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February 22, 2012
Back pain & Boots?!
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My Justin Boots have been with me since I was diagnosed with scoliosis. The Gypsy style boots have kept me from having pain everyday because I work on concrete floors at a local home improvement store. I bought a new pair in December for Christmas and they are taking a beating. That beating though keeps me from having to visit doctors constantly for chiropractic care. Thanks Justin for making boots that have such great orthopedic support!!

February 16, 2012
these boots were made for walking
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Years ago my daughter was told she would be in a wheel chair but the Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City had a different opinion.They did surgery and gave us hope it was a long journey. When my daughter was ready to give up a doctor wrote a perscicption for a pair of cowboy boots. Needless to say my daughter and all her friend wear gypsy boots thank you for making a super product. A very happy mom

February 14, 2012
LOVE my Gypsy's!!
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I had my eye on a GORGEOUS pair of Justin Stampede's for the longest time, so naturally I was SO excited when I was the 2nd runner up winner to a $75.00 Bootbarn.com shopping spree! I just knew I was going to get my Justin's (my very FIRST pair of boots!)! Alas, the Stampede's I had my eye on just didn't fit quite right (12" shaft was a little too tall), so I decided on a pair of Justin Gypsy's (with the 11" shaft) and I couldn't be happier! Definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn, I never want to take them off! Can't wait to get my next pair of Justin's!

February 10, 2012
Total skeptic!
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I was such a skeptic about the bent rail with the square toe. I have always wore pointy toe every since I could walk. It's what my dad always wore. The salesman talked me into them. I'm so glad he did. I work 9hr shifts in them no pain in my toes like I use to get with other. I love them so much I'm looking at getting another pair. Thanks so much Justin for these boots also thanks to that salesman.

January 24, 2012
I'd rather wear my boots than some shiny glass slipper
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I've wanted these boots for about two years and since the day I got them they have been on my feet. They may not be shiny glass slippers but the mud on my boots goes great with my personality.<3

January 21, 2012
Work Day At The Ranch
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My daughter and a few of her 4-H friends have been raising and showing sheep for a number of years. Our 4-H leader arranged to have a Lamb Camp and Work Day for the kids. This picture was taken after the event. As you can see they are all Justin Boot fans.

January 20, 2012
Always Justin Boots
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I have been wearing Justin boots since I was kid. My grandfather bought me my first pair at a boot store in Odessa, Tx. I have tried a few different brands over the years for various reasons and I have always been dissapointed. NOTHING wears as well as my Justin Boots. I buy the same pair 4760 work boots every 2 years... I'm on my 6th pair. I recently purchased a pair Justin waterproof hunting boots with a camo upper, WK4675... I shouldn't have been suprised - I've been wearing them everyday! I am a Justin Boot guy for life!

January 17, 2012
These boots were made for talkin'
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I stumbled across these Justin boots in a thrift store and knew I had to have them. My college age daughter and I decided we would share them, her sporting them first at U of Illinois Jason Aldean concert and then me wearing them just days later to King George. My life has been transformed. There's something about strapping on a pair of cowboy boots that builds confidence. I have offered our boots to family and friends, lending them out for special events, a story in the making. Being a writer, if these boots could talk, I would love to hear their story. That is one mystery I may not be able to solve. However, I can share their story from this point forward, and what a point they will make.

January 17, 2012
Sturdy Boots
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I bought my first pair of Justin's when I was 17. I was really into mud runs and truck pulls and needed a good pair of boots. I got a pink pair of the Justin Gypsy boots and I fell in love as soon as I found them! I didn't wear anything other than my boots after that! I have even worn my scrubs with my boots (showing everyone that I'm a country girl). My first pair are still in really good shape and they sure have taken a beating! I bought my second pair last year and plan on getting the camo Gypsy's next week! I can't wait to get them!

January 12, 2012
Wrecked Car's
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I am an auto body technician for a GM dealership here in Texas. You wreck 'em I fix 'em. I have tried every work boot out there. About a year ago, I bought a pair of the Stampede work line boots. My wife's suggestion. I have put these things through everything you can imagine. Splashed all kinds of auto chemicals on them, welded in them, gouged them with sharp and hot metal. You name it, if its on or in a vehicle, my boots have been through it! I will never buy anything but Justin's!!!

January 10, 2012
My everyday pair and my sunday best pair of gypsy's!
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Hey everyone! I have been proudly wearing Justin Gypsy for about 4 years now!! I LOVE THEM! I finally told my husband this past christmas I wanted a new pair, my other one are still in great condition but I wanted a Sunday best pair! Thats right cause I wear them to church lol! They are so comfortable and I wear my gypsy about 5 out of 7 days a week, so I needed a nice new pair for church on Sunday!! Thanks for making, comfortable, awesome looking boots for WOMEN!!

January 8, 2012
My Second pair of justins
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After wearing Wolverine boots for near twenty years last year I purchased my first pair of Justin boots and after wearing them for nine days straight I could no longer wear my wolverines and I had to go and buy my second pair just to work in. These have to be some of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Now my whole family wears Justin's for two reasons; one very comfortable and two proudly handcrafted in the USA. I love made in America . Keep up the great work

January 5, 2012
It Could Always Be Worse!
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I bought my pair of ladies' work boots from your store in downtown Ft. Worth when we first moved to our farm about 7 years ago. I have worn them quite a bit and really they are more comfortable to me than running shoes. In the fall, my son and I were feeding the cows on the four wheeler when, unfortunately, my boot slipped and I got pinned under the back tire with the cows coming! Even though my leg got stuck, it didn't end up being broken, just bruised. If I had been in those tennis shoes... well, it could have been another story. You and I are wise enough to know that there was more than luck and a good pair of Justin's on my side that day, but I sure am thankful for a sturdy pair of boots.

December 29, 2011
My first Justin Boots and First Love!
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My step brother had been trying to talk me into buying some Justin boots for a while (he hated my Ariats) so I decided to look on the website to see if any interested me. I instantly fell in love with the Bent Rail collection and I knew I had to have some. Being the true country girl I am, I couldn't resist square toed boots :) For Christmas I asked for the Tan Puma Cowhide boots, and on Christmas Day I found them under the tree. I LOVE them, but I'm keeping my Ariats to do the dirty work. My new boots are so comfortable! I'm so glad I got me some Justin boots! ?

December 29, 2011
New Roper Workboots
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I have worn combat boots for the last 32 years. As I am getting ready to retire from the Army I told my wife I wanted some Ropers but they had to be made in N. America. We found a pair of Copper Caprice, Style 762, size 12, which then found their way under the Christmas Tree. They fit great! I love the feel. And they are made in the US! Well done!

December 29, 2011
New boots
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I haven't bought a pair of boots in over 15 years. So, yearning for a new pair, I went to the local western wear store here in cow town. I put on some Justin boots and walked out the store, with very little breaking them in they are like wearing a tennis shoe, I plan to buy another pair (lace up) to wear to work, I'm a chef and that should tell you something! I stay on my feet for long periods of time. Thanks

December 27, 2011
Boot Scoot Boogie
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The first real pair of boots (I'd had a pair as a kid, but I probably didn't wear them long..) I purchased for myself when I had just turned 18. I got a pair of Justin Bent Rails from the Justin Discount Boots outlet in Justin, TX about 20 min from my home in Argyle. My friends came with me to help pick out a pair, we were going to go to Billy Bob's that weekend to go dancing. It took me a little while to decide on a pair (they were all so awesome), but I loved the ones I ended up with. That weekend we saw Clay Walker, a concert that I will always remember. This was my very first introduction to country dancing. I fell in love. That group of friends only went out to Billy Bob's once a month though, so I didn't really do much dancing (or boot wearing for that matter) until April 1, 2011. I remember the day because it was opening day of the Texas Rangers Season, I watched the game with some friends, and met a girl at the party. She invited me to go dancing that night. I was introduced to a huge group of friends who are AMAZING dancers and I am now very grateful to call them all my great friends. Ever since that day, I've gone VERY few weeks without going dancing at least one night, sometimes 2 or 3 or even 4 nights in a week. All in my first ever pair of Justin's. Along the way I've brought a number of friends to the Justin store to help them pick out boots. It's gotten to the point where the ladies who work there recognize me. I still wear those boots all the time. They now have holes in the soles and the heels are worn down. There are scuff marks in the shap of circles in the sole from all the spinning. I'm going to get them resoled next week. Tomorrow though, I'm headed back to the Justin store to get another pair! No matter how much people try to sell me on other boots, I'm a Justin fan for life!

December 24, 2011
6 year waiting on justin boots
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Ive been wanting Justin Gypsy boots since I can remember. I am now 32, and can gladly say when I take off the boots to put my sneakers on, I can feel the difference. You never want to take the boot off so its very comfortable. This year Dec. 2011, I got my brown and pink stitch Gypsy Justin boots for xmas, and I was so excited to wear them. I wore them sorting brick outside, so they got broken in. I do alot of animal work outside, project work, and these are just perfect. Thanks justin boots. I love my new xmas present!

December 22, 2011
I miss my ropers!
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I got my first pair of Justin Ropers in the '80s. I had a navy blue, brown, and black. They were the most comfortable boots I ever owned and the only ones. I lived in Castroville, TX and wore them to school (alot) just like all the other country/small town kids. I kept them all through college and finally they disappeared after I got married. I say disappeared b/c I moved to Austin leaving them in my mom's closet never to be seen again. Now my daughter is 11 and she is wanting her first pair of boots. We live in Kyle, TX now and it is just like Castroville, small and full of cowboys. I am looking to get her a pair of Justin Ropers but I am wanting some for myself too! How I miss my ropers but this mama, is gonna keep Justin Ropers in the family!!

December 17, 2011
Real Big Boy Boots !
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My Boyfriend is a Powerlifter- you know one of those huge fellas on ESPN that tie a chain to a desil rig & pull it down the street. So buying anything for this man is nearly impossible... I'm from the South & have known about Justin Boots since from when I was a kid & so I took a shot in the dark last Christmas & got him the Tan Gaucho Work boot with all the bells & whistles. I was cautiously optimistic as he pulled them up on his size 11 wide foot- And to my surprise they fit him like a glove! Now even more of a surprise, he called me from work the next afternoon only to let me know how darn comfortable his feet have been all day! Now feet that carry around a 340lb man are ever anything but comfortable... So now that was last Christmas & he is still wearing those boots almost every single day (he has never had a boot last him more then 6-7mo before). What am I getting him this year for Christmas you ask?.... You Guessed it- A new Pair of Justin Boots for this Big Big Boy! Thank you Justin for making an Already Rockin' Girlfriend Rock just a little more! Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 11, 2011
Girl gone country!
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Well let me start by saying that I am probably a closet country girl....I had a pair of boots back in the 80's and I loved them and always wanted another pair...fast forward to 2011 a friend of mine invited our family to watch him bull ride in a local arena, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to seek out my new pair of boots. I asked my facebook friends where do go for a nice pair of boots and received many suggestions, but the main one was get Justin boots. I called my daughter and our road trip adventure was on to find our boots. We ended up driving up to the Irish Hills in Michigan from Ohio for our boots and later that day drove to Van Wert, Ohio to the Hat Creek Arena to watch our friend ride the bull. My boots are so comfortable and now I want a pair for every day of the week! I think I have found my calling and would love to have a shop to sell boots...sounds crazy, but it would be so cool....that is truly who I am a jeans and boots girl!

December 6, 2011
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I know that all you have to do to check the comfort of your work boot is to wear them all day, every day. I am a lineman and have many boots. The problem is if you can climb in them they take the hide off of your toes when you walk in them. On the other hand if they are comfortable they kill your arches when your in your climbing hooks. I will spend good money for good boots. I have been wearing this pair for three and a half years. Two soles and many a rainy, sleet filled night later I am now looking for another set. I have checked out these boots from standing in water and snow for hours on end, to fending off a biting dog. I have stepped in holes, and hung off of poles in many awkward positions and twisted my ankle in many positions and these boots have given me good support. I know that like my other tools, these boots are quality and I don't have to worry about my boots when I go to work. I also wear them on my days off. Thank you for your quality boots.

November 29, 2011
Boot Repair
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My Justin Mulehide boots were needing their 3rd set of soles and their 4th set of heels. I work them pretty hard as a butcher, farming, and just everyday wear (I wore them 18 hrs/day). The boot repair guy looked at me funny when I replied to why my boots were needin' fixed. He said "did you tear them up working on the farm?" "Or was it because of climbing over fences, or climbing on machinery?" I said "Nope, I tore the heel off Saturday at our family reunion playin' volleyball!" All he could say was,"Well, I'll be..."

November 24, 2011
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I am a volunteer fire fighter in my local town. Several years ago we were at a Christmas parade in a local town. We were dispatched for a barn fire in our area. We jumped in our fire trucks and responded to the fire. When we arrived on scene, I jumped out of the ladder truck I was riding in, took my Justins off, and put on my fire gear. As were were getting ready to leave, I realized that the operator of the truck lowered the outriggers for the ladder truck onto my beloved Justins. Putting the entire weight of the apparatus onto my boots and pushing them into the dirt. I was able to dry them off, clean them up a little and wear them for many years after that. If that doesn't show how TOUGH your boots are, I don't know what does. Thanks for a GREAT product !!!

November 21, 2011
American working man and his best tool
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Me and this ol' Justin boot got a lot in common. We're both hard workers were big and made in America were both just a lil ruff on the outside and we dont care to get dirty always ready to kick something when needed. We're both thick skinned and given our age and usuage we may be a lil weak in the back from hard work . But on the inside were like no other we are soft and offer great support its from the way we were built and materials used and we have the will to do what ever is needed to get the job done...


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