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July 4, 2010
My "Official" Footwear!
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Although I was born in NYC, lace-up work boots became my "official" footwear at age 15. I remember that my mother couldn't stand them, but I loved the look, durability, comfort, and protection they gave me. Twenty years later, at age 35, I switched to military boots and continued the tradition.

Several years passed, and I was in Houston on a business trip. I decided to get my first pair of cowboy boots as an early 40th birthday gift to myself. Unfortunately, the salesman at the boot store was more interested in making a sale than in giving me a good fit. When I tried on a pair of high-quality, name-brand boots in my normal shoe size, I remember saying, "I feel like I'm going to walk right out of these." I was new to cowboy boots and didn't realize that there's supposed to be some heel slippage in a new boot. The salesman should have told me this, but instead, he talked me into a smaller size. My toes felt all scrunched together in the toe box, but the salesman assured me that the boots would loosen up as I broke them in.

I wore the boots quite a bit at first, waiting for the salesman's promise to come true. But all that happened was that my feet hurt. As a result, I wore the boots less and less, and I finally gave up when I took them off one day and saw that my feet were bleeding. I returned to my military boots and didn't look back.

It took ten years before I would try cowboy boots again. I was approaching age 50, and by this time I had moved from the city to the suburbs to the country. Once again, I decided that a pair of cowboy boots would be my birthday gift to myself. I ordered online this time, and I got a pair of ostrich boots in the size I thought I should have gotten ten years earlier. They fit great, and they looked great!

I now own several pairs of cowboy boots, and the ones I find myself wearing most often are my Justins. My pull-on JOWs can take anything I throw at them, and my two pairs from the AQHA Remuda collection are the most comfortable boots I own!

Thanks, Justin, for helping this former city boy to adopt cowboy boots as his new "official" footwear!

June 28, 2010
Anytime Boots!
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My 3 year old son, Austin, is never seen without his Justins on. He wears them all times of year, all types of outfits! He is known by all because of his love for his boots!

June 27, 2010
I thought I might be buried in them.
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I bought a pair of black Justin Roper Smooth Ostridge Boots and wore them most every day. Never had a pair of boots in my 42 ys of living. Always thought they looked nice on other people. Having a closet full of regular street shoes I kept going back to the Justins. Well It was finally excepted by my wife and myself that I couldn't get out of the Justins. I never put new heals & soles on shoes. I just throw them out. Well the Justins were an exception. After I wore the heels & soles out,I took them to the local shoe shop on Belknap in Haltom City, Tx & had new heels & soles put on. Well now I'm off & running again.Feeling good that i could once again wear the most comfortable foot wear i had grown so used to for some time to come. My feet were happy once again knowing they had a full life of wear renewed. Well unfortunately after considerable time had passed they were again in need of heels & soles again. At least the shoe shop was still in business and again I recieved reprive again. Not to sound repetitive but I went through 3 sets of heels & soles counting the original ones. I was going to go for a 4th but the tops were looking pretty bad with a few small splits that made them look pretty bad. I would have gone for the 4th heel & sol jod but my wife was so opposed to me taking it any further she stole them from me & dispossed of them on me. I have since bought 3 other pair of full quill Ostridge boots and tey are still up in the top of the closet for the last ten yrs ago. I tried to wear one of the pair a couple times but it's just not the same. My Justin ropers were the boots of boots and I can't get over them.I thought I might be buried in them some day.If I could find where she put them i might save them for the occasion.

June 22, 2010
my favorite boots
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i went into a store called seadream leather and was looking at snakeskins,as this was 1987 and they were popular.one of the young ladies working there came up and spotting my Harley t-shirt and said "you don't want those if ya ride bikes".i said yes i rode and she picked up a pair of brown boots and said"these are elephant and you can trash these and they'll last forever".i cheked them out and saw Justin made them and i'd heard of them ,also knew they;d been around a longtime.even though they were quite exspenive for the time ,i purchased them.

its 2010 and several resoles later and i;m still wearing them

June 21, 2010
Wedding Boots
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I love my Justin boots so much, that I had my bridal portraits made in them! My fiance gave them to me for our first birthday celebration together and I fell in love with them!

June 16, 2010
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I have had justin work boots for years and love them . My grandma has told me to get out of the boots and jeans and wear shorts and tennis shoes well i ignored her and still wearing justin boots to this day. Actually on my face book it says ( I WAS BORN WITH MY BOOTS AND WILL NEVER WEAR ANYTHING ELSE) and thats the truth. I just wanted to share this with who ever reads these things. I love justin boots.

June 5, 2010
Justin - The Name of Excellence
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Where to start? To say the least, I've never been much of a country boy. I've always worn tennis shoes or dress shoes, ever since I was little.

Awhile back though, I started working with a farm and tennis shoes just wouldn't do, so I went out and bought a pair of boots - Ariats. Well, after awhile I got tired of of my feet aching and asked my employer what his preference for a boot brand was, and he recommended you guys.

So I went to the local Farm and Ranch Store and the boots that caught my eye were a pair of Ostriches. I knew they were the boots I wanted - and needed - from the second I put them on. They were already soft and needed no breaking in. I've worked in dirt, mud, rain, snow, manure and everything else you could imagine, and they still hold up strong, and I can wipe them off with a little cleaner and still have something casual to wear around.

Now I've had the same store I bought from order me a pair of Exotics -Caiman hide - so I'll have a dressy pair. It's safe to say I've come to love your boots.

May 26, 2010
My son's name = My Ex's boots
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My son is now 21. However, he was born prematurely and I had an emergency C-section. His dad (now my ex) mentioned that we had only chosen a first name, Cole. What were we going to do about a middle name? He was sitting with his knee bent, with his ankle resting on his other knee (like guys do so much). He looked down at his boot and said "How about Justin?" I said "Write it down." Therefore, my son was named for your boot!! He got down to 3 lb. 5 oz. but he's fully grown now, and still wearing Justins. I am, too! I bought new ones on a trip to Mississippi last weekend.

May 24, 2010
Good as new!
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This is the fourth time I have had my boots re-soled or maybe that should be re-souled cause they are truly a part of me. My name is Don "Buck P" Creacy, Working America's Storyteller. If you see me on the platform spinning yarns. Betcha a hundred dollars I have one of me two pairs of Justin Boots, black, Model/Style# 8565, registration # 36531 and the other pair is Elk Skin, Model/Style # 1322, registration # 24537 - 0. By now I don't even know how old they are, but they still fit like new and like old friends at the coffee shop. I am going to buy some new ones... if I ever wear these out.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Buck P Creacy

Working America's Storyteller

May 12, 2010
I wear my granddads boots!
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I want to introduce myself. My name is Austin Jensen. I am 15 years old and in the 9th grade. I have two dreams for my life, one is to serve our country as a leader in the Army, and the other is to make it to PBR. I am a member of the NC High School Rodeo Association as a Bull Rider. My boot story is that my mom is a single mom of 4, working full time and could not afford new boots for me. So her dad gave me his 20+ year old Ostrich skin Justin boots. They still look great! I have managed to rip the heel off twice while riding bulls. but somehow mom keeps getting the fixed! I wonder how long these boots will last me.

May 11, 2010
Oldies But Goodies
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I have a pair that I got when I was 18years old. I am now 42 and still wear them. They were the grey ones, and thankfully they are grey as they are being held together by duct tape!! They have the original sole (with holes in them) They are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. But they are so homely I don't wear them to town!! LOL

May 11, 2010
A gift from above
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I live on disablity and had the opportunity to do some volunteeer work with kids at a ranch. I had no money and had no boots which was needed. A friend of mne was a barn sale and saw these Justin Boots and asked if she could have someone try them and if they fit shw apparently was going toget them for me. So one day she showed up with old but to me beautiful Justin boots and said try them on and they fit like they were made for me. The people at the barn totally blessed me and told my friend she could have them for free sice they were for me. That was back in 2008 and worn and all they are still going. So I am the second owner and on the second new insoles but I love them. I wouldlove to have anew pair but cannot afford to buy a new pair but I have been blessed with these.

May 9, 2010
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I was still upset that I couldnt find one of my Justin Ropers I got six years ago when I walked into a Cavenders Boots Store with my fiance and my parents, we were actually shopping for my dad. I came across the Justin Gypsys and I fell in love. I really wanted a pair. Well I guess my whole family realized it and well my fiance bought me the pair of boots I really wanted. I almost began to cry in the middle of the store because of it. I have hardly ever got anything special like this. Specially for Mothers Day. My boots stay on my feet or they are in the box with everything it came with just like when I got them. They are really the best boots ever!!! Thank you Justin Boot Company for making my boots and being part of the BEST MOTHERS DAY EVER!!

May 3, 2010
14 Years and Still Good as New
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I got my Lace-Up Ropers for my 10th birthday, 14 years ago. They have been my favorite pair of boots ever! I have worn them trail riding, at lessons, at shows, for class, and as everyday shoes. So, imagine my dismay when this past fall, I put them in my boot jack, and the sole pulled completely off! At that horrible moment, I realized my beloved boots needed to be retired. I wrapped them up and stored them in closet for safe keeping. At Christmas, my husband handed me a very familiar looking package; he had had the original soles put back on! They are now back as my "go-to" shoes, and are just as loved as ever!

May 3, 2010
these boots
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bought my justin laceup ropers 20 years ago, have had new soles put on 3 times and finaly the tops have worn out, i loved these boots and you can't find them anymore. sure do wished you guys still made them in the youth size 5.......there is nothing like em!!!!!

best boots ever!!!!

April 30, 2010
My dream boots
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Well my family moved to colorado and i became a cowgirl and i hung out with them 2 but i was the only 1 without boots so i begged my mom for them and i just got them today they are the best boots ever and my bestie loves them to so thank u for your great boots

April 27, 2010
Miss Tejano
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I've had my boots since I was in 9th grade, its the perfect pair of boots and I will not get rid of them...I love my boots... I won ,y lovers heart wearing these boots...want more...someone just broke into my place and stole my boots...how cruel is that! I want my boots. Cops were amazed that all I cared about was my Justin Boots...what can I say, they are my life!! I want my JUSTIN BOOOTTTSSS!

April 25, 2010
15 years for only $50!
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I bought a pair of roper lace ups 15 years ago and they just now are going to the grave. They are completely original from soul to laces. These boots have been through sun rain and of course recycled feed. Sadly they will never be replaceable. Thank you my ROPER LACE UPS for a long life and hard work.

April 22, 2010
My Justin's
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I have a pair of slip-on justins and they are so comfortable and they are lasting a good while for me.I think yall do a great job on these boots.

April 19, 2010
10 years old and the orginal laces
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I had my Justin workboots for 10 years, I bought them in Febuary of 2000, and they are still as comforable today as the day I bought them. Saddly I have wore the heels just about out (they are round), so I got a new pair over the weekend and the salesmens jaw droped when I handed him my boots and told them how old they were. He said he wanted to keep them and put them in a glass display case just to show how tough and durable the boots really are. Thank you so much for making a great boot, I wear them every where from hunting to working on the farm and high iron. Keep up the good work and it ain't broke so ya dont have to fix anything about them! (and I still have my boots, I didn't wanna part from the best thing to ever happen to my feet)

April 19, 2010
You guys are doing somthing right
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About 7 years ago i purchased a pair of 8" Lace-R's and have been in love with them ever since! I have put them through the ringer and they still continue to perform. They have some battle scars and the soles are just about worn out, But they are the most comfortable and durable boots I've ever worn. The man that owns the store I bought them from said he would give me a brand new pair of boots he prefered better if i would just retire my old ones, they weren't Justin so there was no deal. You have made a lifelong customer with me, and when i need to purchase a new pair ( if I can ever wear the old ones out! ) you can guarantee they will be Justin!

April 18, 2010
Cowboy Kaden
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This is our 15 month old son Kaden. My niece came to visit and one evening Kaden came out of the back room with her boots on.

April 14, 2010
Proud to be an American
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I have been wearing the 8 inch lace up work boot for 18 years. I love that american flag on my boots. This is a great country and Justin boot company proves dreams come true. We live in a country that if you set your mind to something you can do it. The fine folks at Justin set their minds to making quality boots at an affordable price. I ain't going to lie I have tried the knock off oriental boots and they cain't touch these Justin. God Bless The USA.

April 14, 2010
my lovely boots
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Ive had my Justin's for about two or three years now and i couldn't love them more. My favorite pair is my George Strait waterproof lace-ups. They have been to hell and back with me and they have put up with the mud and mess like I've never seen a boot do before. They still feel like a new pair! I never will buy a different company's boots. I'm a die-hard Justin's girl !

April 13, 2010
My Nice Justines
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Hi my name is Jordan and I'm 12 years old and love to farm . I had always had shmited boots but once I got my Justine I had never gotton shmited again.I would highly recomand these boots for anyone.

Thats my Justine story.


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