nearby. There were very few children that lived in the general vicinity. However, there was a farm down the way from us and on that farm was a boy.

I will never forget him, he was one of few students at my school who knew anything about driving tractors, slopping pigs or wearing boots.

He'd sneak over to my Dad's farm and we'd fish in the cow pond behind my house. He gave me my first kiss. I remember the tips of our Justin boots touching when he leaned over and our lips met. I've had a weakness for men in boots ever since!

October 1, 2010
Only in Texas..
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One day, while at the grocery store at the checkout line an elderly women was in front of me. She looked down at my boots, and said "its sure is hot outside today". I said "yes ma'am that it is ". She then began to tell me," do you know its the middle of summer and its over a 100 degrees outside, and its to hot for pants and those cowboys boots". Again, I said "yes ma'am, but I have lived in Texas my whole life, and I am used to it being hot and I wear my boots and jeans everyday". As she was walking away, she is stated "only in Texas do you see things like this". Which is true, I do love my boots. I get told that all the time, about it being to hot for my boots. I wear my boots so much, that my chukka's only last about a year. And most people tell me theirs last forever. Which my husband has had his same pair for ten years now. And they still look new, and he wears his alot for the holidays, and going out and dressing up.

October 1, 2010
My Lucky Day
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It was October 1st and I was browsing FaceBook when I came across a contest to win a pair of Justin boots. I've been saving my money to get just the right pair because my feet always hurt when I wear boots. That just shouldn't happen when you have a good pair of boots.

I've been looking for a while and entered every weekly Justin boot giveaway this summer, but just haven't won a pair yet.

I have finally found the pair I just have to have, Style #BRL628, Cafe Desperado in the Bent Rail Collection. They sure are purr-ty.

I know my name will be picked and if it's not, I will have a $10 coupon to add to my "boot money".

I sure could use those boots because I have Pasadena Rodeo starting tonight and before you know it, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo will be wanting me to show off those beautiful boots.

All that dancing in between is just going to be free advertisement for Justin boots because EVERYONE will be asking me where I got them and I'll have to tell everyone the story about My Lucky Day.

October 1, 2010
Kudos to those who design and manufacture Justin Boots
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Kudos to the design team and those who manufacture Justin Boots. Have been farming for the past 22 years and purchased my first pair of Justin Work Boots last month before harvest. Their fit, styling, comfort and quality are outstanding. A perfect fit and extremely comfortable from the first days lace-up. They get lots of action during long days of work. I am totally impressed with your product and shall recommend them whenever given the opportunity. Love the Made in USA label proudly displayed on the top of tongue. Thanks and keep up the good work.


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