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November 19, 2008
A city girl's gift to her country boy...
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My friend Michelle invited me to take a weekend trip with her to Mississippi to visit her family. She had moved to Chicago and was ready for a trip home. I had never been down south before and I was excited to go. It was August of 1992. We got there on a Thursday and we drove by Gilly's Bar as we were coming into town. I couldn't believe it!! I LOVED Urban Cowboy with John Travolta!! It was so cool when we went out Friday night. They had the bull you could ride and the biggest dance floor I had ever seen!

There were a group of Michelle's friends that came with us that night. I was sitting at the table and I noticed this cute guy in a cowboy hat by the pool table. Later on he came over to our table to talk to one of his friends that was with our group. Needless to say, we met and I fell for a real country boy! When I told my mom about him she asked if he came with a cowboy hat and and cowboy boots. lol. I told her, actually he does! LOL. He asked me to marry him in December of 1992. We set a date for April of 1993. I was getting nervous as March rolled around because I could not for the life of me think of a wedding gift for him. I made a trip back down to MS on the train and when he picked me up from the train station I noticed his boots looked a little worn out. Then it hit me!! I would get him a new pair of boots to wear for our wedding. We had decided to go with western style tuxes and bolo ties for the guys.

I remember seeing a Justin Boot company ad in a magazine and ordered a pair for him. They were the classic black with silver tips on the toes. They were beautiful! When I gave them to him he had the biggest smile on his face and said "My first pair of boots were made by Justin and I've never worn anything else, I knew I fell in love with you for a reason" I thought that was too cute! We are going to re-new our wedding vows in April of 2009 and I know EXACTLY what my gift to him will be. YEP, a pair of black Justin Boots with silver tips on them!

November 17, 2008
Hand me downs, cover more ground.
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I never really had quite the interest in boots until I was being and good friend by provided company at a County Bash concert. I don't normally enjoy country music as I perfer rock better, so this was a new experience for me. I wanted to fit the part at least by getting some REAL boots for the occasion. I previously only owned hiking and duty boots. While I was out shopping my friend had mentioned to me that she remembered that her boss had gotten a new pair for a change of style and was going to give the old pair to Goodwill, in hopes of someone else enjoying them. I offered to help her find them so that I could wear them for the event. After a little work and cleanup, they looked brand new again. The Black Cherry styling is unreal with the two tone deep red and black, these boots match almost anything. Plus the dressy look of this boots allows a low-key sounthern guy like me to enjoy some up-beat country music outdoors, dress up in jeans for a night out, or maybe wear with my dress cloths to the office.

So I'm happy to say in found pair of boots I really quite enjoy. Those same boots have lead me to enjoy this type of foot wear and lead me to looking into the purchase of my first new owned pair. I want that new pair to be a pair of Justins. The only problem is which pair.

November 15, 2008
Justin time for a new pair
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I am a mother of three daughters and about 16 years ago I took them to TNT western Wear. We were looking for boots for our trip to the local county fair. I didn't have a lot of money but the Justin Ropers were on sale, but just two different colors. I bought three pair of ivory ones and one pair of salmon colored. My oldest daughter got the only pair of salmon ones, but soon after traded me for the ivory/bone ones. I wore my Justins for the next 16 years. My husband kept trying to get me to buy a new pair for many years, but I couldn't part with them. Recently my Justins finally gave out and split completely across the sole. While I was at work, and my oldest daughter was down visiting, they took off to the boot store and purchased me a new pair of brown Justins to match my husbands. I put them on my feet and loved the way they felt. We went out dancing that night. We now have 4 grandchildren and we have decided to take them out real soon to purchase them their first pair of Justin Ropers. Justin Ropers last and last and I love everything about them. Keep up the great craftsmanship.

November 15, 2008
New Boots for Christmas!!
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O.k, here's one of my fondest and funniest memories from a Christmas party about 5 years ago.

I worked for a national home builder who held their annual party at the Fort Worth Stock Yards one particular year. The employer experienced a fantastic year of profits and decided to reward all the employees and their spouses with a pair of brand new Justin Boots (Awesome!).

So as we all received our new boots. Some freinds and I were all gathered around at this huge table visiting and cutting up, having a good ole time, when this distinguished gentlemen came up to our table and began to speak to us. He asked if we were have a good time and if we liked our new boots. Now, I knew who this guy was, but for some of the others who hadn't been with the company for very long didn't.

So back to the story, we began to go more in detail about the boots and how we all have worn Justin boots for as long as we can remember. One of the gentleman's questions to us was "I'm not a boot guy, are these comfortable boots?" Just about all replied "They are the best!" and one guy said "Especially once you have them broken in." The gentleman replied "What do you have to do to get them broken in?" A guy next to me (who I think had had a little too much to drink) looks at the man and jokingly says, "Well I could strap mine on and kick your @$$ and that would break them in wouldn't it?"

As I was in complete disbelief as to what I had just heard I thought I had better do something--QUICK. So I introduced my wife to the distinguished gentlemen and I told her out loud "He's the Regional President of our Company." You can imagine the look on the face of the guy sitting next to me who had just offered the guy who employs him a good ole fashioned butt whippin'. Even though the President, who had a good laugh, shrugged it off, the guy next to me was SURE he had to clean his desk out on Monday. He remained employed and gave the company a huge laugh and a story I will never forget.

So remember this, no matter how excited you are to get a new pair of Justin boots for Christmas, never offer to break them in by whooping up on someone. TRUE STORY.

Happy Holidays,
Will Strawn

November 15, 2008
My Justins!!!!!!
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In April of this year, 2008, I had what could have been a terrible accident. With my youngest son and my 2 year old grandson in the car, I hit a break in the pavement in the road and my vehicle rolled 3 times, landing on the drivers side! Thank God the boys and I were seat-belted in!! Since we were in the middle of a curve, I had to get them out of the vehicle. I tried to kick the front window out but didn't have the strength in my legs. We did get out and all of us are fine but the next morning , when I was putting on my boots, I realized there was a deep cut in my left boot, right where my little toe is. It is a deep cut but not all the way thru. I am so glad that I wore them that day, even though it was Sunday and we had been at church. The fact is, I where my Justin lacers EVERY day!!! I am asn assistant manager of a convenient store and I wear them to work EVERY day, as well. Thank you so very much for making such a wonderful quality of boots!!!!!

November 14, 2008
best boots I've ever owned
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I have 6 pairs of Justin boots, have worn them for years now. I even have a pair of steel toe Briar Pitstop #765's that are about 10 years old and been through concrete pours, over 3,000 hrs of heavy equipment operation, used as a hammer at times and even saved my feet a couple times from major injury. They were sitting in my garage for about a year and I got them down the other day and put en back on, wore out soles, borken laces and all. They still felt as good as the day I bought them back in 1999.

November 13, 2008
My Love
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I can remeber goin to watch my uncle rodeo and him always having on his boots. So naturally, i had to have a pair. My mom and dad bought me a pair of fire engine red ones! I loved those boots so much that they had to wait to take them off untill i was asleep. i outgrew those boots and just knew I had to get somemore. My uncle had to quit rodeoing due to a knee injury, but that did not stop my love for the sport and the boots. My aunt barrel raced and i knew that when I got older that is what I wanted to do with my life. She also had the boots that i was so in love with. For Christmas one year my Dream came true! I awoke to find a brand new pair of Justins! I still to this day wear then no matter where I am goin and what I am wearing. My niece threw a fit untill my brother bought her some to, she is only 6 but tells everyone that she is just like me because we can not make her where any other swhoes! My 1 year onld niece also has a pair and will wear nothing else! My boots are a big part of who I am, If I didn't have my boots on people around here probally wouldn't know who i was!! Thanks Justin!!

November 12, 2008
Justin time for a special celebration !
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My son recently received his Ph.D, after a long and well deserved, journey to his special day. Following his defense of his thesus, and getting the final decision from his piers, he had finally accomplished his lifelong dream, of earning his Ph.D in cellular and molecular pathology, we spent a few days in the great Smokey Mountains of Tn. While there, we purchased our first pair of western boots together. The last time he had worn these were as a child, and I'm sure we'll wear these with great pleasure, and always remember his special day, and also our first vacation together in 27 long years. Thanks for listening to our Boot Story.

November 11, 2008
My Special Justin Boots
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Over the years I have had and still have several pair of Justin western boots that I wear daily depending on the occasion - work, play, dress or special functions. The 1 pair that I am especially attached to is a pair of black alligator western Justin boots that I bought for my oldest son's wedding in 1978. What makes them special is that in addition to my oldest son's wedding I have worn them to my other son's wedding, my daughter's wedding, my oldest son's oldest son's wedding, my oldest son's daughters wedding and next week I will wear them to my oldest son's youngest son's wedding. I have worn them to many other special occasions and when the next batch of grandkids begin to get married, me and my black alligator Justins will be all shined up and ready.

November 10, 2008
Accetpance in a Man's World
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I am in the safety and health profession. As a requirement for my job I must wear steel toed boots. I looked for months for a pair of boots that were both suitable for my job and yet feminine. That is when I found the 6" Lace-R with steel toes. I went to my local hardware store and ordered them. I must say that they are the most comfortable pair of boots that I own. In many cases steel toes can become uncomfortable after many hours, not with these boots. They have formed to the shape of my foot and remain comfortable even after 10 or 11 hours of continuous wear. I wear them even when I am not performing my job duties that require the use of steel toes.

In a world dominated by men it's hard for a woman to gain the respect and confidence from co-workers. When the employers that I work with see the black tag with the red "J" on it many times I will hear "Are they Justin boots?" This will engage a converstation on a story they have about wearing Justin Boots.

These boots are my first pair of Justin's and the brand will forever be a permanent part of my wordrobe, whether it be for business or play!

November 10, 2008
Around the World
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It's simple really, I bought my first pair when I began my working career in the early 70s. Virtually everyday of work living in the US and Asia, and traveling throughout the world, Justins were my everyday and every occaission shoe.

Beyond the comfort, they became one of my personal trademarks and occaissional conversation starters in odd locations.

Western style boots, or 'cowboy boots', as most like to refer to them, are a wonderful American symbol. They brand us as a free, independant and endurring people.

Feel a bit of pride every time you pull on your boots, it'll help make your day.

November 10, 2008
Fulfilling a life-long desire for a pair of Justin Boots!
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Since I was a young girl, growing up a half a day's drive from true Texas Cowboy country, I've wanted a pair of the exquisite Justin Cowboy boots for Ladies. Whenever my family took a road trips, there would always be country stores along the way. Often the store would be advertised on a huge billboard, with a picture of the coveted item - boots! As a girl, I begged my Mom and Dad to stop and fit me for a pair, to no avail. As a young lady, I hinted to my boyfriends what I truly wanted for Christmas - Justin boots! As a young wife, I would plead with my husband to pick me up a pair on his next business trip to Dallas. Still nothing.

Now, I'm not as young, I'm no one's girlfriend or wife, and I finally decided to ask the one who loves me best for my dream pair of Cowboy boots. I asked myself! I said, "Yes!" Me, myself and I went boot shopping.

I love my Justin boots and wear them with jeans, shorts, and dresses. I regret waiting for so long because I feel great when I'm wearing them and my kids ask, "Why are you wearing your boots, Mom?" And I always say the same thing, "Justin boots are just for fun!"

November 9, 2008
More than a good investment
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In 1996 I walked into a small feed store and noticed a stack of Justin Deerskin Ropers being sold of for $65. I knew there was no way I would find my size (11EE) but decided to look anyway. Luck was with me that day when I found that pair. They fit just perfectly. I have had them resoled three times but otherwise they look just as good as the day I bought them. It seems they get more comfortable as the years go by. Thank you Justin Boots for making such a quality product.

ps: I looked up this site because I was looking for another pair of boots. Not a replacement pair just something different.

November 8, 2008
My old boots
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In 1992 my wife bought me a new sport coat and it did not fit, thank goodness,I took the sport coat back and bought me my first pair of Justin cowboy boots.

I have worn boots all my life,when I met my wife in 1981 she ask me if I owend a pair of shoes because every time she seen me I was wearing boots,

I still ware my Justin boots that I bought 16 years ago to church and out on the town and I still have people ask me if they are new.

My old boots are like an old friend they never let you down.

November 8, 2008
My best friends...
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My name is Katinka I'm a 3o years old, 10 years I ride and train western horses.I never thought is so important to have a good riding boots, I said if you are a good rider, doesnt metter in what you are riding is only about the fashion.One day my boyfriend, who also ride horses, got a pair of Justin as a gift, he tried them and from that time he love them, so I decided to buy one, becouse if he satisfied with something than it has to be good...So first I just bought a Lacers tekno crepe Justin....

I can tell you the different if I compare them with my any kind of riding boots... Justin just perfect fits in the stirrups make you sure feeling and somehow you also sit better in the saddle, the sole is soft and really comfortable so even no problem all day walking doing work around the stable.Summer when is hot outside my legs feel just great same as winter!

I know the brand 6years and I have 3pairs from that time.The first ones I still use, second ones are Smooth ostrich with tekno crepe sole an the last one is AQHA Q-crepe.I tried between many famous brands but always I came back to Justin becouse for me they are the best. My story is not so interesting but Im happy to tell people is worth to buy and own a Justin.

November 8, 2008
Love my George Straits
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I purschased a pair of the Bandera Khaki Suede Hikers in 2004 for work boots. I was doing factory work at the time and standing on a concrete floor for 8-10 hours a day. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I still wear them to this day even though I am no longer at the job I was on. I wear them just as my everyday shoe. They are wonderful!!! I am going back to purchase a second pair as I have stained my old ones some from the oil where I use to work and didn't go get them treated like I should. Just can't seem to say enough about these boots. I will also be purchasing a pair of George Strait Gruene Hall Series Cowboy Boots. The J-Flex system is like walking on air.


November 8, 2008
Thanks for the memories!
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In the early 90's, it was time for me to fly the family "coop" and venture off to large barnyard known as college. What a change! Coming from a one redlight town in the Sequatchie Valley and moving to a school with a population three times that of my city was a culture shock in itself. Adjusting to dorm life and lacking the parental care like that of a newborn foal left me longing for the farm. Like sheep scattering from the rush of an eager border collie pup, my friends had all went there separate ways. But one evening while studying in my room, my eyes fixed on something I had not noticed before...my old pair of Justin boots. They stood out like a freckle on a heifer's face. Tattered around the tops and peppered with Ole' Bandit's "confetti" from his stall, they took me on a quick mental roadtrip back to a familiar place.

These boots have lived a country life that most city folks dare to dream of. They have protected my feet through the harshest conditions and carried feed to the board of directors meeting that gathered at the water trough every evening. Like a watch or a pocket knife, my Justins were something I didn't leave home without.

So when school would not allow me to venture home for the weekend, I could slip on my Justins and feel like I was already there. All I have to say is....Thanks for the memories!

November 7, 2008
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About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not very happy about the whole situation. I was complaining to my father one day at work, I work in the industrial drilling industry and it's long hours and hard work! I told him how bad my feet hurt everyday towards the end of work! He told me to buy a pair of justin work boots. The first pair I bought I couldn't believe how comfortable they were! I am now a life long fan and where them at work and out . I am happy to say my feet no longer hurt at work thanks to your boots! I usually work 60 to 80 hours a week so I have definitely put them to the test.

November 7, 2008
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Been working for a farm and ranch store in south east missouri for almost eight years now.

Took this job to pay my bills.The thought of buying a pair of boots is out of the question.

Every day i help the public find any were from mens steele toe pull ons ,womens lace ups,or a pair for the kids.I still get excited working with the boots.Just as i did first time i stepped foot in this store.Its heart warming to meet the people that buy the boots.These people dont even have to be farmers or ranchers.Alot of them are just people like myself .Waiting for my first pair of justins.

November 7, 2008
Justin Boots
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We'll i wear my boots every where and i can tell they last me atleast two year or they aint worth keeping and justin will last me two years and i work maitnance so i put them through heck so buy a pair of justins

November 7, 2008
Pass Those Boots Around
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Having lived in Texas for three years in the late 70s, both my husband and I regretted never purchasing Justin boots "like the locals wore."

Returning to the east, we often talked about purchasing a pair of western boots - but never seemed to do it. As it was nearing Christmas, we decided this would be the year we'd buy a pair of boots for each other, as our Christmas gift. With anticipation, we suited up and headed off to the local saddlery shop. Upon arrival, we started looking at the selection and noticed the wonderful boots that they made for young children. We ended up purchasing Justin western boots for our nieces and nephews, which left us no money to buy for ourselves. But that was OK - I must say that the delight on the kiddos faces on getting a pair of "cowboy" boots was well worth giving up a pair of my own (for the moment). (In fact, two of our nephews asked if we could get them a new pair this Christmas, as they have grown out of their first pair. What's ironic is that the one nephew passed his pair onto his younger brother, which he loves.) A few years passed and one day my husband came home wearing his first purchased pair of Justin boots. We were making a trip out west, and he felt he had to have a pair - which he wore day and night for three weeks straight. Upon returning home, he would wear for them dress - as he insisted on having them look their best. One day he went to put them on and realized that they had become too small, as our feet get wider as we age. One day when I needed a pair of boots he said "why don't you try my old Justin's," since my feet, too, had widened. Well, much to my surprise, with a very heavy sock they fit me quite comfortably and I've been wearing them ever since. And, like a true Texan, I wear them year round. I've had so many compliments on my "awesome" boots and when I tell people they were my husbands, they can't believe it. They are light in color and very stylish, but I use them as all-purpose boots - not just for dress. I have since bought myself a black pair of ladies Justins, but I'm still partial to his older pair. Probably because they have a history - like so many of your other wonderful stories. Thank you for creating memories.

November 7, 2008
Daddy, How did you get tall enough to reach the sky?
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My story is about growing up to the Sky. My mom told me that one day I would be so grown up I would be able to touch the sky and I made that my first priority as a toddler. Every day I would try different ways to reach the sky but it wasnt working. I decided to ask my dad for help. He wasnt so thrilled that I was so persistent but finally gave me answer. His boots, he said, thats the secret. So, everyday when he came home from work I would help him take off his boots while he sat in his chair to read the paper, and I would wear them to his room and put them by the bed. I remember thinking I needed my own boots because it was gonna take a long time to grow up at that rate. One day dad came home with a new pair of Justin boots, and I was so excited when he told me I could have his old ones! I wore them constantly at home and have scares to proof it. ha ha. I would throw a fit when mom wouldnt let me wear them to the market and other places we went. I thought I needed to wear them all the time just like dad. After I started school I learned, boots had nothing to do with growing, so my teacher and classmates claimed, but they had no idea! I gave up on my obbsesion shortly after. We moved from Dallas to the country when I was 12 and boy was I in for a awakining. I start shool and low and behold everyone was wearing boots! Justin was all the rage and everyone wanted them. My first pair where red, my favorite color and no one else had a pair. I was finally up where I wanted to be all my life. They were in high demand as Justin had just started marketing the new color. I remember working at my dads feed store after school to pay him back $129 for them. It was the best investment I ever made. My selfasteem was forever changed, and today I am proud to say that Justin boots was the biggest influence. Not everyone remembers what gave them motivation to grow up but I know I would not be same if wasnt for my Dad and his New pair of Justin boots!

November 7, 2008
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November 7, 2008
Justin Boots and Rodeos
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I worked Cheynne Frontier Days from 1993 to 1998 while living in Colorado. In 1997 I was working a back gate that the bronc and bull riders came through. During the wild horse race the gates were closed so no one could leave the arena stand and walk through the gates and across the track where the wild horse race was going on. A paint horse jumped the railing from the track and came toward where I was at a full run. There was a truck parked about four feet from the fence and walkthrough gate. As the horse got between the fence and truck I started hitting on the truck fender as I was holding the gate open. The horse turned into the gate, and as it did planted a left front hoof on the outside edge of my left Justin Boot that had my foot in it. I closed the gate to keep the horse in the walk way run which was between the bucking bulls pen and the bronc pen with a gate on the other end that was closed. My foot was bruised and did swell some but nothing broken. The boots were scared and came through the ordeal better than my foot. Those boots are history, but the story is still alive and so are the Justin Boots I wear today.

November 7, 2008
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