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October 6, 2012
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I am 55 years old, and getting back into riding again the last few years. I have never been able to find western boots I could get my feet into (have high arches) and were wide enough to be comfortable if I could cram my feet into them. I just bought these round toed Justin Gypsy boots and they are wonderful! I can get them on easily, are wide enough and sooo comfortable! I can't wait to ride in them tomorrow! Thank you!

September 25, 2012
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I have been wearing your Justin Gypies for years. I had somany problems with trying on and wearing boots as my insteps are high,sooooo i tried on a pair of Gypsies and they actually felt like putting on apair of my house shoes!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Wearing them all day is no problem. I just love them, and will continue to wear them far into the future.

September 11, 2012
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On 11-24-11 I was burned 75% of my body 3rd degree in a explosion at work. I was engulfed from head to toe with only my face,chest arms and feet not being toasted. The only thing that saved my feet were my MADE IN THE USA Justin lace ups. I have been a Justin wearer for over ten years and they for sure saved my feet and have made my recovery faster as I was able to walk way before I was supposed to due to my feet being in good shape. Thanks for making such a great product! God bless the USA!

September 4, 2012
Grail of workboots!
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Just purchased a pair of J-Max 8 inch laceups. They are the most comfortable well made workboots out there. I farm and work construction and wore redwings for many years. These are more comfortable and made as well. Great sole and leather! Glad to see you can still get a U.S.A. made boot.

September 2, 2012
Traveling Boots
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My uncle Garland was a traveling boot salesman for Justin boot Co. He sold my father a pair of signature edition boots in 1979. No. 798/1000. These boots are still very beautiful. I always wanted them. Must have only been worn very little, like new. My father sold these boots to my uncle Joe, he then sold them to Jim at my church. I saw the tip of them sticking from under his slacks and asked to see them. All this happened without my knowledge. He sold them to me for a song. I am so pleased to have them. Hope you enjoy the photo!

August 14, 2012
My 30 year old boots
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I purchased my Justin mule hide boots 30 + years ago, they were my first pair of Justins. They have been resoled and reheeled but I have never had to do anything other than clean them with saddle soap and use boot cream on them. One night when I was living in Oregon a raging storm came up and the horses were still out in the pasture. Grabbed my Justin boots and ran out the door putting them on as I went. Was soaking wet and up to my ankles in mud gathering the horses in to the barn. Stopped in the mudroom in the house to remove boots and wet clothes and didn't take care of them till the next day. Mud was caked on and dried, took them outside hosed them off , and then treated them with saddle soap and boot cream and when they were dry creamed them again and they were good as new. I now have 7 pairs of Justin Boots and can't think of wearing any other kind. Justin you're the Best and Only Boot to wear!!!

August 2, 2012
My Lucky Boots!!!
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I am Lane Hopper of Fort Worth, Texas and I want to tell you about my "Lucky Boots"! I am a bull rider and when I compete I always wear my worn out, tattered, barely hanging on Justin boots to ride in. As you can see in the picture they have been out of the chute many times!! I will not do a thing to change them except get new soles when the holes get to be too much. These "Lucky Boots" have helped me to win many bullriding events; most recently the North Texas High School Rodeo Association 2012 Championship. These boots also just won the "Most Worn Out Boots " Contest at the National Day of the American Cowboy in the Fort Worth Stock Yards! Boots and spurs are intregral parts of my riding equipment and me and my "Lucky Justin Boots" are buckin' for our next buckle!!

July 16, 2012
Motorcycle Accident
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On April 21, 2012, I was riding my motorcycle on a ride to raise money for a charity. It was early morning and was riding in full leather with a group of friends. My bike had a mechanical failure and I got rear ended by another bike I was dragged 150 feet on my side trapped under my bike. After I left the hospital and went through my shredded leather I looked at my boots and on the side that was dragged on the pavement they were paper thin. Turns out my boats saved my ankle from road rash and shattering. Thank you for making a boot I can trust.

July 2, 2012
Comfortable, Stylish, Awesome
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I didnt actually purchase my boots, they were a gift as part of a prize package of a trip I won. I have to say not being a boot person, these boots make me wanna wear them all the time!!! I now am looking into getting my son a matching pair like his daddys!!

June 9, 2012
The Poor mans boots!!
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I have worn boots all my life!! Well every summer I'm always in for a new pair of boots!! But this year my pa didn't have the money to buy me new boots, so I had to work my butt off to get me a new pair. So I walked into tractor supply and Justin boots were the only boot I could get with the little cash I had. So I got me some Justin boots and I love em!! My ma you used to say "Hard work builds character." and Justin boots made it easier for me to work, play, and go to church in!! Thank ya Justin boots to make it possible for poor folk, like my family to be able to buy a good pair of boots!!!!

June 7, 2012
The boots of my life!
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I got my boots a long time ago for horse back riding lessons; and to be honest its the best decision I have ever made! Mine are hard to find online though. I wanted to see details on them but no luck online. They used to hurt my feet but once i put gel insoles in them it has been smooth sailing from there. So I LOVE THESE boots and they are my life now that I own a pair I want even MORE of them!!!

May 29, 2012
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My name is Julianna Monaghan, Iam 11 years old. I love horses and anything involving animals and country life. I bought a pair of Justin Gypsy boots at Tractor Supply in Watertown NY with money I had recieved for my 10th birthday in May 2011. After about 8 months of daily wear, I noticed they were beginning to come apart at the stitching. I was dissapointed because I liked them so much. I called the Justin company and was told to take them back to Tractor Supply and get either a new pair or my money back. I told the lady on the phone I didn't keep my receipt, she said no problem, so I took them to TSC the manager said, (with a smile) "Just choose a new pair or would you like your money back", I got a pair exactly like I had after trying on other brands because Justins are so comfortable. I have told all of my horse riding friends about the awesome experience I have had with Justin. They are the best and I will continue to buy Justins. Thank You.

May 29, 2012
Heel Spur
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In the spring of 1998 I developed a heel spur from plantar phaschitis. I might have spelled it incorrectly. I was in a lot of pain for well over a year and had to spend a lot of time walking and standing. I must have tried over a dozen pair of shoes, and nothing worked until I bought a pair of Justin lace up work boots in April of 1999 in San Antonio, Texas. Within 3 days I had no more pain and my foot never bothered me again. I have always bragged on those Justin boots. Thanks, Ken

May 27, 2012
Nanny's Boots
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My nanny wore these boots as a teenager, and since then they have been passed through three more generations. We have had the soles re-done, as being so comfortable they were worn down with constant wear. I have yet to find a pair of more beautifully designed boots--the butterflies on the front and back as well as the stars lined near the pullup straps. Nanny acquired them while riding in the northern New Mexico mountains. The story was that she was riding some trails, and she came across another rider who wanted her blanket. So her blanket was swapped for this pair of boots. My teenage daughter now wears them around Orange County, California. She is often stopped with people inquiring where to get a pair of boots like hers. Her reply, "Justin."

May 26, 2012
Happy bride to be!
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I have to share this with you. I am to be married soon and we took some pre-wedding shots, and are using this one for our program cover. It looks like a fantastic ad for Justin boots! It was such a happy day as we rode horses for some of our pics too. Living large on a ranch in Saskatchewan Canada! (p.s. My sister lives in Justin, TX, which is where I actually bought my boots!)

May 10, 2012
My Work Boots
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My work boots I bought a year ago havent worn at all. I've abused them beyond belief, and I still haven't need for another pair yet. They're perhaps the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and they somewhat serve as running shoes for the racetrack on Sunday's and from other various animals. Cant wait to get another pair, top notch!

May 7, 2012
Cowboy Brad!
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My little man is now 6 months old and already has his first pair of Justin just like his Pa Paw wears. As our family focuses on outdoor activities at the ranch we made sure he had boots that are as tough as him.

May 7, 2012
Save Those Boots!
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My daughter, who is soon to be 32, always wore little girl boots when she was growing up in the 80's. Back then, boot companies actually made boots to fit a little girl with a narrow foot. Thankfully, I saved all her boots throughout her growing up years and today her daughter, who is 11, is wearing them. Her foot is narrow like her mother's and today's styles will not fit her. She loves the fat baby boots, but she walks right out of them. I don't know what we would have done had I gotten rid of my daughter's old boots. A few pairs have been polished and put away for another little girl someday.

April 28, 2012
I wish my turnout boots were as comfortable
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My Justin's are the best boots I have ever owned. They are tough, comfortable and they look great dirty or clean. When I get to the firehouse at night they stay on my feet until it is time to switch out into turnout gear. I can't imaging wearing anything else. And thank God they are still made here in the USA. They can handle nearly every dirty job a firefighter is called to do and then some. I love them so much I even made my own little poster.

April 22, 2012
a family tradition
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Growing up all I remember my dad wearing where Justin's. My sister and I still use the old boxes to pack. I have Cerebral Palsy so I limp slightly and drag my right foot a little. I can honestly say Justin's help me walk better... I can wear them all day!

April 20, 2012
5 years old
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I just wanted to say that Justin makes the lightest most comfortable boot I have ever put on my foot, My work is in the electrical utility and have wore the same pair of boots since 2007!!! Too scared to get a new pair because of the way these feel, way to go guys.

April 17, 2012
Heirloom Boots
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Back in the 80's, I HAD to have a pair of Justin lace-up ropers! You know, the ones with the fringe at the toe! Now, I didn't work a ranch, own a horse, or for that matter, even go out dancing much...but I wore those boots like crazy because they were so comfortable. Years passed and styles changed...just like our life activities. The boots were put away on a shelf. In the late 90's, my daughter was performing in a Christmas play with an "old west" theme. We were in the process of moving out-of-state and everything was being packed. As I sat on the hotel floor making a prairie skirt with a glue-gun and hem tape, I thought of those boots. We dug those boots out, and to my surprise, they fit perfectly! She was the hit of the play! Now, she shows quarterhorses at open shows...boots are everywhere around here, but she passed my size up a long time ago! I think those boots are still packed away somewhere...maybe I will pass them on to a grand-daughter one day!

April 14, 2012
Justin 8130
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Bought this pair of Justin black lizard boots in 1980. They are the old needle toe style # 8310. I'm still wearing them 32 years later. They are beginning to split a little, but they still shine up like a new dollar. They are still the most comfortable pair of boots in my closet.

April 2, 2012
My Justin Stampede boots
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My whole life I have been looking for good durable and comfortable work boots. I finally found that pair when I tried on the Justin Stampede Boots. Now, I can wear by boots all the time and not hurt with every step. Justin boots make the most comfortable and durable boots out there.

March 30, 2012
The Hills of Kentucky To The Sands of Florida
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On Labor Day weekend, September 2009, I went into The Boots Store, in the flea market, here in Simpsonville, Kentucky. I was just stopping in to say hello to my church pastor who happens to own the store. After about 15 minutes of talking to my pastor he asked if I needed anything. I replied along the lines of "Sure! Let's see what you got!" As soon as I got into the Justin Boots isle he picked up a fantastic looking pair of Justin Tekno Crepe Arizonas and I instanly knew I had to have them! We went through the steps of fitting them right and finding my size and needless to say, I left with the pair I picked out. It's now been almost 4 years since I bought them and I still wear them all the time! I can walk, run, ride and even sleep in them, because they're so comfortable that I sometimes forget they're even on my feet! These boots have seen all kinds of places including West Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina! There's really no need for me to tell my Justin Boots Story, these boots tell their own story!


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