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June 26, 2013
Destined to be mine from the start
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It all started when I told my parents I wanted to buy a pair of boots a few yrs ago. As I was telling them my mother mentioned she recently found hers & brings a box that says Justin boots on it. Turns out my father gave them to her when I was a child & she never wore them because she doesn't like boots. So I try them on & they FIT. Not only was I excited I didn't have to spend anymore but that they would finally be used. That's why I believe the Justin boots were destined to be mine from the start.

July 23, 2013
The Boot of Champions
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Lat year in June, I was a member of a FFA team that qualified to go to the National Land Judging and Homesite Evaluation Contest that takes place in Oklahoma every year. Every land judger knows that the keys to being successful are a good land knife and a perfect pair of boots. I had the good knife, but my old boots just weren't dependable enough to make the cut. So I went on the search for the perfect pair and finally settled on a pair of Justin George Strait boots. On contest day, I trudged out into the thirty degree, rainy, windy weather, jumping into muddy soil pits with no concern about my feet getting wet! My rain suit couldn't even hold up to the Oklahoma weather, because by the second hole my rain pants were ripped clear to the ankle, flapping in the wind like the sails of a sailboat.
My team brought home two national titles that day, and I placed in the top ten in both contests. Our team holds the titles of the 2013 National FFA Land Judging and Homesite Evaluation Champions. Those boots will always hold a special place in my heart because they held up to the tough Oklahoma red dirt and mud, so I know that they will hold up to anything else I put them through, wether it be cleaning out horse stalls, riding my horses, or competing in another FFA contest.

July 22, 2013
Follow your dreams
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This is my little story. Five years ago I came from Germany with my family to South Carolina USA.Never would I have thought to come here and to live here. When I was a little girl I loved to play outdoors in the nature Cowboys and Indians because I was a tomboy and for me there was no more beautiful. I had so many ideas and dreams and some of them came true. I've found the greatest love by acciedent. I get a Quarter Horse called Low Bow. Always when I was a little girl I wanted to ride a horse like John Wayne I wanted to wear boots like he has worn. I wanted to be a Cowboy. The first what I have done when I was shopping for the first time in America I had bought Justin Boots! They felt so good on my feed. Much later I noticed I had bought boots for men althought I have womens size 8. It dosn't matter I loved this pair of boots that I painted a pictures of them. Now the pictures hang on the wall and always will remember me you have to follow your dreams because dreams come true maybe forever and I can stay with my horse in this wounderful great country called AMERICA.

July 22, 2013
Physical therapy boots
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I have finicky feet; Justin Gypsies have been my only comfortable footwear for years. I wore them when admitted for knee-replacement surgery at a Boston hospital and had nothing else to wear when I first got up on crutches. Picture me stumping up and down the hallways in my johnny and cowboy boots; I caused quite a sensation.

July 22, 2013
a story from across the water.....
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My story is a couple of decades in the making and still going. My wife and me met up in 2003. As we got to know each other she told me of her past and the travels she had with her family when she was 13. One such was a tour of America in 1993. We are from South Africa so its a big deal touring like this. One stopover was in Chicago where she bought a amazing set of Justins and a Stetson to match. So skip ahead to 1997 and she lost her father in a motor vehicle accident. The family was broken and everything was sold to cover costs. The Justins remained. Skip ahead a few more years to 2006 and while at her mother's house we got talking about those boots again. Her mother quitely got up and fetched a suitcase that was packed away. Returning she put it on the living room table and opened it. Inside was the Justins. Near mint condition. Her father had worn them but looked after them like gold because remember we are in South Africa and they don't grow on trees here. She looked at me and said :"Do you want them son?". It was like opening the holy grail. I expected a light to shine from that old suitcase. In a heartbeat I had them on and it was a perfect fit. Like they were bought for me. I also wore them quite a bit but decided to rather keep them in mint condition as they are practically family heirlooms at this moment. They get a rubdown once in a while and I brag with them to all and sunder. So you see, these boots have a twenty year history with my family. If I could somehow win the story contest it would be a great continuation or addon to this family legacy. Yours truly, Leon Thom Bleomfontein, South Africa Ps. Serial numbers of the boots so you know this is a true story : 28689 O. On the inside it also says Justin style 1967.

July 22, 2013
My son's Justin Boots
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My son was born with bilateral club feet. He has had numerous surgeries and we have to buy a new pair of boots every 3 mths due to the way he walks them down. The doctors say his lace up justin boots are good for his feet and he loves them. He wears nothing but his boots. I have tried getting him to wear high top nikes but they do not provide the support that his Justin boots do. So I just want to say Thank You for making a boot that is comfortable for him to wear and provide the support he needs!

July 2, 2013
Gypsy Love
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Recently I joined horse 4-H. I'm one of those rare few who joins it in their high school years. I've been an english purist rider for ages. But then I realized the cowgirl I had inside of me. It sounds weird, but my blood has plenty of country in it (my grandma took piano lessons from George Straight's parents-they lived down the street from each other!). So I took on western riding. Of course, I fell in love, and rode my first western show only after about 2 months.
So, I had the western riding skills, but I didn't have the boots. So I went to my local western store after my birthday, and had to face the endless shelves of boots with a practically empty pocket compared to some of the prices.
I wanted a stylish boot, a boot I could wear around town, but I also wanted a functional riding/mucking boot. Where I live, there is plenty of rain and mud. I also wanted a boot that I could wear at 4-H shows. And this all had to be met within my small budget.
I saw the gypsies, with light blue piping and square toes, and fell in love. They were perfect. And fit my budget. I could say that they practically screamed my name.
So of course I bought them.
I even fell in love with the box.
And that love still lasts. I wore them just today while riding. Sometimes I even wear them with my breeches, I love them so much. And today when I was hosing down my horse I of course managed to spray myself. No big deal. My boots were soaking wet, yet my feet were perfectly dry.
Justin, you've satisfied. Actually, more than satisfied. You've got me in love with a pair of boots. Just like it is said with horses, you can never have just one.
If you happen to fall in love with my story like I fell in love with my boots, I would love another pair.


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