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February 19, 2014
A Justin Work Boot Tale
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I purchased my Justin standard work boots in January 2001 in El Paso, TX, size 10 while I was stationed there in the military. In the past 4,750 days I have owned these amazing boots I have worn them at least 2,500 days. They have tilled, plowed, hunted, fished, flown airplanes, held me up at the bar, road Harley Davidson's, and generally thrilled men and women throughout the world.

I now work as a contract pilot overseas and wear them on a daily basis. They have been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and even horseback riding in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains of Kyrgyztan. They even started on fire at a fire pit in Kabul. They provided my feet with extreme comfort at every opportunity.

They have dressed up with me and they have dressed down with me; work or casual is a no small feat for these footwear. I always took the appropriate care of saddle soap and mink oil, like new every time. I swear I could run a marathon in these boots and have often thought of doing this. I loved them, they loved me. Fit my foot like a well fitted glove.

Sadly, after 13 years of dedicated service time grew the better of them. The soles were worn to the core and finally the entire tread separated from the boot.

I immediately conducted surgery on them with the use of "Shoe Goop" to adhere the sole back to the boot and a vice grip; it was horrible to watch and there was a tough several days when I didn't know what would become of them.

Sadly, they didn't make it.

I buried them on a sunny Tuesday afternoon on my property, the ceremony was glorious. I check the gravesite everyday, flowers, spilt beer like the old days. I know deep inside that they are watching over me.

I have many photos of me in my boots that I will forever treasure; and someday we will be together again.

Thank you Justin


James Kottsick

January 28, 2014
Justin Full Sea Turtle Boots: The Most Beautiful Boots Ever Made
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Over the years I have had many "nice" looking pairs of boots, but I will never have a pair that is as beautiful and as durable as my Justin full sea turtle boots! After 40 plus years of wear, and many sets of soles, they are still a beautiful pair of boots that have aged well....better than the owner has! I have had a lot of boots come and go through the years, but I can't imagine ever getting rid of my Justin sea turtle's!

January 9, 2014
Steel Cowgirl
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I don't ride a horse I ride a steel horse..a Harley Davidson Iron. I have 15 pairs of boots all different colors, I match whatever I am wearing. My favs are the Caliente line I love color.

January 6, 2014
Justin's go to Madagascar
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I go to a small work college, and bought my first pair of Justin’s to protect my feet while doing construction on campus. Little did I know, that a year later, they would serve as a barrier between my feet and a whole host of ghastly things lurking on the forest floors and city streets of Madagascar. During my time abroad I encountered: nipping feral dogs, 4 inch cactus spines, leeches falling from trees, the all too frequent pile of human feces, and the dreaded parasy (a parasite that burrows, and lays eggs in the tips of human toes). While the feet of my Chaco-wearing friends succumbed to these horrors, mine remained safely laced in my steel toed Justin’s. It was not my intention to wear my boots every day I was there, but my sandals fell apart one week into the trip and I had no means of replacing them. My Justin’s held up remarkably well for four months of being dragged on rocky trails, subjected to tropical humidity and frequently submerged in salt water. By the end of the trip, my feet were calloused and blistered, but nothing made its home in my skin and my boots seemed remarkably unscathed.

Now, almost two years later I have walked holes through the soles of both of my boots and am looking for a place to send them for repairs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I would love to have them fixed for my next tropical adventure.

Thanks for reading, and JB, keep up the good work.


PS- Please don’t judge me based on the length of my shorts, it was really damn hot.

December 28, 2013
This "Just-In"
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Well for starters, I never thoughtdI'd be posting a story about my boots, but these boots are different. For the last few years I've been wearing a pair of workboots covered in tape. A) because I couldnt afford a decent pair and B) when I did finally order a pair 400 $ later only to recieve them and realize they were made overseas. By a well named company I might add, that rymes with banner. To much disappointment I contacted said company over craftsmanship only to basically be laughed at. Needless to say I shipped them back and went back to my trusty taped up boots. Im a female construction worker and have a hard time finding good boots in my size. Much to my suprise santa left a pair of Justin boots for me under the tree for xmas...aged bark gortex, I'd never owned a pair of Justin boots and only knew them in the cowboy sense. After placing them on my feet and taking several steps around my livingroom I quickly realized why the cowboys and girls praise the Justin name. These are the most comfy boot I've owned to date and although I don't have a horse or wear a cowboy hat, I feel like a cowgirl in workboots and couldnt be happier. Thank you to Jeremiah who worked hard on craftsmanship and everyone else at Justin for the hardwork in the U.S.A . I love my boots

December 27, 2013
Unopened Christmas present
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I bought my wife a pair of Justin boots to slip on real quick while she was letting our dogs outside. Wrapped nicely under our tree 4 days ago. And Christmas Eve night while we were gone our house caught fire and destroyed everything. I was able to find part of the boots and showed her. She was so thankful even though they were beyond wearable. I know it's not the type of story you're looking for on here but it made her happy and in turn put a smile on both our faces. We took a picture of it so we can have at least one good memory of us on Christmas.

December 14, 2013
My Dad's still here and so are my boots!
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In 2006, my dad was diagnosed with bone cancer. He was sent to Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital in San Antonio, where he spent more than a month while he underwent a stem cell transplant. While visiting the Alamo with him, I bought a pair of black Justin cowboy boots at an outdoor tent sale. They quickly became my favorite boots, and I've been wearing them for 7 years. I've worn a hole clear through the sole of the right one, but I keep putting them back on! My husband and friends laugh at me, and say throw them away. I can't really explain it, but they're sentimental to me, because of the circumstances. Dad came through the transplant and he's still here. As long as the boots are with me, I feel like Dad will be with me. Sounds crazy, but...I love my boots, and I'm planning on getting them resoled, and wearing them for another 7 years. Hopefully longer.

December 14, 2013
Only thing I Wear
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My story is simple.Every two years I get a new pair of justn work boots.I dont have ten things I use I have one. Every day 7 days a week the same boot. I work at a chevy dealership in sales and I work for myself installing heating and cooling units.When I worked in Santa Fe NM the owner of the dealership came up to me and ask me why i wear them old boots.He said he would buy me new shoes if i would not wear old dirty boots.He said I have millons in this place and you sell cars in them nasty old boots.I told him these boots tell a story.He walked away and said as long as you keep selling I will not ask again.Its not about how you look its about the man.

December 13, 2013
My middle name
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My middle name (Justin) was given to me by father after my grandfather's black squared toe pair of Justin boots. 32yrs later I finally got my own pair of Justin boots.

December 4, 2013
Love Justin boots for both the ranch and work.
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However I have always been able to meet my needs on the BH site. However there are no insulated steel toe boots on this site. I did however did finally find a pair in my size at the working man store.

Thank you for continueing the unbeatable tradition and quality built into every pair I have owned.

Red Rose Rancher

December 3, 2013
Returning to my Roots
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I was raised in a rural part of North Carolina (ie: The Country) where cowboy boots are quite prevalent. Ten years ago, I transplanted to Atlanta, GA where I tried to ignore my humble beginnings. After meeting the love of my life, who's from the country as well, I remembered where I had come from. O'er the Thanksgiving break, her cousin & I went to Dunham's in Rome, GA where I was pretty sure I'd end up with just some general ol' work boots. Much to my surprise, I tried on the Justin Rugged Tan Cowhide boots and they fit over my former football/soccer calves. I bought them immediately, and I couldn't be more happy. I look forward to the many uses I'll get out of them and wearing them as often as possible. Thank you Justin for getting me back in touch with where I came from.

November 26, 2013
The 1776 centennial book for women
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I have a great story about the 1976 boot that you did to commemorate 1776. Bob Bullock and I went to see Mr. Justin that year for Mr. Justin to make a pair of boots for the Comptroller Bullock. I was from Fort Worth so I got to go. I saw the 1776 boots that were blue and when I got to my home, my aunt and uncle from Las Vegas were there and I told them how bad I thought the boots were, they were on a stand in the store. My aunt went to the room they were staying in my home and brought the pair out, she had bought them. I was embarrassed to be sure. Before she died she gave them to me, They are 6 and 1/2 I sure wish I could wear them now as I love them, my shoe size is 9.5 so I can just look at them! KJ

November 13, 2013
Needed them in Brown
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I lived in lace up (506) ropers from the time I was about 8. Hand-me down or new, I never wore a pair out. At 16, I sanded the black off my size 12 ropers and dyed them brown. Not a lot of boots could take that kind of wear, but I resoled them at least 5 times after that and now, nine years later, they are wearing through.

I still need a pair in brown so if you could make the 506 in a dark brown I might get 20-30 years off them :). Wonderful boots.

November 12, 2013
Ladie's Apache Bay Waterproof Boots
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I purchased a pair of Ladie's Apache Bay waterproof boots with a Turquoise upper 3 years ago. I could actually cross creeks and streams in these boots and they never leaked. I wore the heck out of them riding, walking when I would dismount on a steep downgrade...the soles are to this day still non-slip, but the leather has finally given way and they are no longer waterproof. I absolutely loved these boots...I searched and searched and cannot find another pair with the Turquoise uppers and 11" height, so I purchased another pair with a pink upper. I recommend these boots to anyone that is out there working be it with horses, or just outdoor work. They are super comfortable and seem to "breath" even though they are waterproof.

October 7, 2013
My Justin Gypsy work boots SAVED my foot!
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I am a plumber. Two weeks ago an 80 gallon water heater full of water tipped over and fell on my right foot. About 600lbs pinned my foot to the concrete floor. When the heater was lifted off my foot, we noticed a dent in the shape of my boot on the top of the tank. The thick sole, strong steel toe, and excellent craftsmanship saved my foot from being crushed! My foot was bruised but not even one broken bone.

I am a loyal customer for life. I will never trust another pair of work boots like I trust my Justin's!

This single mom owes a lot to you all!

Thank you for protecting me.

October 7, 2013
600lb water heater fell on my foot. My Justin boots saved my foot
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I am a plumber and was working on changing out an 80 gal water heater. The heater tipped over 3/4 full and landed on my right foot. My foot was pinned with my outside ankle on the floor. I felt nothing but great pressure. After the heater was lifted off my foot we noticed that the heater has an indent from my boot. The thickness of the sole and the steel toed took the impact. The steel to was warped but my foot was still there.

I know without a doubt, that my Justin Steel Toed Gypsy boots saved my foot from being flatter than a frog on a highway.

I am a single mother who works hard to provide for my son. I will always be thankful.

October 4, 2013
Saved my feet!!!
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I've been a Insulin dependent Diabetic since I was 10, and my feet have given me many issues. I always wore a pair of rocky slip-ons (Never gonna own Rocky's again!!) before I was diagnosed. Being a diabetic I needed a good boot/shoe with good support, I searched and tried many different types, all until about 2 1/2 years ago. I found these Lace up Age bark, at my local tractor supply co. I live on a farm, and I needed a good heavy boot. To tell the least, these boots were worth the $150, they saved my feet. I'm 17 now, and have ordered a second pair. I love my USA Made Justin's. Best boot I've ever owned. Quality is outstanding!!!!

October 1, 2013
My signature boots...
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My name is Roe Hernandez and I love wearing Justin Roper boots. I am 51 years old and a breast cancer survivor. In November of 1998 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn't know what was in store for me in the future so I decided to splurge on myself. I always wanted some brown leather Justin Roper boots but they were too expensive so I bought me a pair and the rest is history. I still wear those boots, 3 resoles and have duct tape in boots so my feet can slide in. I now use them in my signature picture (picture attached, one of many). My friends and others that see my boot pictures, tell me to put them in a book, calendar or billboard for some company. Everywhere I go, everything I see are shown through my boots. I make people feel like they are in the picture experiencing everything I do. I only wear Justin Ropers, have 4 pairs and all are over 15 years old(blue, black, gray and brown). The reason I love your boots is because they feel like they are already broken in when you first put them on. Keep up the good work. The only thing I don't like is that you did away with the slick soles on the brown leather Roper boots and replaced with rubber soles. Can't boot scoot with rubber soles, that is why I have to keep resoling my brown boots. Love wearing my favorite brown boots. I am cancer free and because of the boots I bought in 1998, I have been enjoying traveling and taking pictures of boots and making others smile when they see where I have been. Thank you for that.

September 26, 2013
Tornado Boots
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Just wanted to let y'all know I luv my Justin Boots. April 2011 the F5 tornado took our home and pretty much everything but someone managed to find my boots scattered in our pasture matched them up and brought them to me. Since all I had to wear was a pair of flip flops I was so excited. I put on the wet muddy boots and am still wearing them to this day. They are tornado proof!

January 5, 2013
These boots are tougher than anything
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I own a few pairs of Justin boots and I wore out a few pairs too. It takes a while but it can be done. These are like old friends and they have taken me many places. I have on pair that I wear more than the others and these have been with me close to 4 years. They have been on tour with me for almost 2 years and they refuse to die. I need to see about getting these re souled. Yes they have soul. Just 2 little holes in them but I love em. No wonder George Straight wears them.

September 13, 2013
Through the family
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It all started out in 1973 when my Papa got his first pair of Justin boots. Owning a farm full time while driving a truck his boots barely came off his feet in time to sleep. Not being the richest man out there he could only afford a pair around every 4 years. Along with the farm Justin boots have been passed down generation by generation. Being in a family of 8 a new pair of boots is very rare. I myself am in the FFA alumni and attend college while still maintaining the farm to support for my family being the oldest male. Justin's are the only boots me and my family will ever wear working the fields or doing daily activities.

September 13, 2013
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My wife and I received our first pair this week at the Ranch Headquarters. They were sitting on the bed when we got to our room. Don't know much about them yet, all of the other winners were saying this is the top of the line in boot wear. Cant wait to take them out on the town

September 10, 2013
A whole lot of everything
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I'm Neil Johnson, 20 years old from Massachusetts. My boots have been to hell and back tied on my feet. They've been through the worst mud in the pig pen wrangling some hogs. Been soaked, frozen, beat by the sun. The hours they have been worn while balin hay, and picking vegetables is uncountable. Being 20 years old and runnin my own farm, while attending a degree for business, my top priority hasn't been gettin a new pair of boots. First pair of boots I had that I can say are not even dirt proof anymore.

September 6, 2013
I will go to the end of the earth for some Justin boots
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I'm from Atlantic Canada and we don't have a huge selection of tack shops or justin boots to chose from. When I got back in the saddle a few years ago I had no idea what brands were good and what the girls were wearing these days. I heard in terry Clark's "gypsy boots". I thought hey they must be cool. I found a pair of Justin gypsy round toe online(never tried a pair on-luck). I had them shipped to the U.S. town bordering my town and loved them! I then moved on to the Justin bent rail to show in. I am now awaiting my gypsy square toes ! I will never stray away from Justin boots! Amazing luck with them!

September 5, 2013
The Cowgirl in Me
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My Boot story begins in the 7th grade when my dad said I needed a good pair of boots to go fishing in. We then made a journey to the local boot store to buy my first pair of boots. I was told nothing was as good as Justin's so that's what I bought. Not long after these boots got a whole new meaning as I began horse back riding. And now I've been working on a horse farm for 4 years. These boots have become part of my passion and life. I wear them just about everyday (despite their rough look). They're part of my cowgirl lifestyle.


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