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June 27, 2013
Can’t Have Just One (Pair)
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I believe that Justin Boots follow along that old commercial tagline—if you can afford them, you can’t have just one pair. My first pair came in 2009, and the others joined them in 2012. Originally they were something to wear to a rodeo, or two different George Strait concerts, but they’ve since become a part of who I am, a way to always keep the country with me, a part of the cowboy lifestyle, and a way to stand out from the crowd. Now Justin informs my career—I seldom write a novel that doesn’t include at least one character wearing cowboy boots.

June 27, 2013
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When I was 20 and beginning a rough won new life I was broke. I had little or nothing to spend on any sort of extras. Since I needed shoes rather badly I opted to celebrate my new life and bought a pair of Justins from Hamleys in Pendleton Or.

I needed practical shoes. I may have backed out of buying boots except as I slipped the boots on it was as if I had slipped my feet into comfortable slippers. It was a sign, they were made for ME!

People have come and gone in my life as have houses n horses. I have had a couple of wonderful dogs who were long lived and ever faithful to me. However, my own most long lived personal possession is my Justin boots.

My boots still fit well and look great. The leather has been taken care of and is subtle n smooth. The style is still as current as can be expected and they are yet the best dancing boots Ive ever two stepped in.

Oh yeah, I turned 60 on my last birthday.

I can take a picture of them, just dont have one this minute.

June 26, 2013
Boots that were destined to be MINE
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A couple of years ago i told my dad i wanted to buy some boots. My mom overheard me & remembered she had come across her justin boots in her closet that my dad had given her years ago probably when i was a kid. She never wore them because she doesnt like cowboy boots. So i tried them on & they fit perfectly!!! Thats why I say the boots were destined to be mine from the beginning.

June 25, 2013
Ive had them ever since i can remember
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i have had my boots since i was 10 and i had big feet. my parents couldnt find me a pair of tony lamas that fit but one day in the mid winter we went to a western store and found a pair of justin work boots that were just my size so we bought them. they were my first pair of boots. Through snow and rain and mud and dirt and poop these boots have lasted me these years. now to this day i am 46 and i still wear and have those same boots and i have pride in work, farming and ranching, and justin boots. Thanks justin boots.

June 25, 2013
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I loved my Justin camoflauge Gypy's! I trained horses, shown, taught lessons, and worked in them daily! I even support my bullriding boyfriend at all his pro rodeos standing in my Justin's! Until about 11 weeks ago I had a bad fall from a horse I had been training and broke my L1 vertebrae in my back and my tibia and fibula clean through. My leg was hanging and they cut my favorite Justin boots off! As I was laying on the ground I heard someone say something about cutting "my favorite pair of boots" off! Due to the accident I cannot train and am not able to get another job which means I am not able to buy another pair of Justin boots... I need a new pair of boots!!

June 24, 2013
I Knew...
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Ever since I was a little girl, I knew Justin boots were my boots. I would put on my grandpa's Justin's and walk around the house and the ranch with them on. They were way too big, but that didn't stop me. Now that I'm older, I buy my own and let my grandpa wear his. Still working on the ranch, our lives and going strong, and so are our boots.

June 24, 2013
Limping around this ole ball of dirt can sure be wearing on the [sōl].
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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have worn out three pairs of Justin Original work boots limping around this ole ball of dirt. Most of the bones in my right foot and ankle are bone on bone now so I try not to, can't really, put too much weight on it for too long and end up stomping the sole off the left boot. Got a bad left hip too that don't help. The right ones are still good! :)

Used to work in construction for 20+ years but had to retire because of the RA so getting a new pair puts a real dent in the small budget. The pair I am wearing now is down to the plastic mid sole and I got a hole in the bottom of the heel. Might have to wear these ones right off before i can a new pair, haha. Love my boots though and these have been going strong for quite a while. Even if I don't get a free pair when I get some new boots they'll be Justins for sure. Good boots!

June 24, 2013
My Brown Justin Ropers
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Hi first off I want to say I love Justin Boots.
My name is Chris and I own a pair of Justin Brown Ropers. They are AWESOME and I would love to own another pair of Justin's. The quality is great and I will advertise your boots until I draw my last breath. Justin Boots are number 1 in my book.

June 24, 2013
Holey (Holy) Moly
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I like my Justin boots, because they keep all the farm poo off of my feet. They can make me dance better than Ginger Rogers. I can walk a mile in my own boots and don't have to do it in someone else's shoes. My Justin boots have always fit PERFECTLY, they fit better than a banana peel fits on a banana.

This is my story now. My boots are wearing thinner than my income. Too much wear and tear. The holes in my Justin boots are causing the poo to slip through. I dance more like one of The Three Stooges. And I really think I may have to ask to borrow someone's boots. They still fit like that banana peel, but lookin' like the banana has been thrown around a bit. :(

June 24, 2013
My Hero, My Brother Justin
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My brother is 18 months younger than I. We grew up always in competition of one another. Always striving to one up one another at any cost.

August 1, 2003...that cost was the ultimate sacrifice in a time of war, over in Iraq just after the initial invasion. Serving with his comrades in the US ARMY, 173rd Airborne.

A year or two later I was asked to accompany some friends to Vegas, to see the PBR and attend Cowboy Christmas at the convention center. The night before, we had hit up a bar within the Frontier hotel I do believe. We partied all night long as we were entertained by Bill Engvall and Toby Keith at this random bar within the hotel. The next morning came early, it was to be spent walking the Cowboy Christmas convention. Totally felt nauseous most of the day. Many times I just stood near the bathroom or a trash bin.

I caught a glimpse of a sign that said Justin, realized it was the boot company as I approached. I gazed around at everything that had my brothers name on it and felt bittersweet. I spotted a pair of boots that I desired to have. A man walked up as I was teary eyed and asked if he could help. I told him that I hadn't ever had a pair of boots before but I was a fan of these cause the name was my brothers. The guy grinned and said well you must have a pretty special brother. I held back tears as I said yes he was. He got quiet and I proceeded to tell him that I lost him in Iraq...
He then stood there and got choked up myself.
I held a maroon pair of ladies Justin boots and said I'll take these! He rang me up and then handed me all these signs that said Justin on them, and told me thank you for my service and that he wouldn't ever forget what my brother did for our country.
I still have them years later, not wearing them much because they're special to me. After that moment at the Justin boot stand, the nausea went away and I just filed another moment away in this lifetime in remembrance of my brother.

June 24, 2013
Head over Boots in Love...
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My son is 4years old and has loved boots since the day he got his first pair. He wore them to bed and some days he wore just his boots. It was love at first sight for my son. Always thought his first love would be and girl but this boy is head over boots in love.... And that love is still strong as he has gotten older. He has to wipe and polish them after he wears them and put them in a safe place..(by the bed). But we had a house fire that took them boots away from tht boy. He cried for weeks over them and is ready for a new love in his life again!

June 14, 2013
Husband Loves His Justin Boots But No Longer Make his style
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My Husband is 48 years old and has worn his Justin Boots since he was old enough to walk! Being a farmer he uses his boots for the everyday Hard work and cleaning out the barn and hopping into the tractor to plant the fields. When the day is done and he showers and gets his nice clothes and Boots on , guess what they are his cleaned up Justins!
He went to order a new pair of his favorite Justin Boots the 1122 Mule skin boot and found out they no longer carry this series , they have discontinued them! In panic we are trying to find out if there is anyway to try to get some more of them before they are entirely off every shelf. He is so sad because this Boot is his character it is who he is and I know its him before he appears because I can hear his step. Its like an erra of good old Justin Boot has left and now we have to adjust and find a new . Please help!!
P.S. I love my work boots and they are Justins too, I ride my horse and scoop the poop in my reliables, I hope you don't discontinue them anytime soon!

June 5, 2013
Oilfield Tough
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After five straight years of working in the harshest oilfield environments, my Justin's are still begging for more. For the longest time I wore the industry standard in work boots...RedWings. On the average they might have lasted 2 years tops before the soles cracked or the leather would split. They were heavy, poorly constructed, and after 6 hours of running up and down a drilling rig, my feet were killing me...the madness had to stop. On the way out to a rig, my one year old Wings split apart. I stopped in at a local western store and bought the very pair of Justin's I am still wearing today. The first thing that caught my attention was how light they were and the attention to detail was amazing, not to mention how comfortable they were. After 5 rugged years, from the searing heat of the Arabian desert to the frozen ice pack of the Alaskan North Slope, humid jungles of Indonesia to Louisiana's hurricane ridden Gulf of Mexico; these boots have held up where others have miserably failed. I tip my hard hat to the men and women of Justin Boots.


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