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December 30, 2010
I love my Justin Gypsies!
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I got a new pair of Justin Gypsies for Christmas.I gotta say i love them to pieces! They are so comfortable yet very cute,girly and stylish! Much like the Ariat boot, but i like the Justin fit alot better. Gotta love em! I LOVE JUSTIN!

December 30, 2010
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I never was much of a boot wearer until I met my boyfriend. He was a little more country than I was; riding horse and working on a farm. He talked me into a pair of pink women Justin boots. Being a hairstylist and on my feet all day I had my doubts. But he was right they are so comfortable. I can work all day on the hard floor, on my feet and they never get sore. I work in them more now than I do in my tennis shoes. I can’t wait for my birthday so I can’t get him to buy me a new pair in a different color. Thanks Justin for the great boots.

December 28, 2010
Justin's BR113
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i recentley got justins BR113 model,great casual looken boots,they are a wonderful western looken boot,they will do great going to honkey tonks,but iv always had justin boots since i was a kid,22years later and the justin boots are still running strong for me,weather it be work,or play,and or a night out with the lady,i thank justin for maken great quality boots,that can go the mile, always bringing the country ways of life right down to the boots,to all the country guys and gals,country way of life is the best livin and justin brings it all back to us everyday

December 24, 2010
4766's are the most comfortable footwear period
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recently the company I work for implemented a safety program that included having 6" steel toe work boots. I shopped around the local stores till I found my 4766's at Keith Sattle shop in Johnstown, Ohio. These are the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn, including tennis shoes! My feet are never sore even after working 12+ hour days getting in and out of a semi truck 30+ times a day. Here in the Columbus, Ohio area the summers can get to 100 degrees and the winters can get to 0 and below...wearing these 4766's with my Cowboy Certified socks my feet always stay comfortable. Thanks Justin for a wonderful product. I'm getting my 3rd pair for Christmas 2010.

December 17, 2010
a real toe saver!!!!
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im from sth alabama and i was out cutting firewood when i missed the piece i was chopping on and hit my foot... when i got to the e.r. i had already lost a pint of blood and 14 stitches later the dr. said if it hadnt been from the craftsmanship and quality of leather of your products i would have chopped it off...!!!! all i was concerned about was i lost a great pair of boots lol!!!! so i highly recommend your product!!!!!

December 17, 2010
Even used they are proven in Iraq.
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Just have to express my thanks for a great product.
Before leaving the US for my employment in Iraq where “I support the troops by driving convoys”, three years ago I was fortunate enough to get a pair of your steel toe boots. I alternate with some regular steel toe military issue that I have. So I have been wearing yours about every other day. They are still as good as the day I got them. I am so impressed that I would like to purchase a new pair soon. Since the ones that I have were bought from a second hand thrift store. I knew by the name that they would be good and have not been disappointed.

December 13, 2010
A City Girl Loves Her Justin Boots
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A friend in Arizona mailed my sister a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas in 2005. After seeing her wear them around over the years during our fall and winter seasons, even through the snowiest and iciest days, I thought it was time to invest in a pair. Her boots seemed to last longer than any other boots I've ever owned.

Right now, the current boot styles in New York City are military, slouch, and over-the-knee types, which I don't find very exciting. Needless to say, stores selling cowboy boots are slim pickings around here. The opportunity came when I bought my first pair of Justin Boots (Black London Calf) in a tiny shop in the Chelsea neighborhood. It was love at first sight, or I should say feel! They were the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever tried on. It didn't take a lot to break them in. I loved them so much, I even dressed them up with boot straps (which are very, very hard to find and very, very expensive around here)! Not only were they stylish, they've kept my feet warm in the bitter North Atlantic cold.

So although there aren't any horses in NYC (unless you join a riding academy) and the backyards are tiny to nonexistent (unless you live north of the city), I proudly wear my Justin Boots on my 2 hour commute by bus/train/foot to work. In fact, I just received an early Christmas present: a second pair of Justin Boots (from the Bent Rail collection), and I'm getting them winterized just as I speak.

December 10, 2010
The ONLY boots for me
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When I got my first pair of Justin boots I was a young girl and I didn't realize what had just come into my life. When I became a certified farrier at 17 years old I bought a different brand thinking that a boot is a boot. Even though they fit a little less comfortably I was still young enough not to "get it". Those boots were uncomfortable until the day I finally got tired of them and went to find something else to wear. What I found at that time is that you can blindfold me and the moment my foot slides into a Justin boot I know that I've come home. I have never had another type of shoe fit me so perfectly therefore there has never been any other boots since. I tried to have my favorite kangaroo pair resoled once and they destroyed the fit so badly I was never able to wear them again. Needless to say I was heartbroken. Since that time I was delighted to find Roper shoes and my husband (a diabetic with bad feet) and I have worn them for years but now the plain black ones are no longer available. We really can't wear any other color at work - please bring them back!!

December 2, 2010
Back to my roots - in Justin boots - proudly made in America!
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I was raised on a working horse and cattle ranch in Kansas, and wore boots from the time I walked. Unfortunately, I started wearing shoes more, and a few yrs ago discovered I had torn tendons in my left foot - from wearing those "toning" shoes that rock back. I spent over $3000 on an Orthopedic Surgeon, custom made orthotic braces, and none of it did the job. After another expensive MRI, the doctor told me I needed something with a strong last, and about an inch to inch and a half heel. Yeah - cowboy boots fit the bill. I got a pair of pebbled leather Justin 8" lace up work boots at Sheplers, and they solved the problem. Now my family practice doctor reccommends them to others with foot problems. She even asked me to take off a boot so she could show it to another patient - when I was in for a visit this week. She is very impressed with how your heavy leather stabilizes the ankle - when it is laced nice and snug.

I LOVE the wonderful way my feet, legs, and lower back feel - all day long!

Getting myself a few more pair too. Need one for church of course. I am a 63 yr old great-grandmother, and it feels real good to be back in the boots I grew up in.

I even named a son after them in 1971.

I am looking for products made in America now, and buying them. Thanks for producing some GREAT boots, and in THIS country! ( How about some dressy lace-ups in a man's size 9D??? I'll just get some "bling" for my work boots and wear them anyway till you do.)

November 30, 2010
Time to bring out the BIG GUNS !!!!
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hiya from Essex England , as you can see Mother nature has arrived in South England , time bring bring out the Heavy Footwear from Justin Boots the best companion you could have this time of year !!! Thanks JB ....Steve

November 23, 2010
Not another pair like 'em
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I was fortunate enough to find a pair of unworn Justin Sea Turtle boots from the 1960's - still in the box and in perfect shape! Can't believe I have them, I get more compliments from people about my boots than just about anything. I'm a musician and those boots make any performance that much better - I've never seen or worn anything quite like 'em!

November 19, 2010
a legend
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I received my first pair of justin ropers in 8th grade. I've always had big feet. I wore them everyday in school and everywhere else. they are so comfortable I fall asleep in them often. I'm 25 years old and STILL have the same pair! I told my buddy of 21 years my story and he bought him a pair and has had his for 4 years. justin has a reputation and history of quality and longevity. best boots I've ever owned! ill buy nothing other! I tip my hat to you justin!

November 18, 2010
A little comfort If you Please
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Love my Old pair of Justins. I found them at a yard sale, not in Bad condition. They fit and felt great, so five bucks it was.
I use them regularly out at my friends Ranch. I help her with Muckin the stalls and feeding the Cows. Someday s just trying to keep the water IN the Canal.
Finally the Justins blew a flat, so i donned another pair of Boots. 1 day at the Ranch and i was blister city. These tired ol feet do Not need that. So I used a little duck tape and my ol pair of Justins are as good as new! As for the other pair, well let's just say i feel a yard sale comin on!

November 18, 2010
All I Want For Christmas is...
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Cowboy boots. I don't have a pair yet, but I'm spend half my waking minutes daydreaming and wishing that I did. I'm such a cowgirl at heart, and now I want to be a cowgirl on my feet, too. Whenever I find them in a store, I slip them on and pretend, even if it's just for a few minutes, that they're mine. My goal is a pair of Justin boots, and I am slooooowly putting money aside, dollar by dollar, until the day I can finally buy them.

November 18, 2010
Learning to dance
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Just learning to dance after numerous tries. But my Justin Kiddie Boots were perfect on the first try! I'm working on my two step and I also enjoy stationary cha-cha and double two - thanks to my Justin boots!

November 18, 2010
Oily justin
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I was building a shed at my house and like a dummy i used a 5 gallon bucket with tractor oil in it. Needless to say my foot went thru the lid. My pants were soaked as well as my justins but they kept my foot dry. After i soaked and cleaned them they stayed dark brown. I continued to wear them for work. Everybody i come in cantact with hears the story and wants t buy me a new pair , including my sister, who is a big critic of my favorite boots. I have always refused they are way to comfy to part with. They were also a christmas present to myself.

November 18, 2010
A Love Affair That Began As A Child
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I remember my first pair of Justins. I was 4 years old when my dad brought them home for me from one of military trips out West. I was instantly in love. I seriously never took them off except to take a bath and they went right back on. I even slept with them on! My sisters all thought I was crazy. I wore them with everything and I loved how they clicked on the marble church floor. It made me feel speacial! I cried when my mom announced they were really way too small about a year and a half later. I still don't know what she did with them to this day.That was 26 years ago. I still own Justins that are probably too worn, too used. But I can't part with them. And I still wear them to this day. And no one can stop me!

November 16, 2010
the best boots
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I Bought my justin boots for a ig roadeo and thats all but once i put them on i could never take them off so comffy and they have been threw hell and back and still going strong i got the money to buy a new pair but i jsut cant part with them justin is the only boot that will tounch this bull riders feet

November 12, 2010
A match made in heaven!
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I've always been a country boy at heart, grew up listening to country music and working in construction. My hobbies have always been and will always be hunting, fishing and crabbing. I've gone through cowboy boots like sneakers, just could never find the right pair to fit my feet and feel great. I've tried several different brands, some on the cheaper side and some on the more expensive side, but none of em' really felt like they were made for my feet...until I bought a pair of Justins! These boots feel great, like Justin created and built them just for me! I'll never buy any other brand, Justins are the only boots for me! Thanks Justin for making a really superior boot!

November 12, 2010
Grandad's Boots
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About a year ago, I bought a new pair of Justin's. About a month after that, while I was visiting my Grandmother, she introduced me to my Grandfather's old Justin Boots. I slid my feet into them and they fit almost perfectly. I love the legacy they hold, as he was a true cowboy, and I wear mine with pride knowing he also wore Justin's.

November 11, 2010
28 years old and I still wear them.
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I bought these boots in El Paso, TX just before my oldest son was born in June, 1982. I still drove a truck and moved furniture for a few years after that. These boots got a good workout!

I wore them almost daily for about 15 years. I still wear them once or twice a week and I plan to be buried in them!

Luckily, we have a good cobbler here in Woodland, CA and he is the only one who has ever worked on my boots over the past 30 years. He has been able to keep this pair of boots on my feet.

Anyway......thank you Justin for one hell of a pair of boots!

November 10, 2010
Boys & Boots
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Our son Austin, 3 years old now, has always LOVED his boots! And my boots and daddy's boots and whatever boots he could step into. :-)

Austin was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (he essentially has half a heat, no left ventricle) and the doctors have always told us that his life expectancy is unknown. He just underwent his third open heart surgery and even before he could eat, he wanted to knwo where his boots were so he could go home (he was in the hospital this time for 8 weeks)

Austin has a passion for animals of all sorts but especially loves his "Lucky Girl" Our mare, a gift for Austin from someone at my husband's work. We have been very blessed with our 3 years we've had with Austin to date and pray for many more.

Austin is a camera ham and loves to take photos. I'm glad because it helps me capture every memory.

I wish I coud upload them all but if I had to chose just one, I would pick this one.... Austin just the other day taking a break while we walked around on the property and over to the old barn.

Austin loves life so much, I wish I could trade places with him every day so he could for sure enjoy Many years of happiness with his Justin boots on.

For now, we take it one day at a time and we walk with one boot in front of the other to enjoy each little memory.

November 10, 2010
No Ensemble is Complete Without Cowboy Boots
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I grew up in the country where boots were a necessity, not a fashion statement. Over the years I have built up quite a collection and each pair has a memory or story connected to it.
When my sons were babies I could not wait until they were big enough to wear boots. I remember their first pair. They wore them with pajamas, shorts, swim trunks etc. One of them was a ring bearer at my Niece's wedding and wore his with his tux. The other one wore his into our hot tub.
About 3 years ago they both decided they did not want to wear cowboys boots any longer. Silly, but it made me sad.
I was surprised the other day when my 16 year old said that for his 17th birthday in December he wanted some Justin Ropers like the ones he has on in the photo, only in brown. It made my day. You can bet he will be getting them.

November 9, 2010
Answered prayer
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I have worn Justin boots for over 30 years, but the last time I purchased them I did not take into consideration that I had gotten older and feet had widened. (These were style 1409 (black).) Needless to say these were not wide enough. I wore them when necessary but stuck with by comfortable brown. Normally I give my old boots to our Valley Rescue Mission for needy, but this time I decided to see if my daughter, who lives in Birmingham, AL, knew of someone that could use them as they had hardly been worn. She asked one of her friends and she told her that her son needed a pair of any kind. She said that his had completely worn out and they did not have money to buy any clothes or shoes. It was taking all they could make to pay rent and buy food. She said they had just been praying for her son something when my daughter called and asked her. God even knew what size...10EE.

November 9, 2010
My Justin Boots
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I absolutely love every pair of my boots.I get a new pair every year for Christmas even though I may not "need"them.I have been wearing them since I was 14.Wouldnt have it any other way.I am now guiding my kids in the way of Justin boots.My 9 yr old loves to wear them.She wears them with shorts,skirts or pj's.In my opinion you can never have too many pairs of boots.I have never had a problem with them so I say"don't fix what aint broken."I will continue to buy them as long as I live.Love the company love the product.


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