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November 9, 2010
City Boy Getting Boot'ified
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While I might have grown up in the suburbs, I was a City boy at heart. I wanted to live in New York or LA and that was that. This is until I met a girl who's family lives in Texas. Earlier this year I went and visited Texas for the first time. I also went to my first rodeo at the Fort Worth Stockyards. It was there I was introduced to the great spectacle that is Western culture and the rodeo/cowboy way. That night, they collected information about where everyone was from and if you bought a program, you would get free Justin boots. Soaking in that great atmosphere and seeing all the real cowboys wearing Justins, I told my girl that we MUST buy a program and try to win some boots. Despite derisive cheers when the announcer mentioned someone in the crowd was from NJ, programs were bought and hopes were high for the boots. Alas, I did not win but ever since, I have been on a quest to get me some boots so that when I get them and walk around in them, I will be reminded of the great time in Texas and the great pair of boots ALMOST won.

November 9, 2010
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I can still remember way back when i think i had every color you could think of but the ones that stands out in my mind are my red lace ups! I am a hispanic and i was the only little one in my family that wore western boots with anything.I grew up loving country music and wished for many years to meet me a "REAL COWBOY" but that didnt happen but i am definetly satisfied with my boot wearing hubby that i have! I may not have as many boots now but believe me i have been looking to purchase some new ones...I just love all styles BOOTS!

November 9, 2010
Perfect for in or out of the saddle!!
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Three years ago my husband told me that I needed a new pair of boots. I had been wearing my trusty Jusin Ropers for years (and I do mean YEARS). I told him that I had just gotten these broken in and I didn't want a new pair. It didn't matter because he came home with the pink camo gypsys. The minute I put them on I knew I had to retire the ropers. I then told him that I needed a black pair so a week later he brought those home. I am lucky enough to work in a setting that allows me to wear them and I do just that....EVERY DAY. I haven't worn anything other than these two pair of Gypsy boots in over three years. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn and they are perfect for stirrups. You don't have to worry about getting hung up on any of that tacky tread that other brands have. I am asking for a new pair for Christmas only because I want an 11" to wear with my skirts. I am so excited about getting a new pair...I can't wait!

November 7, 2010
No more harley boots needed.
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I got a pair of waterproof gypsies. It was about 48 degrees outside, so when you are riding over 55mph, thats a lot of cold wind. I will vouch for these boots for being motorcyle friendly in cold weather, very warm, waterproof and also windproof! My feet get cold very easily, and they were the warmest part of my body. I wear these all the time, I walk around for hours with no foot pain. These boots are extremely comfortable, and very light weight. I am picky with what I put on my feet and these are awesome boots.

November 5, 2010
First pair
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I just recently got married and my wife happens to be a little more country than myself and I tease her about it quite a bit. But for my first birthday, the first one since we have been married, she got me my first pairs of boots. And guess what? I love them. Country livin' is alright by me.

November 3, 2010
Where the boot is...
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Back in January I had the pleasure of meeting a co-workers son. He and I are the same age. He was raised on a cattle farm and boots were the only thing you'd ever see on his feet. We started talking and in the dead of winter I was wearing the ugly rubber shoes with holes...also known as CROCS. He would get so frustrated saying I'm going to get frostbit and whatnot. My dad was a country man, always sported the wranglers, belt, cowboy boots, and truckers hat...oh and of course the plaid shirt...but I had NEVER worn boots. My new "friend" kept saying he was going to get me a pair of boots...he tricked me into giving him my shoe size by saying "If you don't tell me I'm never talking to you again...and when you're feet fall off I'm going to call and say 'I told you so.' " A few days later he came to visit me and behind his back he had a box...proceeded to open it up and "BAM!!!" were my first pair of boots...and THANKFULLY they were Justins. He got me the Justin Gypsy's in Saddle Cow and I'll never wear anything else again. These have been the best thing I've ever put on my feet. I have a bad problem with my toes going numb due to poor circulation but these are amazing. I love these boots and have picked out the next pair I'm getting from the Punchy line. My 2 year old son loves these boots as much as I do.

November 3, 2010
Best damn work Boot I've ever worn!
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I have a pair of the Steel toed work boots (style # 0766) as a matter of fact I've had, don't know the exact count. Let me figure this out. Here we go, for the last 15 years I've had a new pair ever year and a half. So simple math puts that to be 7 and 1/2 pair in 15 years. Cant remember what I did with that 1/2 pair but I'm sure I put it to good use. These are the most comfortable work boots ever!

November 3, 2010
Justin Gypsy boots saved my ankle
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At the begining of october i started working the cotton harvest out of Gruver Tx, and i quickly discovered that i needed a good sturdy pair of boots, so this past weekend i purchased my first pair of Justin Gypsy boots. I love them they have some pink on them and suit my personality perfectly! Well last night i was up on top of a cotton module getting some netting untangled, when i went to get down i landed on a roll of netting with the front of my right foot and my toes touched my ankle. Needless to say i went to the emergency room where the doctor took some x-rays of my ankle, i was lucky and walked away with a severely sprained ankle. The doctor told me before i left the hospital that had i been wearing sneakers or a lesser quality boot chances are i would have snapped my ankle in two due to the sever angle at witch my ankle flexed. So i just wanted to thank y'all for making such a high quality boot and let you know that you he made a lifelong customer out of me! Thanks again! Sarah Lilley

November 3, 2010
Great Boots
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I bought my first pair of Justin boots in 1979. I have had to replace the soles and heels on them a few times but they were always a great pair of boots. I finally ripped the upper leather when trying to pull them on last year. I haven't replaced them yet but am looking for another pair. Thanks for the many years of comfort.

November 2, 2010
Only Justin from now on
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For many years I have ordered Red Wing due to a narrow width, something that no store offers. Two years ago I decided to search for something different. I didn't know that Justin made work boots but knew of their quality from cowboy boots I bought many years ago. I bought two pair. One pair for work : #745 and one pair for my bike: #763.

I have been more than pleased with both. They are very well made and lighter than Red Wings. My work boots are put through the test in the 40+ hours a week in remodeling. I will wear out the toe before the sole is anywhere close to needing to be replaced. I will get more than two years use from my work boots. That has never happened. The boots for my bike? I'll just wait until I wear out the sole/heel to have them replaced.

October 31, 2010
New Boots!
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We all know how hard it used to be to break in new boots. If they are ill-fitting, they can be the worst and then you are stuck with them and sore feet.

Recently, I bought my very first pair of Justin boots. I have never been so satisfied with new boots like I have been with these! From the first time I tried them on I knew that I was gonna buy them. Where have I been? Not checkin these out apparently!

Thank you Justin for such remarkable boots and I will tell everyone I know how much I love these boots!!

October 28, 2010
Wearing Justin Gypsy and being mistaken....
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I went to pick up my niece from high school and was in my western wear. I am a petite lady wearing my pink and brown Justin Gypsy boots.

I had to wait because she was taking her PSAT exam. So I took a seat to wait and a couple of teachers and administrators thought I was a student. They kept complimenting me on my boots then asking me why I was not in class.

Quite embarrassing since I am a 38 yr. old female.

But Justin keep making those boots they keep getting attention!!

October 28, 2010
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I am a 40% disabled veteran. I was hurt overseas. I tore muscles from my spine picking up a soldier and carring him down two flights of stairs. Cause my spine to be unstable. Then our next PT test i developed a spondy which destroyed the disk. I work retail and am on my feet 8 to 12 hours a day. And since I work in the western lifestyle, I am required to wear cowboy boots. Which is awesome. But when I got back from deployment and put my old boots on they killed me. See I have nerve damage from my waist down and I hurts real bad to be on my feet for long periods of time. So I bought all sorts of boots, nothing seemed to work. So I started looking around again. Then I started talking to one of the Justin reps, Scott Turner. To make a story short when we met up in Deadwood for our Manager Meetings. Well he told me about the new Bent Rails by Justin. I had to at lest try them. And I must say I am thankful I did. I wore them all day and was thankful I could stay on my feet and move as fast as I did. Thank you and thanks goes out to Scott

October 28, 2010
My perfect fit
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I wear boots everyday. Every pair of boots I buy i have to oil so they will fit better and last longer. Not my Justin boots! I put my boots on and they are the most comfortable and longest lasting boots I have ever bought. . . everyday!

October 28, 2010
Loooooooooooong lasting boots
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Well hello y´all!! I´m a cattle rancher, Senepol Breeder in Brazil, and I would just like to let y´all know how I first fell in love with Justin Boots. I was an exchange student in Taylorsville, MS, back in 1995, a 17 year old brazilian country boy who for the first time in his life was leaving mom and dad´s home. And guess what? Strait out of the country, to a new culture, a new world, and sure scared to death!!! Taylorsville High School was a hard place to fit in, specially when every single kid there had never had no contact with a foreing son of a gun. Them sure were hard times!!! Picking up the accent wasn´t easy, strangest slangs for somebody who had studied the most proper English back in Brazil, even had to drop some classes ´cause I just couldn´t understand a single word the teacher was saying.

Well, long story made short, country music was my best teacher of the redneck english that was spoken there. And along with country music, which is one of my passions for life, there came Justin Boots to help me fit in that hell called THS. That´s right!!! Although pretty much every kid there dressed like rappers, some of them were hard working farmers who started to accept me the first time I walked in the classroom wearing my very first pair of Justin´s!!! Wow, nice boots you got there stranger!!! LOL!

And just to thank Justin Boots is why I let y´all know my little story, how my boots helped me fit into the american culture, the american way of life. I still got that first pair I bought in Laurel, MS, in a store named More Than Boots, kept as a treasure to me. Them boots helped me through my path not only protecting my feet, but most of all, by introducing me to a new world. Thank you Justin Boots!!!

October 27, 2010
Their called boots for a reason
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So I've always had a strong opinion about girls, and their sanctified boots. Don't get me wrong, I know everyone has their preference, but here is my reasoning. They wear them to a concert, wipe them off, then stick them in their closet until the next time they want to put on the "cowgirl image". Boots deserve to be worn, and wornout :)So just to prove my point, for my senior pictures I put on my dirty, muddy, actually worn, old-fashion Justin boots and cute dress to show what glorified boots really look like. :)

October 27, 2010
Some Lonely feet
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I have never owned a real pair of Justin boots. As a child i had a pair of boots i walked around in. Every time my three year old wears hers it reminds me of how special boots can be to a child. We strut around like we are on top of the world almost invincible. As an adult now, i have had Justin boots on my wish list for the past couple of years. How can a girl From Texas not own a pair of good quality boots? They would feel so nice on my feet i can't wait to own a pair, and hopefully soon.

October 27, 2010
the roads traveled in justin boots!
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Ever since I was knee-high to a football I have been wearing boots! I remember my first pair were red and it took an act of congress to get them off my feet... Wit those boots I played in many mud puddles, walked thru plenty horse and cow droppings and of course wore them to daycare... Once I out grew them I got a new pair. At this time is when I started riding horses and trying to be more like my dad! I've been riding horses my whole life and helping with the cattle... I also have show pigs heifers and helped with other show animals all with in the 4-H and FFA. And my favorite pair of boots to wear during showing and handling the animals was my Justin FFA chuckas... I still have them to this day... So when it comes to boots for me now days they have to be able to over take the days in the cattle pen or cleaning out stalls from the horses all the way to the dance floor at the Texas Hall of Fame!

October 26, 2010
A Dream come true!
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I had such pain in my heels for months! It was only getting worse and I'd run out of options for shoes that I could wear not only to work but being a local performing musician, I especially had almost no stylish or otherwise choices to be pain free for the times I'd perform on the weekends. I was diagnosed with chronic achilles tendonitis...wowo, was it all gonna come to an end? I couldn't do my job anymore, I couldn't play music standing up, all my dreams I had seemed to be coming to an end because of the intense heel pain. And I mean intense!

My doctor gave me a protocol to follow involving daily therapy and the proper footwear. He said to start wearing a heel like in a biker or cowboy boot. So I headed to the nearest boot store and I must have tried on 100 different pairs of biker, work and cowboy boots, none were even remotely comfortable. I finally tried on a pair of Justin Gypsy boots and I almost fell out! I was oohing and ahhing as I walked around the store because I had found a boot with just the right heel size and comfort is an understatement! The real test was going to be the next night at a local club where I would play music for four hours. Justin, you are an absolute dream come true! Not only did the comfort level exceed my expectations but I didn't even think about the pain! Now I've bought another pair for work. I've been telling everyone how awesome the boots feel and they look awesome as well! So my dreams have new life now that Justin boots allow me to walk pain free! Thank you Justin!

October 22, 2010
Met the right pair at the RODEO
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One year I had gone to the county rodeo with a guy. It was a date, but I wasn't into him. Sparks didn't fly, things didn't click for us.

The rodeo was in the middle of the summer every year, and it was hot out. Before I had gone to the rodeo I was at the beach with my friends. I was wearing my favoirte pair of flip flops. I didn't have time to go all the way home and get my boots, so I just work my flip flops to the rodeo. I was litterally the only one there without boots. It almost got imbarrassing when my date would introduce me to his friends, and they would look for my boots and find flip flops. They would laugh and tell my date, "Dang dude, your dating a hippy." I would explain where I had been and even bet them I could ride a horse better than them wearing flip flops.

Anyway the rodeo went on for three more days and I wore my flip flop the whole time. Mainly to bug my date and make his friends laugh. Even though my poor boots were itching to get out and get some dust on them.

It was the last day of the rodeo, and everybody was packing up to leave and head back home. I was helping my date pack his stuff up. I thought I had met everybody there was to meet, but one more of his friends showed up.

My boyfriend of two years came to visit my then date and me. :) I was never fully introduced to him at first. He just kind of stood there like a dear caught in the headlights. I watched him and waited for him to tease me about my flip flops too. He didn't! He finally said, "Hey I like your flippys, I can see your bright pink polished toes." I laughed and smiled at him. He went to get us something to drink, and my date took me and left before he got back. I felt so bad. I told my date that was really mean to do and he said, "Don't worry he will get over it." All I knew about him was the truck he drove. A sliver Dodge.

Every sign that the rodeo was in town had been gone and I didn't see my date much at all after that day. It had been a month later when I was at work. This sliver Dodge came roaring into the parking lot. This guy jumps out with a bottle of Mt. Dew and he found me. He said, "Here's your drink I got you." We started dating then. :) I wore my boots on our first date even.

Since then I had been everywhere with my boyfriend. California, Idaho, Washington, Arizona. My boots and my flippys go everywhere with me. But the best place we went was this years county rodeo, and this time I wore my boots.

October 22, 2010
A girl can never have too many shoes....I mean boots
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I've loved Justin boots for a long time. When the gypsy line came out years ago I loved them, I would save a small chunk out of my paycheck in order to buy a new pair of gypsy boots. A girl can never have too many boots. I wore the boots everywhere barn, church, school. I even wear them in college.
I'm a paramedic student in college. First day my instructor said "you need to have boots" First thing that came into my mind, 'whoot I have another excuse to buy a new pair of boots' Although the teacher went on to mention the specifications of the boots. Although the Justin boots didn't match his criteria, I make it a point to wear my Gypsy boots to class.

October 21, 2010
Cherished Boots
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Well, here's my story....I always wore Ariat's...until my mom had bought me a pair of Justin work boots, and I was hooked, I loved my boots, they were so comfortable and durable...well, they were the last thing my mom had bought me for my birthday, she passed on in 2002, we found out on Nov.10th which is my birthday that she had cancer, and when she passed away on Sept. 9th, 2003, I retired my boots and kept them with me...since, they were sentimental, but through some unfortunate events, my boots got stolen....and I have never seen them again...and it breaks my heart to know 1 that people can be so bad and two, that, they were the last thing my mom bought me before she got sick an passed away...and I wanted to keep them forever, as they were sentimental....I still to this day, cry when I think about it....as it breaks my heart....that not only did I lose my fav. pair of boots, but I lost everything I owned, clothes and all...so, in a way I put this post in memory of my mom, Carolyn R Barnes, 2-10-51 to 9-9-02....

October 16, 2010
If the Boot fits!
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I bought a pair of bull shoulder Justin boots in 1984 and still ware them to this day. After six or seven replacement souls and heels there more comfortable now then ever. I'll never buy another brand of cowboy boot.

October 14, 2010
Finally Got a Pair
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For years I've been wishing for a pair of real cowboy boots. I've never had a pair before so this is my first pair. I will never buy any other kind of boots now!

October 11, 2010
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Bought some brown Justin boots for out at the ranch. It came to my wedding day. Where I had previously bought some white high heels to wear. While getting ready to leave for my hair appointment. I through out the heels grabed my boots and headed out the door.


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