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January 27, 2011
Best Boots for the Money .
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I bought my first pair in the late 80's,,pair of Ropers,,I had them for 13 plus years,,had them resoled at least 4 times,,once in Okinawa Japan. After they wore completly out, I got some double comforts,and I will get nothing els. I got a job with the postal service, and before I got uniforms and stuff like that I wore my Justins. Walked 10 miles a day in them and they were great, still have and wear em, looking to buy another pair of the double comfort laceups...Love em..

January 26, 2011
These boots are made for working
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I have a pair of Justin boots I've had since I was 24 Im 49 now. There just the plain black ropers they still fit and I wear them to the barn daily.

January 26, 2011
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I got my first pair of Justin boots last year for my 33rd birthday from Cavenders in Lewisville, TX. I got the Puma Tan Bent Rail and they are the MOST comfortable shoe I own! Love, Love, Love these boots. I titled this inspired because since then I have had four different friends purchase boots! They all love my boots and now have their own (not all the same as mine!). I am prejudiced though, because I do believe mine are the best looking pair of the group and the cheapest!!!!! Thanks Justin Boots! I plan on making this a birthday tradition to buy a new pair of boots each year! I am on the far left in the picture with my boots, not everyone wore theirs loud and proud that night!

January 25, 2011
mama vs mama
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i live up on a mtn ridge with my husband and 2 boys,people drop off their unwanted pets up here and they end up atmy house starving,one day my 12 yr old and i kept hearing what sounded like puppies crying so we took off down in the woods behind our house and followed the sound,we came to a little ledge and when ilooked down a big mama mtn lion stood up and was warning me with her angry growl ,she had been feeding her 8 babies ,my son was behind me frozen in fear and so was I! all of the sudden she came for me all i could do was scream and tell my son to RUN! i kicked at her and she grabed a mouth full of my boot ,we kept fighting for possession of my boot and foot ,finally my foot came out of my boot and was able to run but she got my boot ,so i only have 1 to show you!i keep it as a little reminder that wild animals will kill you! the only thing i got was 13 stiches in my foot and my and my son life so i guess i won!

January 25, 2011
My Red Cowboy Boots
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Ever since I can remember I had wanted a pair of red cowboy, ahem, cowgirl boots. But being too practical, I always put off purchasing thinking that I didn't need them. However, last year on my birthday, I decided that I would treat myself & I did. I bought myself a pair of red Justin boots. I absolutely love them. The lesson I learned from all of this is that it is important to give to others but that it is okay to treat ourselves, too. I've gotten more pleasure and compliments from my beloved boots than any jewelry that I've ever worn. What can I say, they just make me happy. Very happy.

January 25, 2011
Bride Boots
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My Justin Vintage boots and I have spent some lonely nights together after a long night at the bar. I had a theory that those boots would win me the man of my dreams.. as they are the boots of my dreams. One day they found me my prince charming. Now they will continue the journey with me on our wedding day!

January 22, 2011
Big Boots to Fill...
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Ever since my son was born, he has worn Justin boots. Its so much fun to go and buy the "next" pair throughout the year because he has literally ran through them... he has to be the only kid in his school who wears his boots to PE. Justin boots hold up like no other brand and we are believers in the excellent quality and fit. If they could only come up with something to do with all the old boots .. My son hates it when we have to add them to his shelf in his closet with all the other lonely boots he has grown out of thru the years..

January 19, 2011
The best justin boots for my riding and flying
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As a major horse breeder flight school owner and rancher I was always short of time. Stopping to change boots for different jobs was not an option.

I put in very long days and found that the best footware that would not slip through a sturrip, look good and work as an heel anker for the toe breaks on various air planes was the Justin Sport Lacer

For any one that dosn't know the ankle support is great on my rough ground

>I wish I could find 1/2 dozen to buy now

January 18, 2011
Mr. Shoulders
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Growing up in Henryetta, OK I never thought much of the boots and hat long ignored at my Mother's antique - art house. The boots were simply not for sale, as Jim Shoulders wore them. The varying hats were sold by lure to the boots. The things your momma' won't tell you are curious.

January 17, 2011
Still getting used....
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Had a pair of Justins for over 15yrs...wore them everywhere I went for any reason. Finally the sole started to gather holes you could stick your finger through. Patch here and there and they lasted a little longer....finally got to the point I had to replace them...
They still serve their purpose, holes and all. They sit on out backporch in all their glory with dirt on the inside instead of the outside with pansys and other flowers...at least the wife hasn't thrown them out!!!

January 17, 2011
Cowboy Church Secretary :)
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I really don't have a story, but I work for the largest Cowboy Church in the world. Our work and Church attire is jeans and boots. With three kids at home, it's hard to afford a new pair of boots and I NEED a new pair. PS... I LOVE the new Justin Bentrail PUMA TAN :)

January 16, 2011
My son Justin's Justin Boots & our dog.
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My son Justin bought his first pair of your boots this summer after graduation to wear while doing the usual outdoor "stuff" here in the mountains of West Virginia. I find him wearing them to do anything, and everything, anywhere. And your boots are so comfortable even our 9 mth old yellow lab "Buddy" uses them to take his nap. I've included a picture of this activity, as it's one of his favorites. And I must admit that they are one of his favorite "chew" toys also.

January 16, 2011
Glad I Made The Trip
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First heard of Justin Boots in the mid-eighties, read a feature in ‘Texas Highways’ magazine in the school library (and this IS England!). Took me till 2005 to get my hands on the real thing, bought from a store in Justin, Texas; a smart pair of exotics in cognac ostrich. As with all good things, one pair leads to another so I snapped up the ones photographed in an on-line store. One-piece Lizard vamps (style A7633), beautiful rich honey colour. Not sure how old they are, and never ever been down the road so I’m saving them for best.

January 14, 2011
Always with me
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Being a woman in a male dominating field has its drawbacks, but when dressed right you can tough it out even better than the ones who think they've got it down.Snow ,rain, mud,heat and 16 hour days will make even the toughest tired,but one thing I never worry about are my BOOTS! I can take them everywhere and I'm always reminded to stay tough,my boots are dry,warm and even look good enough to go out in after this crazy day of everchanging weather,ONE boot! They remind me of the horses at home and bring a smile even in the worst of days.They truly are always with me as a great friend would be,named Justin. Thanks and hats off to you my friend.

January 12, 2011
great boots
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i work for a power company and they buy our boots for us. they have an account with red wing(which are good boots) but when i went on the high-line crew they let me buy Justin's! how happy was I? they best part was that i never had break-in time on these lace-up ropers. that is crucial when you can be on your feet for 10-24 hours straight playing with downed powerlines in some pretty shaky areas! i no longer work on the high-line crew so i where red wing, but i still have two pair of Justin crepe-sole for comfort! thank you for such a great product!

January 10, 2011
Lazy day
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A country boy soaking up some sun

January 10, 2011
My Justin boots
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I got my first pair of Justin boots when I was around the age of 5 or 6. I wore my boots anywhere and everywhere I went.To the barn, into town, to school, hunting, fishing.Whenever I slipped on those boots i felt like i was unstoppable.I told myself when i become a big country music star, I'm gonna make a song about my Justin boots. My advice to to world is you want quality, you want comfort, well saddle up with a pair of Justin boots.

January 5, 2011
Truly longlasting boots
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I got a pair of Justin Western Workboots for my birthday and I thought, "Ahhh, just another pair of boots" I was dead wrong. No other pair of boots could take multiple muddin trips an still look like they were purchased yesterday, even after I was practically swimming in mud. I just rinse em an they look brand new. Thank you Justin!

January 4, 2011
Named my son Justin!
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Sounds crazey, but i named my son after Justin boots! I've been wearing Justin boots for 22 years. By far the best boot I've ever worn. My son is 8 now and i will be bringing him to the boot store soon to pick up his first pair of Justin Boots! Might get me another pair too! Thanks for making a great boot!

January 2, 2011
Trading Up
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My oldest is a senior in high school this year so I have done a lot of "thinking back" lately. Her aunt bought her her first pair of boost at 3 weeks old . We began taking photos for her "Sr pictures" and the attached in many peoples favorite. And of course she has on her favorite boots! This Christmas, she bought a new pair and the old ones are now the pasture boots (still). The trio makes a great photo story. Thanks for making a great boot that can survived against a Texas cowgirl!

(There were some English tall boots in the mix for a while as well, but they didn't hold up as well!)

January 1, 2011
High Quality Treasure
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I am a mom to a stubborn daughter. She is very attatched to her Justin boots. They are almost to the point of no repair, they are so worn, they have been resoled 1 time and patched more than once. They were bought at a yard sale in TX, for $1.00 by her grandmother who then mailed them to Indiana to my daughter. She has worn them to just ride on the trails & shows,school,weddings,funerals and all of lifes other "events" She has had them for around 10 years and even though they are almost beyond help or repair she adamantly refuses to "get rid" of them.The boyfriends who have suggested that the boots are on their way out are usually what ended up going. They may not make this style anymore as we have been all over the Justin website to find a pair thats like them,(but new) to replace this pair. We have been unsuccessful so far. She has had other pairs of boots to take the brunt of use as they are in "semi-retirement status"to date there have been 3 other brands to replace the Justins...we are on pair #4. They are Lucchese boots and they may be the only ones to compare as far as quality and workmanship. I am afraid what the boot cobbler will tell me when we take them in for repair and to be re-soled but they will always have a place in her boot rack as they are more of keepsake of her life these days, than a ornament for her feet. Keep up with the quality workmanship and company standards that make you who you are. This household apprieciate all you do. Happy Trails.

January 1, 2011
What a prize
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I won my first pair of Justins at the Greely Stampede back in 1984 , Justin was sponsoring the rodeo that day. And they are still goin strong. It's the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. About 4 years ago I purchased a pair of George Straits and yesterday I treated myself to a pair of your Justin AQHA boots. It's a beautiful boot and I can't wait to break them in. You've got a customer for life!


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