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December 17, 2011
Real Big Boy Boots !
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My Boyfriend is a Powerlifter- you know one of those huge fellas on ESPN that tie a chain to a desil rig & pull it down the street. So buying anything for this man is nearly impossible... I'm from the South & have known about Justin Boots since from when I was a kid & so I took a shot in the dark last Christmas & got him the Tan Gaucho Work boot with all the bells & whistles. I was cautiously optimistic as he pulled them up on his size 11 wide foot- And to my surprise they fit him like a glove! Now even more of a surprise, he called me from work the next afternoon only to let me know how darn comfortable his feet have been all day! Now feet that carry around a 340lb man are ever anything but comfortable... So now that was last Christmas & he is still wearing those boots almost every single day (he has never had a boot last him more then 6-7mo before). What am I getting him this year for Christmas you ask?.... You Guessed it- A new Pair of Justin Boots for this Big Big Boy! Thank you Justin for making an Already Rockin' Girlfriend Rock just a little more! Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 11, 2011
Girl gone country!
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Well let me start by saying that I am probably a closet country girl....I had a pair of boots back in the 80's and I loved them and always wanted another pair...fast forward to 2011 a friend of mine invited our family to watch him bull ride in a local arena, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to seek out my new pair of boots. I asked my facebook friends where do go for a nice pair of boots and received many suggestions, but the main one was get Justin boots. I called my daughter and our road trip adventure was on to find our boots. We ended up driving up to the Irish Hills in Michigan from Ohio for our boots and later that day drove to Van Wert, Ohio to the Hat Creek Arena to watch our friend ride the bull. My boots are so comfortable and now I want a pair for every day of the week! I think I have found my calling and would love to have a shop to sell boots...sounds crazy, but it would be so cool....that is truly who I am a jeans and boots girl!

December 6, 2011
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I know that all you have to do to check the comfort of your work boot is to wear them all day, every day. I am a lineman and have many boots. The problem is if you can climb in them they take the hide off of your toes when you walk in them. On the other hand if they are comfortable they kill your arches when your in your climbing hooks. I will spend good money for good boots. I have been wearing this pair for three and a half years. Two soles and many a rainy, sleet filled night later I am now looking for another set. I have checked out these boots from standing in water and snow for hours on end, to fending off a biting dog. I have stepped in holes, and hung off of poles in many awkward positions and twisted my ankle in many positions and these boots have given me good support. I know that like my other tools, these boots are quality and I don't have to worry about my boots when I go to work. I also wear them on my days off. Thank you for your quality boots.

November 29, 2011
Boot Repair
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My Justin Mulehide boots were needing their 3rd set of soles and their 4th set of heels. I work them pretty hard as a butcher, farming, and just everyday wear (I wore them 18 hrs/day). The boot repair guy looked at me funny when I replied to why my boots were needin' fixed. He said "did you tear them up working on the farm?" "Or was it because of climbing over fences, or climbing on machinery?" I said "Nope, I tore the heel off Saturday at our family reunion playin' volleyball!" All he could say was,"Well, I'll be..."

November 24, 2011
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I am a volunteer fire fighter in my local town. Several years ago we were at a Christmas parade in a local town. We were dispatched for a barn fire in our area. We jumped in our fire trucks and responded to the fire. When we arrived on scene, I jumped out of the ladder truck I was riding in, took my Justins off, and put on my fire gear. As were were getting ready to leave, I realized that the operator of the truck lowered the outriggers for the ladder truck onto my beloved Justins. Putting the entire weight of the apparatus onto my boots and pushing them into the dirt. I was able to dry them off, clean them up a little and wear them for many years after that. If that doesn't show how TOUGH your boots are, I don't know what does. Thanks for a GREAT product !!!

November 21, 2011
American working man and his best tool
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Me and this ol' Justin boot got a lot in common. We're both hard workers were big and made in America were both just a lil ruff on the outside and we dont care to get dirty always ready to kick something when needed. We're both thick skinned and given our age and usuage we may be a lil weak in the back from hard work . But on the inside were like no other we are soft and offer great support its from the way we were built and materials used and we have the will to do what ever is needed to get the job done...

November 18, 2011
Casey James Made Me A Justin Girl!
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I was looking for some good, comfortable boots that weren't too expensive, so I decided to ask a boot wearing professional, Mr. Casey James of Fort Worth, TX. Also known as @CaseyEJames (Casey Everett James) on twitter. I tweeted Mr. James: @CaseyEJames Question I would only trust you to answer- What's the best cowboy boots? I wanna get a pair, but don't know which brand is best And this is the answer I received: @pjwood67 well that's a super subjective question, but Justin's have always treated me well. They make a good boot So, I drove an hour to my nearest Justin dealer & proceeded to try on boots. He was right, they are the best boots! So comfortable and affordable and made in the USA. I bought my first pair on 11-11-11 and wore them to see Casey in concert 3 days later and thanked him for the advice. You should check out the new video on CMT for his first single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night," it's a great song! Thanks Casey James for turning me into a Justin girl! Love ya!

November 15, 2011
Boots that travelled the world
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I first came to the USA in 2004, when I visited Van in Midway, UT. I was invited by his father, well known horse and cattle auctioneer Brent Kelly, to a trail around Deer Creek. He is a man of US tradition and lots of experience, who always wore Justin Tan Premium. While visiting Salt Lake city I didn't even think twice before buying myself the same boots. In these boots I not only worked every day on our ranch (www.kingsranch.estranky.cz), but I've also ridden on a horse throughout Yellowstone park. I also participated in shows as Futurity Reined cowhorse Reno 2008, Oklahoma Reining Futurity, Championships of Slovakia 2007 - 2009, Reining Futurity Italy 2007 - 2010. These boots I was and still do use on every horses related occasion that I can, they are not only comfortable in good weather but also hold up very well in all kinds of bad weather. The only thing that I was rebuked about by the referees was the the fact these boots do not have heels, but the comfort they give a man of my age (54) pays off. They were repaired only once, I had to replace the shoe sole. It's a pity here in Europe it is impossible to find them, Justin European resellers sell only the most recent models. Justin Boots Tan Premium model I would describe with a Slovak saying: For little money, lots of music. Best regards, Roman Nedoma Bratislava - Slovakia

November 7, 2011
Justins in a motorcycle crash
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I was leaving work early saturday morning when I had an 8pt buck jump out in front of my on my motorcycle. I hit the deer causing me to dump the bike going about 55mph and I slid for 150-200 feet. My jeans, motorcycle jacket and my justin boots were all torn up from road rash and gravel, but thanks to the construction of the boots they held up after that beating!!

October 27, 2011
Boots and Puppies
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Bought a pair of Justin boots for my fiance and she loved them. She wore them out once and she looked great in them every time. One week our 6 month old puppy had to be kept inside because we where bush jogging our yard and Bella (our puppy) loved the boots as much as my fiance and decided to see how they tasted. Well now my fiance, Marissa, has the privilege off seeing her toes on her left foot whenever she puts the boots on. So, if this has happened to any one else and your puppy ate the right boot, I sure could use the left one! Haha.

October 23, 2011
loved my boots
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Well about six months ago a tornado came through my small town in Georgia and I was out cleanin up the mess when we got word another one was comin back through. So I ran into the barn to let my horses out when my cousins boots got torn down the side from an old piece of wood. I kinda laughed at first thinking you shoulda got Justin's, but then the roof started creakin so I knew we needed to get outta there. Well I took my boots off to give to my cousin so he wouldn't step on anything, I didn't mind as long as he was safe. He left the boots in the barn and after the storm I went back and all i found was one boot an no barn! As mad as I was I still had to laugh as I thought to myself, my feet may hurt but atleast one of my Justin's are in one piece. 'Cause there ain't no tearin' up them Justin Boots.

October 19, 2011
The Most Comfrortable
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I am an entertainer and always on my feet. I need a classy, comfortable boot that won't break the bank.

About two years ago I tried on a pair of Justin's with the J Flex system and they were great. I was short on funds so placed them back on the shelf. I just couldn`t get them off my mind, so in May of 2010 I went back to Gander Mountain and the boots were on sale. Bingo, they were now mine. My feet felt like they were in heaven. I have never felt this kind of comfort with any footwear. I wore them everyday and they got beat up. They are in great shape, other than being scuffed. I wanted a new pair, so I went back to Gander and they had discontinued the boot. I then went to Baskin's in Conroe, Tx. where they sold me on a pair of Ariats. A comfortable enough boot, but doesn't compare to the Justins.

October 17, 2011
On the Farm
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I bought my first pair of justin boots almost a year a go I wear them every day. I work 7 days a week on a few different farms in Michigan and also ride my horses in them. They are the most comfortable boot I've owned.

October 17, 2011
Ole stampede boots Tan Cowhide Square Toe Crepe sole
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I've had my Justin square toe Stampede boots for a year now an I am very proud of them. I work on the farm as well as doing masonry work and they are holiding up just fine. They're the best pair of boots I have ever put on my feet! I'm a Justin boy all the way, my girl always asks, "When are you gonna take them boots off?" I love them that much! Thanks guys for making such good boots, I would recomend these boots to everybody!

April 20, 2012
Real work boots
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Just wanted to say they are by far the best work boots I have ever owned, ording new pair tonight after five years in the same boot it's time for a new pair, Working for a electric utility in all kinds of terrain, I don't think there is a lighter or more solid boot made, thanks for the good boot you make.

October 13, 2011
Farm Girl at Heart
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If my boots could talk... They'd say a lot. They have been all over.

They were on my feet at prom under my dress, and as I walked across the stage for graduation. They were there when I got the handshake from the judge holding the grand champion plaque. There were there on my feet, on early mornings, and late nights, in the barn and fields and tractors, as well as in the school classrooms and church. Thick and thin, the boots were on me. And boy, could they say a lot, if they could talk.

October 12, 2011
Justin Boots Serve Humanity
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Just got a job with the Red Cross and the first thing the folks in Disaster Management said was "Get yourself a good pair of boots!"

Ordered myself my first pair of safety toe black Pitstops. My first Justin boots ever! Fine enough to be worn in the office and tough enough to be worn in our worst disaster areas. These boots are now part of the world-wide effort to bring aid and comfort to humanity.

October 8, 2011
Converted city girl
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I am a sworn city kid, born to parents from NYC and St. Louis, grew up in Cincinnati and Louisville, and while I've been around horses all my life and ridden horses since I was a little kid, it was bumming around the racetrack or riding hunter/jumpers. Well, all that changed after I started college in a small rural town and by the end of my four years there I was shooting whiskey in dive bars and borrowing my roommates Justin Gypsy boots for barn. I've moved back to the city with my very own pair of Justins and simply love wearing them around the office where I work (in a television news studio) where I'm now considered the country girl, and can't wait to show them off at the rodeo next month.

October 5, 2011
Texas FFA- A wedding story
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Texas FFA and Justin Boots are a perfect marriage and it was only natural that the farmer and Agriculture Science Teacher wear the new Texas FFA Justin Boots on their wedding day. The agriculture classroom and the teachers the groom encountered shaped and developed his passion for working the land and producing a crop. The bride, Gynnalyn Ezzell, also shaped by the classroom and teachers believes teaching students the history of farming and exploring the future of agriculture. Thank you Justin Boots for tying it all together and making our wedding extra special. -Kiley and Gynnalyn Abbe Photo by: Tori Rae Burgher

September 23, 2011
Cowboy boots??? Not!!!
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I wore cowboy boots in my younger years but as I aged and my feet began to bother me I turned to Sketcher Walking Shoes. I lived in them and bought nothing but. A couple years ago my granddaughter made it to the World Youth Barrel Racing show in Jackson Miss. There is a Western / Boot store across from the grounds that we visited with the kids and my granddaughter was looking at boots to buy. I hadn't wore cowboy boots in so many years it scared me to even try on a pair but because everyone else was doing it, I did. When I tried on a pair of Coffee Westerner Waterproof boots I didn't want to take them off, they were like walking in house slippers. They are the only thing I can wear all day around the farm and not have my feet screaming at the end of the day. I paid $129 for the boots, something I thought I would never do but it was worth it and they are truly waterproof. I've walked out in the pasture grass wet with dew and my feet stay just as dry as if I had rubber boots on. These boots are truly amazing and have made a believer out of me. I won't wear nothing but...do you make the same thing in dress shoes for work??? Thanks Justin for bringing me back to the "western world".

September 19, 2011
24/7 Boots
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I work a busy 24 hour schedule. I'm a truck driver, towns machine, and rancher. I wear my boots non-stop. I can walk TO HELL AND BACK IN THESE GOOD LOOKING BOOTS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK except Tuesday, I'm going to the rodeo that day. There comfortable to wear all day and night. One day at the rodeo my 450 pound bull named widow maker stepped on my boot and if it wasn't for your steel toe boots I would have lost my big toe. I had these boots for 31/2 yrs and there still going strong. When I first put them on it was like I was walking in a cloud. There the only boots I'll wear and keep buying thank you for making good long lasting boots and they also look good with my wranglers too. The stampede collection is awesome

September 11, 2011
These Boots Are Made for Walking!
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How do you let go of the best pair of boots that you have ever worn? Not easily. But today I retired the best pair of boots that I have ever walked in and oh if they could talk; I wonder what memories they would share. Purchased in 2002, during my career as a Soldier and stationed in Germany, these boots have been in Rodeo Arenas throughout Germany; helped me put my son on his first calf; walked through the war torn country of Kosovo and have been in the sands of Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. My Justin's have helped me to clear the land that my horses now graze and protected my feet while breaking and training my horses. They have seen so many barrel races and held me solid in and out of the saddle. Last night my Justin's ran their last barrel race. Today I will hold their memory in a picture that can tell a million words and remember how they have made me proud to be a Cowgirl and a Soldier.

September 7, 2011
Made in the USA
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Just want to say thinks for taking pride in and selling American made. I have been looking for a belt and saw various brands i liked but they were all made in china. Thanks Ariat, Nacoma etc. etc. for making my decision for me.

September 5, 2011
Life long friend
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As you get older and begin reflecting on your life, you realize that you can count friends you can depend on, a friend that has never failed you, one that has always stood with you and has never let you down, on one hand. Or in this case, two feet. Justin Elephant skin boots, 25 years old. A true friend.

September 3, 2011
1st pair ever
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Most folks would consider me a city slicker, because I grew up in city and urban enviroments most of my life. My family roots however come from rural northern woods of northern Michigan, where we hunt, fish, cut firewood, haul stumps, trees, and pretty much love the clean open sky of cool Michigan nights. We leave the farming to the downstaters. Any how I bought my 1st pair of Justin's last November of 2010 because some farm boy friends in college had some. I'd always had cowboy boots, but nothing fancy like Justin. Because money is tight I saved a little at a time. That day when I walked into my local retailer and pulled my size off the shelf and spent a little extra and bought a Justin by Milano hat too, and came home with them, was just like Christmas. I wear them literally every day except at work where I wear my Justin workboots steel toes, and when I'm coaching the sport I coach after work. My desire it to move back to rural Michigan after I retire, and buy a truck, and 5th wheel and travel the country working volunteer work at camps, and any other places that need a handy man to get projects done. You bet I'll be wearing Justins every day. Justin was generous enough to honor me as fan of the month on their Facebook page. I've enjoyed reading the Standard of the West: History of Justin Boots. Good book. Makes me appreciate my boots even more.


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