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April 11, 2011
My new Justin Gypsy Boots saved my foot.
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My cousin and I were washing two horses. We washed the small retired race horse Bewitcher first and when we finished we allowed her to graze. We were washing Daisy the 18 hand giant who was acting up a little. I noticed that Bewitcher had her leg caught and I ran to help her and she was scared and stepped on my foot and hit my head with her head and I hit the ground and had a slight concussion. I am totally healed and I am sure my size 8 gypsy boots saved my foot. It is still black and blue but my boots are perfect.

Thank You

April 8, 2011
best comfort and durabilty
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I bought a pair of justin pit stop work boots a few months back. They are comfortable and easy to take care of with justin workboot cream. best 140 spent also way better that other brands

March 28, 2011
Best Boots I Have Eer owned, and I'll Never Buy a Pair That aint Justin Boots
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well i was in arkansas with my dad and he bought a really nice pair of boots, and i said dad, I WANT A PAIR TO. i got my boots and i have had them for 3 years. my boots are the best, i have worn them while riding my dirtbike, feeding and riding the animals, cleaning the stalls, working, and just plain casual shoes and they are still holding up. They only thing bad is that my feet are starting to grow again and they just dont fit like they used to and its a tight squeeze, but i still were my justin boots.

March 26, 2011
Best $140.00 I ever spent.
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I bought a pair of the #760 8" lacer Aged Bark Ropers. I wore them to school and church only for 2 years straight every day. I out grew them recently and will buy another pair because 1 they are made in the USA and 2 because the were so comfortable 3 the quality is second to none. People say your crazy for spending $140.00 on a pair of boots but let me tell you you will get your moneys worth.

March 25, 2011
8 year old cowboy
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I just had to tell you about a video of a 8 year old cowboy that is singing troubadour and roping it is the cutest video and looks cute in his Justin boots. TO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO YOU TUBE QUAY LLOYD

March 22, 2011
Love my boots!!
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A couple years ago my boyfriend at the time talked my into spending all the money I had (I was just a kid without a job) on a pair of size 8 Saddle Cow Justin Gypsy boots. I was so proud of those boots. I have worn those things nearly everyday for over almost 3 years...they just recently started to leak a little. I can't think of any other boot or shoe that could wear as well as the ole Justin Gypsy! I went shopping for a brand new pair...just like the old ones...so far I can't find them but I love those old Saddle Cows and I will not give up until I find a pair in size 8! I LOVE MY BOOTS!!! =) Thanks Justin...you rock!!!!

March 18, 2011
Rodeo, farming, ranchwork and even fishing believe it or not!
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My husband Bruce Toeppich is a cowboy in all respects. He rode bulls for years and then in his later years ranched and farmed both at the same time. His family still has a ranch in Mason Texas the 71 Ranch with registered Angus. In Bruce's later years he has been following his passion for fishing.
He fishes the Bass Champs professionally along with Brownwood Bass CLub & we are the directors of the West Region of the 2 of Us Couples Bass Club. He never wears anything but his Justin Boots regardless of what he does. I have attached my favorite picture of him with his dog Tuff (named after Tuff Hedeman world champion bull rider) while fishing a bass tournament on Lake Brownwood. He is wearing his wrangler jeans along with his Walls coat and his Justin boots. Everytime he would catch a fish Tuff would have to help him get it in the boat.

March 16, 2011
Justin Rocks
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I have NEVER worn any other boot than Justin boots. Over my lifespan, I have owned more than 35 pairs of Ropers, Lacers, Chukkas, sport lacers, and now gypsys. I love my Justin boots and will NEVER let my children wear anything else. Thank you Justin's!

March 15, 2011
My first pair of Justin boots were recycled from NY
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I grew up in Miami...then lived in Ft Myers which was country living to me...never owned a pair of boots....it wasn't until I moved to NY that I was given a pair of Justin boots from a girl I worked in a Salon with. That was in 1995 I still have them boots re-souled and all (I know I spelled that wrong) but not really...it changed my soul....I may not own all Justins now ...
but my BOOTS thats all I wear....
Call me that CITY girl Gone Country even on my Harley....Love me some Justin's
And sure miss Hayloft Western Wear in Ft Myers Fla.....Thank goodness for Facebook....I can see new boots....LOL

March 14, 2011
Short and Sweet
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My story is short and sweet, Nancy. It's called "I was wearing Justin square toe boots before wearing Justin square toe boots were cool". That's a fact, Jack. I love my ole boots. That is all, Carry on!

March 13, 2011
pink day
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when i was small my mama bought me a lot of justin boots to wear. it was so pretty and nice looking but now i have 50 boots in my bedroom but the one i like the most is the brown and pink thats my favorite color haha.....so everday when i wear pink i wear my favorite boot they are called JUSTINBOOTS !!!!

March 13, 2011
Short N Sweet
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I just got a pair of Square Toe Bent Rail Boots and they are 10x more comfortable than my old Twisted X! Go Bent Rail.....

March 11, 2011
Boots on fire
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I bought a pair roper boots last november. Awesome ostrich leather ropers! We spend the day at the Ranch and had a big fire that evening in a big concrete circle. Around the circle we where leaning with our feet against the concrete...well that's what I thougt so I had my new boots on and I had cold feet so I put my boots against the concrete circle and my feet are really starting to heat up.....my new boots...the whole sole melted!!!

So my new boots where one day old and I already could bring them to a shoemaker...

March 10, 2011
My Little Cowgirl!
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My 4 year old Mallory had never seen a sheep before, however, the day she competed in the Justin Muttin Bustin at this past Tucson Rodeo, she held on for dear life and beat all of the 4, 5, and 6 year olds! and yes, she was the only girl!

We are so proud of her.

March 9, 2011
Justin on rodeo grounds
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For Christmas I got my first pair of Justin boots. But i didn't used them till the 1st week of January for a local rodeo. I stood in the ticket booth, cutting tickets for hours they were so comfortable! Not to mention how bada** I looked in them. I have used them everyday since, I love em!
Thanks Justin!

March 7, 2011
Good Old Boots
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My father just passed away at the age of 96, and at his memorial service will be his two pair of Justin Boots purchased. He purchased one pair at the Portland Outdoor Store in Portland, OR, for $58, on sale from $68, and the other at Quisenberry's, possibly in Ontario,Oregon, on sale at $48. He was the State Range Conservationist for the Soil Conservation Service in Oregon. Those boots have walked many a mile over the fields and hills of Oregon and other states and countries!

February 20, 2011
The Best Pair of Boots Ill Ever Own
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My dad bought a pair of Justin boots every year on his birthday for the past 16 years while a little while ago he bought two and gave one pair to me so that I could start my own tradition like he has. while I would have to agree with him that they are the best brand of boots. He also gave me a apair of his old boots that were a little dried out so I through on some justin minkoil and that made them pretty much brand new boots so thats I will never wear anything else.

March 1, 2011
Whisky Trail
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My wife, Ruth and I live in Scotland in the heart of malt whisky country. In January this year, we visited a friend in Fort Worth were each treated to a pair of Justin BR103 boots. They are real magic!! Comfort is an understatement!!! Here is a photo of my boots at the entrance to the Macallan distillery which is only 3 miles from our home. I am stood on wet grass in my socks to take this!! If you travel around the distilleries around here, you are going around the whisky trail. This means that these Justin boots have been on the trail both in the US and Scotland!!

February 25, 2011
How much i love my boots
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I just wanted to show the love i got for my just boots. Here is a pic i sent to you of my justin boots. I still wear them daily. They are only a year old, but i wore the back out i wore them so much. They r the best boots i have ever had. Just as soon as i save up the money you can beat i will have another pair or two. Wanted to post this pick on your face book page but didnt know how.

February 23, 2011
The Crash
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Back in 1996 I was being the designated driver and we were out seeing a local band that i was good friends with. We were leaving just after the band was done and I was walking across the road back to the car when I was hit by a young lady.
The first thought that went thru my head was" Shit this is gonna hurt" after i bounced of off her windshield and totaled her front end the next thought(as I am doing cartwheels side ways in the air)dam the stars are pretty tonight.
After the meat wagon arrived they were going to cut my Justin lace up work boots off and i told them if they cut anything they are to cut the laces not the leather.They did did as I told them too,and i have to say i was very thankful for that as when i got to the ER and the doc did my injury report he told me that if it had not been for the steel toes in my boots there was a good chance that i would have been missing 2 or 3 toes on my left foot, Thank you Justin Boots for making such a high quality boots and i am forever in debt to you and i still continue to wear your lace up ropers to this day.Once again Thank You.

February 20, 2011
The Time They Saved My Life
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The time my boots saved my life was one day when my truck broke down and I had to walk 13 miles back to the ranch to get somebody to come help me when it started raining it started getting muddy when my sole fell off but still held together.

February 20, 2011
the one happy thing
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This past christmas my mom died and later that day we opened are presents and the one thing i looked forward to was opening that new pair of boots.

February 16, 2011
I've Walked A Million Miles
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I have had my Justins since I was 10, my gramma bought them for me in Texas. She didn't give a whole lot for them at that yardsale. These have been the best boots I've ever wore. I have taken these to the cobbler more times than my kids have had birthdays. The last time I went he said that was the last time he would be able to put new soles on them, and that he patched them so my toes wouldn't pop out. I challenged the man, told him he was crazy, I will never let these boots go. Justin doesn't carry these boots anymore and I don't plan on getting rid of them. I have broke up with a few boyfriends who said, "it's me or the boots" well i am sure you can guess who was out on the curb. I am now 21 and still sport these boots, I have went through and bought others, I tried Ariats and Luchesses and other brands but nothing has met the comfort and quality of the boots on my feet right now. I love these boots and if it comes down to and and that old man won't cobble my shoe, I guess you know where you'll see me....that's right, I'll be in line at the TSC nabbing a roll of duct tape. These boots have walked more miles than most boots can dream about. I love my Justins, and I wish I could find another pair that fit like these do. Everytime I go to the store the first place I run is to the boot section, hoping that one day I will find a pair that come close the comfort of these. They may not be pretty but gosh darnit, I love them to pieces. Keep up the good work guys, keep making boots how they should be. Last for years and unbeatable comfort.

February 16, 2011
My Lost Boot
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I was 18 and bought my first pair of Justin boots with hard earned money from tending bar and tips. (before I became a nurse) That was 35 years ago. It was so traumatic, I almost didn't survive it.

A bunch of us we're coon hunting in Northwest Texas and yes I had my prized boots on. I didn't know I would be out in the very dark canyons and brush. But, the dogs we're baying and I just had to get in there. I started out full speed in my pretty boots across some kind of pasture. I didn't know exactly since the spotlights we're way ahead of me and then the unthinkable happened. I hit a wire at my neck and it knocked me clean out of my boots. It hurt but not near as bad as me losing one of my prized boots. I found the left one but never did find the right one. I cried all the way home.

I'll have to close now, the memory is just too painfull. The moral of the story. Don't go hunting in your new pretty Justins and if you do take a flashlight!

February 14, 2011
The First Pair I Ever Tried On
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I was in Salt Lake City at the time and I was in a ma and pa retail store that sold western wear and tack. I was there to buy a hat when I saw the George Strait line of boots. I knew I didn't have the money at the time to buy them. But I thought I would try them on any way. I must tell you. They fit me like a glove. I loved how they felt on my foot, and I loved the style. Ever since then, I have been trying to get my hands on a pair of Justin Boots. I will some day. I have been a long time fan of Justin Boots. Thank you Justin Boots for making a top notch product.


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