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December 5, 2008
My Dad's Boots
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When I was growing up in a small town in Mississippi, my dad worked in the oil fields. I remember it was a great treat for the kids to pull off his boots for him because he was so tired from working days and nights without rest to make ends meet for his family. His big oil field boots were caked with mud and oil, but we loved pulling them off and placing them on the porch outside. Even though he wore boots in the field, he had a pair of Justin boots for dress wear to church on Sunday. I was twenty three when my Dad passed away. Going through his things, my mother found the Justin boots and she wanted me to have them. They were probably twenty years old at the time but still held a shine. I wore those boots for eighteen years, had them only re-soled once and eventually passed them to my fathers grandson who wore them another ten. Memories of my Dad wearing his boots, me wearing my Dad's boots and now his grandson wearing his Justin boots. Maybe they will still be around when another son comes along.

December 5, 2008
Hats Off
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I use my justins every day, and I just want to say that the photo that Mr. Wilkie from Ridgecrest Ca. sent in says it ALL!!

The Mud, Spurs, Work Gloves and Rope.

Like myself it looks like no Lab Rat or desk for him! just plane HARD WORK that you need a good boot to do your job. Justin should use this photo for ad's of the hard working folks!

my hats off to you Mr. Wilkie for a great pic. and Justin for a Great Boot!

December 4, 2008
big boots to fill
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growing up i never seen my father where anything but a pairof boots on his feet be it work or dress he always had boots on.i worshiped everything about him,so as i grew all i wanted was to wear boots like him.my father worked in the oilfields and his career took us to texas in my opinion the boot capital of the world.i never looked back from there,not to mention in the early 1980's a new singer came to country music none other then george strait and i have been a fan of his since and he of course wears justin boots.eary 1991 my father bought a new pair of justins he wore them only for dress.i begged him all the time to let me where them but he would just laugh and say " nope dont think they will fight you".well we wore the same size but i knew in my heart that i could never fill them.in may of that year my father died of a heart attack .when i went to my moms house after the funeral she told me she had something for me.my mom handed me a box and when i opened it there were my dads boots,almost brand new.i wore them boots till i couldnt wear them anymore.even tho i wore them ragged and they fit like a glove i still knew that i couldnt never fill the boots of the legend,the man,my father.

December 4, 2008
Dumb Cowboy with no Sole
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Back in early 2000's my family and I got into horses. We were into Team Penning, Rodoes and fun shows on Saturdays. We helped a local rancher on a rodeo @ the famous Love Valley Labor Day Rodeo,NC and I got chose to work the back cattle pens.

To go back a few more years, back in late 90's I got a few dollars so I bought me a pair of Justin Elephant skin boots, they are really tough as an elephant. I only wore them for show for years and years.

So go back to the rodeo, I wore the elephant boots that night because my other boots got wet, it rained for two days before the rodeo, so you can just imagine what those pens looked and smelled like. By the end of the weekend I lost my watch and my sole. Some whre today there is a steer wearing a real nice gold watch. The boots one of them I lost the whole sole off the bottom, my foot was to the ground, well I did not want to get rid of the best wearing boots I ever had so I heard you could send these boots back to Justin and they could re-condition them. So I did about one or two months went by and I got a package in the mail opened it and there a brand new Justin box, I opened it like it was Christmas sure enough there was my boots looked like new along with a note. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-condition your fine pair of justin boots, we no longer make this type of boot and you should be proud to own a pair. Please if you return any more Please make sure you wash them off a little more. PS I can't believe you wore this type of fine boot to a rodeo to work in cow pens. Still today I take them out and wear on special ocasions.

December 4, 2008
Boots For Me?
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My life long dream growing up as a young girl was to have my very own horse. We didn't grow up around horses but my grandpa had horses, my younger brother and I use to go and run with those wild horses and play every chance we got with them. As I grew older every chance I got to be around or ride a horse I grabbed it. Finaly 6 years ago I met and married the man of my dreams who already owned a horse. We bought a place together out in the country with all sand roads, then I finaly got my first horse! It was awesome to say the least at age 51 to finaly have my very own horse! Then of course the next thing I wanted was a pair of boots. I tried alot of different styles and brands on and just could not find a pair that fit well and didn't hurt my feet. Finaly I went into a local tack store and told the guy that I wanted a pair of boots and with my wide foot the women's just didn't fit right and the mens were too big. So with that he says "come on ,I think I know just what to do for you." We walked to the boys section and he said as he picked up a pair of boots the color I liked that lets try these. Well it so happens that they were Justin boys boots that fit perfectly just like they were made for me.. So now I not only have the man of my dreams, the horse of my dreams and the most comfortable pair of boots that were ever made!

December 4, 2008
Back in my Justin Boots again!
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I grew up in rural North Carolina in the sixities and seventies. On the farm I learned the importance of a hard days work. I still believe in those qualities and values today. When leisure or play time rolled around on Sunday afternoons, on came my Justin boots. Nothing was better than spending the day with the few horses we had on the farm. I grew up went to college, married and began teaching. Times were tough. I was in an accident , unable to walk for over a year. I lost my job, truck, horse, and had to move. Once I was able to start walking again I was unable to find my old boots or buy a new pair. It has taken me over 25 years to recover from all the hardships but I'm back on my feet again, with a great job, home, horse, and yes a new pair of Justin boots. You have heard of the saying " back in saddle again" well I say "back in my Justin Boots again"

December 4, 2008
Real work boots
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I work in a cold slick environment on cement. Having tried a number of brand of boots, and since George Strait is my favorite singer, I decided to try the George Strait line of boots. I've been wearing the first pair first in the cold wet environment, and then on my small acreage to take care of my horses. They are VERY comfortable on cement and help arthritic feet and knees with a lot of energy return. After about 8 years of use, I am now on my second pair of George Strait waterproof boots. They are the only kind my 58 year old knees and feet can stand in for an extended period.

December 4, 2008
Living in Winter Snow
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I'm a California native, and did not know how to live in snow. My sister and I were not allowed to wear boots as my mother said it was not lady-like. After finding the man of my dreams and moving to his home town of St. Louis Missouri and adjusting to snow in the winter I learned I needed boots. I work for McDonald's Corporate Stores in St. Louis County and need comfortable shoes that will keep me safe on their slippery floors plus dealing with the snow & ice. I turned to Women's Justins; I love them. They provide the business casual look I need for my work plus the comfort to stay on my feet all day. They are great for keeping my delicate feet warm and dry in the snow! Thanks Justin.

December 4, 2008
Horse Lover=Boot Lover
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Ever since I was a child I have loved horses. My first horse came on Christmas morning when my Dad rode him up to the front door with red ribbons in his mane ( I'm sure poor Colonel was quite embarassed by the bows)! Under the tree were all sorts of horse accessories and a Justin Boot box. In that box were red Justin cowboy boots. At the time the boots were a little over-shadowed by the living, breathing horse of my dreams but they soon became one with myself and my horse. Just like no one could ride "my horse", no one could wear my Justins, though my little sister tried and received a swat she never forgot. Playing with my barbies was ok, horse and boots, not.

Living in Kentucky, boot shopping was limited and I don't know how my Dad found that pair of red Justin Ropers, but I do know I wore them for 4 years, even when they were too small, the insole was coming out and a lot of kids at school made fun of me. I just smiled and knew how special a man my father was and how that Christmas was the most magical time of my life.

My Dad is now deceased but those red boots sit in my closet along side my numerous other pairs, as a reminder that dreams and wishes come true!

December 4, 2008
Stopped the Stumbling
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My cowboy roots came to light about a year after I became a fire fighter in 1975. Wandering and stumbling through college bore little fruit even after graduation and becoming a teacher (1974). Looking for something, not knowing what, the fire service called.

New friends and life experiences led to enjoying and appreciating country music more than ever. Listening to the music meant learning to two step, which meant dressing the part with the proper attire, especially the boots. I have since danced off several heels and soles. Additionally, my best friend acquired a ranch in '98 and the boots have been a cattle work companion.

My boots have been with me since 1976, cracked and worn with pride, but still the most comfortable of all I have owned.

December 3, 2008
Nolan Ryan Boots
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I was in Austin, Texas and happened to notice an add in the newspaper advertising Nolan Ryan commerative boots. This was in 1994 after Nolan Ryan retired from baseball. I went to the boot store and told them I wanted two pair of the boots honoring Nolan Ryan's 27 seasons in major league baseball.

They did not have any of these boots in stock but called their stores in San Antonio and Fort Worth and 2 pair of the boots were sent to me by mail.

The boots are very nice and they have never been worned and are in the orginal boxes. I was able to get Nolan Ryan to autograph each pair of boots.

I later learned from an avid Nolan Ryan collector that there were only 300 pairs to these Nolan Ryan boots that were made.

I am a Nolan Ryan collector and these boots fit fight into my collection.

December 3, 2008
Over 30 Years of Safety & Comfort
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Back in 1974, I hired on with the phone company as a repair tech. Part of the required safety equipment was leather footwear and as I had always known about Justin reputation for tough and comfortable boots, I purchased Justin "rough-out" boots. Over the 30 plus years I worked in every kind of weather and some very extreme environments. I always knew I could depend on Justin boots to stand up to the beating that they got. I tried other brands, but always came back to Justin. My favorites are the ropers and lacers.

December 3, 2008
My Fist Justins
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Well first of all I am originally from St. Louis,Mo, I of course am a city girl. I came to Texas at the age of 11 yrs old in 1983. Growing up my father was a truck driver, so we never really had a lot of money. Any one around my age knows families were big and money came in a little at a time!! I always admired Justins from afar,but never could afford any, heck I even went to Lott,Texas and saw a pair that at that time cost $1000.00, I about cryed thinking I would never afford a pair for me. Well many years and 2 children later I finally got MY pair of Justins. I spotted a pair of Justin Lace Up, beautiful shiny black, and I said to myself those are my boots. I walked out of that store with my boots right where they belonged, on my feet. That pair of boots stayed with me for about 10 years. I cried the day I had to get rid of them but they started ripping at the toe area. My son now 19 yrs goes no where with out his Justins.

December 3, 2008
The only boot for me!
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When I started riding horses, my instructor explained the importance of a quality made,safe boot. Every boot I tried on in the tack shop didn't fit, and were very uncomfortable. I needed something that would be comfortable for wearing all day and would last for years. When I came across Justin boots, I immediatly knew they were the ones for me. When I tried them on, I was amazed at the comfort and quality. I've had them for a long time, and they will last for much longer. Once I retire riding,they will be passed down the family.

December 3, 2008
A family of Justin boots
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In 1983, when I was pregnant with my first child, my husband told me he wanted a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. Things were tight, with the new baby coming, and I wasn't working, but I wanted to surprise him.

I went to our local Justin boot store, which was about an hour from where we lived, and looked at a hundred pair of boots! I found the ones that I thought would be the best for him, and was so pleased with them. Needless to say, he was overjoyed at the present I had gotten him, and he wore them everytime we went somewhere. The day our daughter was born, he and my mom paced the floors; he of course had on his Justin boots.

Over the years, the boots were kept in the closet and taken out and dusted off for only special occassions. As she grew, my daughter had a fascination with her daddy's boots, and for her 20th birthday, we surprised her with a pair of her own.

We hope that everytime she wears them, she will have a fond rememberance that she and the Justin boots came into our family at the same time, and that they both have given us years of happiness!

December 3, 2008
My first pair of Justins
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I have been a boot wearer all my life. I am fifty four and have been wearing boots since the 60's. They haven't always been Justins. I wore this brand and that brand. But in 1990 my then boyfriend since husband, bought me a pair of Black Ropers for Christmas. He bought them in Monet Missouri where he worked as a right away man... We lived in Glenpool O.K.

That started my love affair with ropers. Not any Roper but Justin ropers. Well I have bought many kinds of ropers and many colors since then but I still have that pair that Ronnie J bought me, they are still in my closet and I still wear them occasionally.

I don't wear them as much I want to save them you see Ronnie J passed away of Cancer Nov-07. I will always keep those boots. They mean the world to me. He was buried with his favorite pair of Roper boots.

I will always love him and I thank God he started me on the roper tradition

December 3, 2008
Ret. Detective Sergeant Warwick Police Department Warwick, RI
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In 1984 I was chosen to attend the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va and being from New England I arrived at Quantico with typical Northeast clothing for my three months at the Academy.

Not long into the session I made new friends and several were from the Great Lone Star state of Texas. At their "gentle" persuasion they took me to a Western outfit store in the DC area and there they made me a present of first pair of Justin cowboy boots( a pair which I have kept and maintained throughout the years as they are best fitting and most comfortable shoe or boot I have ever owned and needless to say they were Justin's

Well when i returned and throughout the rest of my career I chose to wear the black and brown Ropers to work and they always served me well and always looked good with an old USMC shine on them, and over the years some of my collegues have seen the light and wear nothing but boots and primarily Justins.

When I go out of an evening I still wear the first pair who have gone the extra mile for wear and tear.

So it is possible to change the thinking of "Yankee" and get him into great boots and to compliment the boots I bought a 10 X Beaver hat that I still have today.

Thanks to them and the folks at Justin for producing a great product and product line

December 3, 2008
No Brown Footwear - November 1942
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I was graduated from the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas as a Naval Aviator,in the U.S. Marine Corps. Shoes were rationed at that time and were hard to find, rationed or not. I had a certificate to purchase a pair of shoes and turned to the Justin Boot Company. I wrote them and sent my certificate requesting a pair of any size 10 shoes or boots that I could wear in the Marine Corps...shortly thereafter I welcomed a pair of Jodphur boots in my size...I had to dye them cordovan brown ( this was standard procedure in the Marine Corps), I wore those boots for the rest of the war and then some...they were solid comfort...I would welcome a pair today. I have my Ropers now and they are dark brown, no dyeing anymore.

Thanks Justin Boot Co.

December 3, 2008
Across the South and West to Arizona...
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I bought last pair of Justin Apache Ropers in 1996 from a small western store in Baton Rouge. With only a weekly shine and the occasional coat of saddle soap, those boots held up well working at the racetrack during those muggy summers in Southern Louisiana. I used them as casual attire while I lived in Austin and had no second thoughts about slipping them on for an afternoon Bar-B-Que. It's been fourteen years now, and i have since moved to Arizona. Though the boots have been re-soled several times the blistering desert sun has finally taken its toll and the leather has finally worn thin. I'll miss these boots, but I'm sure that it will only last until I pick up my next pair of Justin boots.


December 1, 2008
Justin Bullhide Women's Boots
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In 1996 I bought a pair of Justin Bullhide boots and they were the best boots I could have ever purchased!! I am still wearing them today! I have searched your site for a pair like them or at least similar and cannot find them anywhere. The leather is just as good today as it was when I purchased them 12 years ago. I am just hoping I can find a pair like them on your website soon. They are absolutely the best pair of boots I have ever owned. I live in Madison, In , but I have forgotten where I bought them. I just wanted to share this tid bit of information with you so you can experience the same satisfaction as I did.

Thanks Jean

December 1, 2008
The Only Boots I'll Ever Wear
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I've been wearing Justin boots since 1975. They've been with me through three wives, two divorces and four kids. My grandkids live in the city, and they always get excited to come out and see their grandpa's ranch. Last year, we got Tyler (now 12) his first pair of Justin boots. He refuses to take them off his feet. Every Christmas we buy one of our grandchildren a new pair of boots. It's a family tradition that we all look forward to.

November 30, 2008
Another Day at the Office
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I got my first pair of Justin Boots 30 years ago. and now I won't go to work without them!


November 26, 2008
This Great Boot I Can Never Get Again!!!
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I have had this boot since 2007 & it has been the best boot ever. If I could only remember the name but I can give you a description It is all one color & has a square toe, when I first got the pair I wore it pretty much all over the farm in the mud, riding, while doing chores etc. but let me tell you it is the best boot you could ever ride in & when I found out they didn't make it anymore I almost cried!! I don't wear any other boot riding at NHSRA rodeos because my mother doesn't want me to get my foot stuck in the stirrup when I am getting off for goat tying. Now I'm getting better at goat tying & my boots are wearing out what ever shall I do??!!

November 22, 2008
Best boots made
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I purchased a pair of justin ropers model #760 and have worn them everyday for the past 3 years.I had a accident and had to have a plate and screws put in my right ankle and they really give me the support i need.i am fixing to order me another pair today but still keeping my old ones,just wanted to say that justin boots are the best boots made for many reasons.


November 20, 2008
The only Boots that will work....
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My husband was in a terrible motorcycle accident 25 years ago.. shattering his right femur and totally his right knee. We found that Justin Boots are the only boots that will work for his 2 1/2 inch build up lift he has to have. We have tried others but that do not hold up to the weather, cow manure, clay, wear and tear on an daily basis. Because his lift is quite expensive these boots have to last a year being worned every day no matter what the weather.. I just would like to have his boot sole that has the lift on match the other boot..

The orthopedic repair guy we have found in St Louis, Mo has done the best to try to match but just once in 25 years i wish he could have a pair of boots that looked that same. Maybe you can help me to get this done. We will be married 25 years and this would be a great present...
Thank you for a pair of boots I know I alway purchase and have a lift installed-- and the boots will fit.

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