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June 27, 2011
Nothing but my Justins.
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For 50 years I've shown, worked all day, and rode my cutting horses. Many times all over country people have tried to sell me other brand boots. No I wear these and nothing else. I put in 14 hours in them and they never gave me a problem.Why try something else when the Justin never lets me down. I where the black at work as a law enforcement officer and they give me much more comfort and readiness than a uniform boot. Thank you for them. Have about 12 pair and they hold up great. Leather soles are the best for me. Keep them coming.

June 9, 2012
My boots
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I have always wore boots, since i was born. I am now 15 years old and bought my first pair of Justin boots Tuesday and I absolutely love em! They are so comfortable! I went to tractor supply with 83 dollars, wanting some ropers, well the ropers were out of my price range, so I kept looking at the boots i got now and i tried them on and they were like love at first sight! I had to get them right then for 73 dollars. My mom always asks me how I wear boots and jeans in the summer time and I tell her its a country thing! Lol! I sleep with my boots and my boots will be barried with me when I die. I have 2 other pair, bt their not Justins!!!!!

June 17, 2011
They aint as good as they once was but theyre as good once as the ever were
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In November of 2009 i got a pair of Justin stampede tekno crepes. I begged my dad for them and he finally gave in when i said they would be dress boots. But that only lasted a week (i tried) until we went huntin and i forgot my work boots. Since then ive put them thru everything from workin cows to school. They could use some work but they fit perfectly and remind me of how great Justin boots are. Thanks for the great boots Justin keep it up!

June 17, 2011
Long Live Justin Boots!
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My son Cody was born on August 16, 1975 in Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Approximately 1 month prior to that date, I traded a friend (who owned a western store in Oshkosh, Nebraska) a good blue eyed Australian Shepherd pup for a pair of Justin full quill ostrich ropers and a down filled Pendelton coat.

We both were pleased with the trade. I wore the coat until duct tape would no longer stick to it. But the Justin boots I have to this day....and they look great! I am complimented on them virtually every time I wear them. They have been re-soled and re-heeled many times but continue to fit like a pair of soft gloves.

I had them on the day my son was born; he and my Justins turned out to be keepers!

June 9, 2011
Not Justin any closet...
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I have to say that Justin boots are an essential in our household. My first pair was a laceup work boot- they made my feet feel like 10 friends on a camping trip. Day in and out you wouldn't see me without my faithful friends strapped to my feet. Working my second job the rubber soles were my life saver from walking on concrete for 4-8 hrs a day. Then of course once I got home it was straight to the saddle, the only thing that changed was my britches.

One day my wonderful husband noticed that my boots had finally lost their grippy tread somewhere in the hundreds of miles I had put on them. Between me bustin' my rear on the slippery grass or on a fresh pile of horse manuer in the barn, is when he made this particular observation. So between his gut bustin' laughter and helping me hose off, his inventive "we can make do" fashion he grabs the grinder and grinding disc and inserts a new grippy tread. Those particular boots have since been retired, well until I find someone to have them resoled. Now I have gotten my new favorites, a pair of square toes out of the Remuda series. Although sometimes I hear my faithful workboots scuffeling around the closet, I still scoot around the house occasionally in them. I will say we are sold on Justin's, and have nothing else in our house. My husband is so dedicated he has hats, t-shirts, and I hesitate to say if Justin made a saddle, he'd probably have one of those too! I can say that my Justin's are my everything boots...They're my mall walkin', trash talkin', cow kickin', kid chasin', grass rakein', cake bakin' all around kind of style!

June 9, 2011
Not Justin Any Closet...they're in mine!
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After years of searching for the perfect boot my feet settled on my first pair of Justin's. Lace up roper work boots. They were more than good to me, the hugged my feet like spandex on a european swimmer. Okay maybe that's a bit of an exageration, but they were essential in my wardrobe. They were better than my best friend. But one day my husband noticed the tread was gone, I think it was the day I busted my rear in a feable attempt to slosh down to the barn to feed the horses and of course the grass was like an ice ring- so my beloved took a grinder and grinding disk and "made" me some new tread, and they were worn from then down to the sad existence they have today, down to leather so now they sit in the closet, waiting for to be reborn, waiting for a new sole. Every now and again I take them out, lace them up and slide around the house. Since that first pair Justin has always been my #1 choice. The last pair I bought are by far my favorites, out of the Remuda into my closet, well sometimes they make it into the closet- most of the time they come off before bed and right back on first thing in the morning. They go dancin', muddin', hole diggin', kid chasin', cow kickin', horse ridin', grocery shoppin', mall walkin' and tons more that I'm sure I can't think of right now. The only regret I have with my Justin Remuda's...I didn't take my husbands advice and buy 2 pair!

June 6, 2011
Her First Pair!
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Am amazing birthday gift from Grandma!

June 5, 2011
Outlasted two marriages
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I bought my boots from a feed and grain store in Fortuna California in 1972. They are work boots and have stood the test of time. Comfortable and long lasting!

June 2, 2011
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i have only had three pairs of boots my entire life i have bought them with my money my first pair were little bright red ropers that lasted me till 4 to 6 then i had a pair that was two size bigger than me but i still wore them they were rusty red western boots i had them for from 6 to 10.
and then my last pair of boots till i go by another pair i dont know what they were all i knew was when i saw them i knew i had to hav them and they lasted me from 10 to 14. that i just show the quality of the justin boot

May 19, 2011
justin boots
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My story Justin boots have always my boots of choice, I have worn Justins for along time ,when i have to part with a pair worn out i feel i lost something... My current Justins i have and wear are Justin signature style 1000 #984/1000 and styles also,6046 ,9210,9021,9026,8673,1632,8982,8679.7061 also Tony lama Styles,8721,9906,8113,8872......Some of these boots are resoled and heels replaced by a pro. shoe store. I wear my boots in style and many compliments on them...Thanks Justin,,Bruce Swigerd Ortonville MN.56278 Cold Country USA...........

May 17, 2011
Boots with a lot of Sole!
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I have a pair of Justin Lace up Ropers that have been resoled 5 times. I wear them so much the soles always need replacing. They are the most comfortable boots ever. Occassionaly, I have them polished & then they look new. I bought them back in the early 1990's. I will probably be buried in them. LOL!!!

May 12, 2011
my amazing boots
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I will never forget the day i bought my justin boots i love them i found a hundred dollar bill in the parking lot of walmart and that same very day i went and bought my boots ive had my boots for 3 years now and they r still holding up i do everything in my boots

May 8, 2011
My favorite pair of shoes I owned!!
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I had bought my first pair of justin gypsy ropers almost 4 years ago now, of course I had to go with the pink ones! but I rode in them they went great with almost any outfit I wore I loved them and they were comfortable!!!!!! they were my favorite shoes! last november (nov 1st to be exact) my cottage I shared with my husband and 8 day old daughter caught fire we lost everything including my favorite boots we ran out of the house in our socks! I can lie I miss those boots but this is my first mothers day and as a gift my husband ordered me a brand new pair of the boots I lost! I cant wait to have them back they were so comfy and the best pair of riding boots I ever owned!

May 4, 2011
The most comfortable and best riding boots ever had
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This are the most comfortable and far best riding boots I have ever owned in my whole life they are better than any other boots I have ever owned in 19 years I will keep buying Justins for the rest of my life.

November 24, 2009
boot hunting
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i have worn walmart brand boots most of my life and wanted a better quality of boot i was shopping at a local western store when i saw them a pair of steal toe pull on. i knew right then i must have them and i walked out of the store with those boots in hand and to this day i still wear them no matter what.

May 2, 2011
Grand Dad's Boots
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I could tell you my story about Grand Dad's Justin boots. But I would much rather sing it to you.

Please allow me to honor my Grand Dad by song.

Thank you and God Bless,
Buddy Brown
Ocoee FL

May 1, 2011
Justin is the only way to go
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My first pair of boots were some Justin work boots. After wearing those for the first time in the store, I never wanted to take'em off. After that I decided I needed some actual cowboy boots so I settled for some Tony Lamas. They were good, not as good as Justins. I decided that I really wanted some Justins again so I got the Chocolate Burnished Calf Bent Rail. They've been very good to me. I was putting the bridle on my horse and he's real on'ry and he stomped his hoof down right on my foot and stood there for about 15 or 20 seconds. My boots saved me from breaking a bunch of toes. They were sprained or something but not broken. And the toe of my boot is now pushed in, but I still wear'em everyday! Justin is the only way to go!

April 20, 2011
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The first real pair of boots i ever owned was a pair of justins in high school. They lasted 3 yrs, I feel in love with em and i wont wear anything els. Made in the USA Justin boots keep up the great work.

April 19, 2011
Good Ole Justin's
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I have been wearing Justin Boots since the late 80's. I've gone through phases where I've tried to look like a "girl" and wore heels and hose, capri's with flip flops etc. I bought several different kinds of boots back in 1991 and for those of you that are as sold on Justin Boots as I am, I ALWAYS return to a pair of my Justin Boots. I love all of my Justin's, but have one brown leather pair that feel like I've come back home whenever I put them on. I've had people ask me how I can wear a pair of boots and jeans in the summer time, on TX gulf coast, but not even heat keeps my JUSTIN'S off my feet.

April 18, 2011
chewed up boots
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My former boyfriends dog got a hold of 1 mate, chewed the toe and the heel. I obtained a quote although not positive it would be worth the $45.oo for repair to not come out looking like the original make of the boot. I love them though. wonderfully comfortable. I'm searching on line to see if I can locate the same style here in Columbus, Ohio. I'd purchased them many years ago and have held up beautifully other than Katy getting ahold of them.

Bobbie 4/18/2011

April 13, 2011
My American made work boots
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Well I bought a pair of AMERICAN made Justin's 4795 double comfort steel toe,electrical hazzard work boots. I wear them to school and to work.I was so impressed by the quality that i bought another pair Justin's 734 double comfort AMERICAN made lacer's for work.I'm proud with the craftsmenship and the quality of these boots and Justins is #1 in my book. Keep up with the good work.

April 13, 2011
The Only Boots I'll Ever wear !
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I bought my first pair of Justin lace ups 20 years ago and still use them to this day. They are they only boots I've tried that are comfortable the second you put them on. I have two other newer pairs so I think I'll be taking a dirt nap before I ever buy another pair of boots..........

April 12, 2011
Justin - The ONLY boot!
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I am a Texas lawman and its been 35 years since I rode bulls and rodeo'd. But, I have always worn Justin boots and I will never wear any other brand. Why? Two reasons: 1. Justin boots are the finest boots on the market. 2. Justin sponsors the Justin Crisis Fund for Injured Cowboys. Justin cares about us. If anybody else cares about us, I haven't heard of them, but Justin sure does!
In the rodeo and in the patrol car a cowboy needs a boot that is comfortable, as well as functional, and that means Justin!

April 11, 2011
My new Justin Gypsy Boots saved my foot.
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My cousin and I were washing two horses. We washed the small retired race horse Bewitcher first and when we finished we allowed her to graze. We were washing Daisy the 18 hand giant who was acting up a little. I noticed that Bewitcher had her leg caught and I ran to help her and she was scared and stepped on my foot and hit my head with her head and I hit the ground and had a slight concussion. I am totally healed and I am sure my size 8 gypsy boots saved my foot. It is still black and blue but my boots are perfect.

Thank You

April 8, 2011
best comfort and durabilty
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I bought a pair of justin pit stop work boots a few months back. They are comfortable and easy to take care of with justin workboot cream. best 140 spent also way better that other brands


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