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January 30, 2013
Love my rescued pair of Justin boots!
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I've had boots on and off for several years, but never a pair of Justins. Well, that changed recently -- and I'm so glad it did.

My wife and I went to an upscale consignment store in Nashville before Christmas to look for gifts. We browsed the racks of clothes. But, both of our eyes stopped on this unusual and great-looking pair of boots sitting on a rack. They were brand new, never worn. I tried them on, and they fit me like a glove. Couldn't believe it.

I put them back and we kept browsing for clothes, which was our main goal. I tried on shirts that my wife liked. Nothing fit. We were leaving, and I asked her about those danged good looking boots. She said she put them back, and we were already leaving, so I let it go.

Christmas morning, to my surprise, I opened a box and those boots were inside. I can't tell you how happy they have made me. What a wonderful gift! My wife bought them for me when I was trying on clothes. She dashed to the car to put them in the trunk! I can honestly say I've worn these boots almost every day since I got 'em. They are the perfect blend of casual and style that I need in my work. And they are breaking in perfectly now to conform to my feet.

These boots have made me a believer in Justin. And I'm happy your boots found a good home. They will be loved for many years.

January 28, 2013
I nearly had to beat 'em to death
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I was in the U.S. many years ago ( about 1962) on a british freighter and I had always had a hankering to but a pair of justin boots, so I went awol from my ship for a few days, when we were in Galveston, hired a car and drove , and drove, and drove !!!! Big state, Texas *smile*

I got my boots as well as a 'logging' from the captain and loss of wages, but it was well worth it. Those boots lasted me for many, many years and in the end I nearly had to beat 'em to death with a big stick to kill 'em.

They weren't cheap but they were worth every cent. They were the most comfortable and longest lasting boot I have ever had the pleasure to own.

Long may ye keep turning out boots of that quality. They were a pleasure to wear.

January 27, 2013
Southern belle in Wyoming
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I had moved to Sheridan, Wyoming from North Carolina. I was not prepared for my first winter 13 below for 2 weeks straight. Not only that but I had no idea how to dress for warmth and comfort. On my third year living there I needed boots, so I headed to the Dan's westernwear on Main Street. I told the clerk what I wanted. Then I asked her what kind of boots she had on and how long she had worn them. She said Justins and had them for six years. I wore mine a total of eight years. Not only are they warm and dry, but comfortable. Thanks. I just wore the things out!

January 25, 2013
Boots that is made in Americana
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I been wearing Justin western boots scence I was 8 years old now I am getting older I am enjoy the J flex and the safety of the shaft of the boots for climbing in and out of semi trucks and bulldozers I dont twist my akle and made in Americana Because I am a Teamster unoin member that matters to me I help support American workers and great boots My girlfriend loves my Justin boots

January 25, 2013
justin farm and ranch christmas
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i was told i wasnt getting them for close to a year i saw them in a boot store down in brunswick georgia and i wanted them horribly bad my mom and my girlfriend both told me i wouldnt get them then christmas morning i got them in a bigger box so i couldnt tell they are the best boots ive had

January 20, 2013
13 Years & Still going
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I think I bought these in 1999 at Sheplers. They were my first pair of boots that weren't black.. I still wear them today, thirteen years later, working at the local sale barn and riding my colts. They've seen thousands of miles horse back as well as on foot either pushing cattle, or normal every day walking. I have never had to replace the soles, they are still just as comfortable as the day I got them. Want to talk about a boot that lasts! If they weren't so comfortable, I would be more serious about replacing them!

January 15, 2013
Where o'Where Have My Little Dogs Gone?
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When I was just out of college about 20+ years ago, and I lived in Texas, I bought a gorgeous pair of Justin Boots (dark leather with a burnt red/orange-ish inlay). Unfortunately, about a month after falling 'in Love' with my new boots, I had to move back home to Louisiana. Somehow, when my belongings were packed up and placed into the moving van, while I was working, my roommate neglected to pack my practically brand new (only worn one time) boots up with the rest of my belongings.
Ever since, I have been steadily searching & longing to find my "Beloved" boots again, so powerful was the beauty, comfort, and fit of the Justin Boots you make!!

With Love, and Until we meet again!!

January 14, 2013
How I discovered Justin and became a loyal fan
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I got my first pair of vintage Justin Diamond J lacers from a flea market here in California. The boots were fully lined and exquisite. They just needed new laces and polishing. I cared for them, cherished them and had them resoled 3 times. I did not know where I could find new ones. Then I did some research, and the cobbler I went to for resoling and refurbishing, told me about the history of the boots. I wore these boots out for over 10 years, and gave them up, regrettably. I loved those boots so much. I looked online to see where I could get them. I have not found them yet. I recently got a pair of Justin Gypsy square toed orange suede boots. I want to get a new pair of black Chester ropers that lace up, with leather soles. It will be my goal to save up for them this year. It will be like being reunited with a long lost friend when I do achieve to get those boots again.

January 9, 2013
Former Disco girl can't live without her Justins
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I am a 48 year old female,former disco girl of the 80's . I live in NY. I went country in the 90's. I own 7 pairs of Justin Lizard cowboy boots. one pair use ro me white ( I was married to my first husband in them) I had them dyed Navy.
There use to be a telephone number where you could purchase slightly irregular Justins. I purchased two pairs and they were perfect. All my other were retail directly through justin. i am sorry I did not purchase red or peanut brittle but they have been discontinued I think.

January 5, 2013
My boots My feet My story
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Some folks think wearing boots is rough on the feet. Those folks do not know what wearing a good pair of boots is like and Justin Boots are real good. My name is Ray Lawrence Jr. I play country music and I have been wearing boots as long as I have been walking. I think I have had just about every brand of boots know to man on my feet. Some brands of boots seem like they took forever to break in and I have broke in many a pair of boots in my 49 years. I have been wearing Justin Boots for at least 20 years or more and every time i put a pair of Justin boots on my feet, they feel great. Not much break in time needed. They are well made and no matter what style I buy I know I will have a pair of boots that are tough enough to work in, comfortable enough to walk in and when they get a little dirty, just clean em up and put em on and hit the stage and play some music wearing my Justin Boots. When I leave this world, bury me wearing my Justin Boots that way I will have em forever. I have a lot of pairs of boots and the one problem I have is selection. There are so many styles and looks that it usually takes me a long time to pick the style I want. That is why I have so many boots. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to good boots and Justin Boots are real good and tough and great looking too. Hard working boots that can take a lot of torture and look good while you are in front of several hundred people on stage.

January 3, 2013
almost lost my life..just google Mary halleran hurst Illinois
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My story is a sad one. I was involved in a horrible tragedy feb. 20,2012.. I was ran over by a truck. I was hit so hard my femoral artery exploded. I lost 11 pints of blood. My legs were shattered except the leg that still had on my justin boot.My pelvis was shattered ..my hip.. knee. I was airlifted to the nearest hospital. I've been in and out of the hospital for months. I was hit so hard one of my boots came off..that leg had to have ankle plate and rod. The leg that my boot stayed on was fine where the boot was ..not even a scratch but I lost my boots.. thank you justin you saved part of my leg!!!


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