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August 25, 2011
Bootin' Around Castaic, Ca.
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For as long as I can remember I've always ridden in Justin boots. Growin' up in a Truck-Stop town, how could you choose otherwise? Gettin down to work, in the hot dust of a Southern California summer I prefer no other boot.

photo credit: Greg Reeves

August 25, 2011
Lost Boot!
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I had a motorcycle wreck at the age of 17 and the car that hit me smashed my right ankle and pulled my boot from my foot. I was carried to the hospital by ambulance and only had one boot on my left foot. Well long story short I was in the hospital 4 days and after being released I asked my brother to take me down to where the car hit me, so he did. I wanted to see if I could find the other boot that was pulled from my foot. Well I did find it and it had a small tear in it, but was still able to wear it. I got another several months out of that pair of boots.

August 20, 2011
comfort at last
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In 2004 i fell off a ladder smashed my left ancle.After 3 operations and 2yrs later iwas able to wear shoes, but all the shoes i bought required many days of getting my damaged ancle use to them.After 7 years of aching feet i made up my mind iwas going to find a boot to support my ancle and be comfortable. All i could find in the local stores were boots made in china,the same ones i had tried before.Iwent online searched for boots and Justin Boots popped up.I don't want cowboyboy boots,and then i looked closer and i saw 6 inch work boots.I never associated Justin with any other footware. I order the 6 inch work boot [ MADE IN AMERICA ] and to my surprise they were comfotable from day one.I wear them all day with no problems. Thank you for a fine boot. Robert J Pidgeon 67 yrs. young.

August 18, 2011
Wife Tosses Boots
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I have always wanted some boots. We moved to Houston and I figured YEAH this is it, I'll get me some boots. I bought 3 pair. After having them for about a year I loved them, wore them daily every where. Then we m0ved. As we were unpacking I did not see my shoes or boots I kept thinking that they were in another box. I never found either. My wife had put them in a trash bag which was left for trash pick up.


August 17, 2011
These are my work boots
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Well Ive had these Justin Work boots Since I was a freshman in High school. IM not 25 going on 26 they are still holding strong. I've welded in these boots, worked in mud, painted all day, worked around the ranch in them and they still are true. I recently had to glue the sole back together as seen on the heel in the picture but these are by far the best boots i have ever owned.

August 16, 2011
quick break in
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name is kenny bought me a pair of justin classics and in about two or three hours they were broke in. which is the quickest time i was able to break in any footwear. that was about febuary 2005 it is now august 2011 and they are still lookinng pretty good for their age.

August 15, 2011
Bride marries Justin in Justin Boots
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I recently was the photographer for a sweet country, cowboy/cowgirl wedding in Durango, CO. Not surprising, the Bride wore brown Justin boots, with pink trim, under her beautiful, white wedding gown - so cute!!!!

When we were taking some formal photos of the Bride, she sat down on the alter steps to rest for a minute when I noticed the bottom of her boots!!! There was "JUSTIN" imprinted on the bottom of her boot!

Can you believe, the sweet story is, the Groom's name is Justin!!! What a photo opportunity!!!

August 14, 2011
My Girl LOVES your boots!
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I catch her in them all the time! This time she had the decency to have a diaper on; sometimes she is naked! Nothing on but red Justin boots and a smile.

August 9, 2011
Gotta love em!
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Here I am, a livestock showgirl. Loud, proud and ready for anything. My boots keep me comfortable and stylish. I love my Justin Bent Rail Square Toed Turquoise Boots. They have done me good. They are great to wear to school, to livestock judging competitions, soils competitions, FFA & 4-H events, weddings, graduations and livestock shows. I walk in these boots many hours a day. They are great riding boots too. I would wear these over any pair of tennis shoes or high heels, any day. I love my boots and would like to thank you for making a great boot.

August 7, 2011
wouldnt trade
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ive had my justin boots for two years now wear them everyday to work nothing wrong with them rubber is still good i am a landscaper so they been through mud water concrete chemicals spilled on them best boots in the world wouldnt trade for anything

August 7, 2011
Best Boots of all time!
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When I was in the 7th Grade my parents bought me a new pair of Justin Tekno Ropers, I got them a size and a half too big so I could grow into them, I am now 20 years old and I have worn those boots religiously since the day my parents bought them for me, at school, in college, at work, and just for everyday use, I wouldn't trade them for nothing. Even though I've bought several new pair of Justin's since then (I wont ware any other brand of boot) my Tekno Ropers I got for my birthday when i was 13 years old are, and always will be my favorite pair, they have a special place in my heart.

August 6, 2011
Justin Bent Rail
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I just bought the Justin bent rail boots and they are the best boot that has ever been on my foot!! I'm a musician, so I'm up moving alot and these boots get the job done!!!

August 5, 2011
Total Infatuation
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When I was young, I had several surgeries on my foot and leg. After major reconstruction, I was told I might never walk again (I don't like being told what I can and can't do, so I proved those doctors wrong). Over the years, I've discovered that shoes and me...well, we just don't get along. I've found a few brands that work fine, but never anything like my Justin's. From the moment I slipped my feet inside, I felt like I had found my "sole" mates. No breaking in required, and beautifully crafted. Plus, they've got hot pink shafts, and hearts & flowers embroidered all over them. If they weren't mine, I'd be downright jealous!

August 4, 2011
"These Boots" took me to meet Eric Church!!
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I love my Justins! They took me to meet Mr. Eric Church and when he sang "these boots" I was the first person with my boot in the air! Love him and my justin bent rails=)

July 29, 2011
Only Justin's,all the time!
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I bought my first pair of Justin's in 82' and I still own em'. I have around 15 pairs and I don't wear anything else! Everyone's feet are different and Justin boots are made for mine, all the others are uncomfortable. My workboots are the best ever for working on concrete all day and the styling is 2nd. to none. Luv em"

July 29, 2011
LOVE my George Strait ladies Justin lace up L0919
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Never have I ever ever ever had a new pair of boots feel and fit as perfect in my whole life, as my new Georege Strait ladies lace up L0919.

I wear boots ALL the time . From 5:30 a.m. in the moring till 10:00 pm or later 7 days a week, for work, riding, play, picnics and Church. I dont wear tennis shoes, heels or flip flops, only boots... These George Strait boots are AWESOME!!! I feel like I'm walking on air .... Thank you for this boot !! LOVE them ...

July 26, 2011
Bird Watching
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It was September 24, 2008 when a pair of Justin Boots won an incredible game of man versus the wild. I was headed west towards home when i noticed a plot of land that looked suitable for my mother. A storm was relieving the land at the time so i believed that it would be in my best interest to return at a later date. It just so happened that the following morning was my mother's birthday. In the between time I derived a plan of action. I packed my pair of trusted Justin Rubber Water Boots in the back of my Chevrolet truck. I also had a very dependable fleece interior water tight exterior jacket and Tweed back pack that i always carry on trips into the wild. However, this story is solely derived with the intent of trustworthyness. The morning of my mothers birthday was extreme. The birds were erect searching for any and every moving insect in the pasture. The dragonflies were buzzing about absorbing every bit of moisture off exhausted patches of grass. The convection of heat rose off each and every bit of cow dough in the field. I eased my truck into the back drive of a homestead that had looked to be abandoned. Upon further review i believe the home was under tenure construction. Either the case i was intent on scouting this plot of land. I knew that i did not have the funds to surprise my mother on her birthday with a land deed but i was still intent on discovering a place new to me. Unannounced to me a martin county sherrif had mimicked my movement into the drive of the house adjacent to my vehicle. He did not have plain view of my chevrolet truck. However, he did see that i was in the field with what appeared to be a large plastic bag. As a youth i was schooled in the art of chasing pigs. Through my observations i have realized that a bird is a pigs best friend. The only place that a bird will not go is into a field that has been flooded by an august storm. On foot. On the back of a pig however is mighty enticing. The amount of bugs, aroused by the movement of the slow creature does not entice the birds. I believe that it is merely the enjoyment of the ride. In whatever case i was in the middle of the field, wearing justin boots, and the sherrif was in his car, wearing black polished high gloss ceremony boots. Between the officer and myself was a large plot of land. In all directions was standing water. There was no possible way that the officer could have handcuffed me in that position. Through a loud yell across the pasture i heard his voice," hey you there! I responded,"give me a minute, i will come on over to the fence where you are at!" I immediately stowed the bag full of food in a cool place and trudged towards the officer. After a briefing on the lay of the land i was informed that my shirt had the words TAP OUT written across the breast area in bright orange letters. The owner of the land had previously celebrated the coming of the rains and did not wish to saturate his own newly aquired Justin work boots. Therefore i stood the test of time and was released 7 days later with a promise to appear for tresspassing. My entire family could not believe what i had done. I had scouted the entire pasture, by foot, in a pair of justin waterproof boots. All of the while the rest of okeechobee county rejoiced at the Dairy Queen in the comfort of a full service restauraunt; my Justin Boots remained rigid in the security of my mothers home.

July 26, 2011
Justin Boots ... where rebooting is fun !!!
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I work in a cubicle office environment in DFW with about 200 other people. My colleagues and I spend most of the day on our computers. A lot of times, the computers freeze up and we've got to shut them down ... the dreaded "reboot".

One day, I wore my Justin boots in to work. I didn't have to reboot my computer once. So, I thought up the slogan, "Justin Boots ... where rebooting is fun !!!" I hope you can use it.

July 26, 2011
through the creek
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my cousins and i always used to go to the creek and try to catch minos and guppies with are mason jars. when we wore tennis shoes the water would shred the cheap made leather, so we bought some justin boots at the local supply store, they would hold up with us like that water was nothing. i liked justin boots so much cause they were made in the usa! we wore out some justin boots through out the years, thanks justin for the great boots.

July 23, 2011
Only Boots I Buy
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Justin Boots are the only ones I will wear when competing at a rodeo or just working around the ranch!! They are comfortable enough to wear all day long on horse back but have enough class for a night out at the rodeo(:

July 21, 2011
second hand and haggard
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i found a pair of your boots in a second hand store, been wearin em for over a year. holes in the souls and i'm still kickin flank. if some money sweats by my way, boy i'll be buyin me another pair in a heart beat. best damn boots i ever owned

July 18, 2011
Justin Sea Turtles
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I have a pair of Justin Sea Turtle boots (endangered species) that do not fit me any longer. They still have the original Justin soles on them. I am looking at trying to either have them re-worked to fit or maybe some one would be interested in making an offer on them. They may be the last pair in existence.

July 15, 2011
Mother to daughter, " Choose your boots like you chose your husband, forever."
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I was so excited when I bought my boots in 1993. They are still like new after all these years. I've taken care of them well and they fit like a pair of my favorite jeans. When my daughter told me she was going to be a bridesmaid in a western wedding I knew she needed real cowboy boots, not some phoney, made in China piece of plastic. Can you imagine your poor feet inside a plastic boot? Well first thing I did was get my Justins out of the closet and show her how they looked worn, but new. I said, "Daughter, choose your boots like you're choosing a husband. They'll last you a lifetime so you had better not only like them, but love them." She got the most awesome boots turquoise and tan Justin boots at the Boot Barn! I'm jealous now and only wish I could afford to buy a new pair. Mine are black and I always wanted another in a fancy color made out of iguana or ostrich, etc. Exotic in other words. Well on another note about husbands, I'm divorced nine years now from a 20 yr marriage, but my boots are still with me. I did a better job choosing my boots than I did a husband. That's o.k., a good pair of boots are more important than a man right now.

July 13, 2011
Standing on my own two feet in Justins!
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I got my first pair of Justin boots when I was 16, they were a gift from my parents. I wore my boots quite often to school, around my own house doing yardwork, and to fit right in stylishly at the annual rodeos in Okeechobee. 2 years after I got my boots I was in a very bad car accident. No one was sure I would ever walk again, then I worked at it alone in my hospital room and then proved to my doctors I was ready to try it. Then I was released from the hospital and had to attend physical therapy for a year, along with other therapies. At home, in therapy, and anywhere else I went I wore my Justins because they supported my badly injured ankles. I have had my Justins since I was 16. Now I am 27, I am married, and live in Georgia. I can't find any Justins around here as easily as I could in Florida, but I will never settle for anything else. My sister taught me about Justins when I was younger, I took pride in my roper workboots for many years, and my boot soles are cracked, but I will wear them until I find another pair because they have held up and been through so much with me!

July 12, 2011
my new justins
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my birthday was on july 8 so i wanted some new boots and i got some justin bent rail and the are now the love of my life the bottoms are brown and the tops are white with red and purple stitching and they were cheap 154.99 well atleast thats cheap to me well there a little big but that gives me anough time to grow into them but i love them.


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