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September 13, 2008
So glad I found Justins.
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Here’s a story from the UK…… It’s almost impossible to get footwear over here to suit me. It used to be once, but it hasn't been for over fifteen years. This is a major pain.

I like boots, not shoes, because when I was younger, I broke various bones in both feet in climbing accidents, and while they all healed up, I still get twinges, so I like the extra support boots give around the ankle. Also, I like to feel what I am walking on, so I want a reasonably flexible sole. I don’t like my footwear to be too bulky or too heavy.

Unfortunately, once you move away from formal dress shoes, most men’s shoes available in the UK for everyday wear are ugly clodhopping things with thick rigid soles. Frankly I’d rather go barefoot.

I did once have a very nice pair of handmade boots, but they let the water in, so I got used to having cold wet feet all winter very winter. I’m in Wales, which is the rainy side of the UK.

Then one day I got hold of a pair of Justin black cowhide Ropers. They were fine straight out of the box, but once I’d worn them for a little while, they suppled and became really very comfortable indeed. And of course they are totally waterproof. Next I got a pair of tan marbled Deerlite Ropers. They are like wearing gloves on the feet! They are quite simply the best footwear I have ever owned, warm, dry, supportive around the ankles, and quite incredibly comfortable. I’m going to have to buy another pair for my son, because he likes them too, and I want at least one more pair for myself.

My feet are warm, comfortable and dry all winter, which is a sensation I’d almost forgotten, and I do not see any need to buy footwear from any other manufacturer ever. Bless you, Justin.

September 11, 2008
I bought a pair of Justin boots in October 2001
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I bought a pair of Justin boots in October 2001 from A & A Western here in Alexandria, LA.. I want you to know how well these boots have held up. I just now put cream on them to shine them up a little. I was looking at boots the other day and decided not to get a new pair (even though I could Use a a pair), simply because like I told the saleslady, mine fit like tennis shoes and I wear them to work everyday. I told her that i have had these for 6 and half years, she said not to tell her customers because she would use lose customers!! Yeah I could use a pair to get "cleaned" up in but these are perfect. I don't exactly know the model # but the registared # is Wk4762 0392947 0. My size 9D oil resistant Justins have been great.

September 10, 2008
Is there anything but Justin boots?
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Justin boots have always been around in my family and are very much a part of my life. When I was little I used to dress like a cowboy and wear my dad's Justins around the house. Eventually, when mom was satisfied my feet weren't still growing, I got my own Justins. I'd wear them till there was nothing left of them...totally gone. I've always watched to see what styles Justin would come out with. I had one of the first pairs of Justin lacers and had to have the first pair of crepe soles when they came out. When it came time to get married my groomsmen and I wore black Wrangler jeans, tuxedo tops, and of course black Justin full quill ostrich crepe sole boots that I bought each of them as a gift for being in the wedding. This was expensive but the guys were worth it and unlike a money clip or grooming kit they actually used the boots. My first born was even conceived wearing your boots. Even today it's not unusual to see me riding around in my old Jeep with a pair of well worn Wranglers on with my pants legs caught above the shafts of my favorite pair of Justins. My wife gets onto me and tells me to pull the legs down but I'm too proud of my Justins and I want to show them off. Thanks for what you do and keep it up.

PS I'm already looking for my next pair of Justins.

September 9, 2008
EMS and Justin go well together
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Started wearing Justin in the oilfield days 35 years ago and still wear them to this day. Tried them all, but nothing like a Justin.

Best boots out of the box you will ever wear.

Well in 1994 started working in EMS,(emergency medical services) as a Paramedic. One of the job requirements is black boots.

Well my black Peanut Brittle Iguanas look sharp with the uniform.

Taken a little ribbing about the cowboy boots through the years, but the ladies love them and when it comes to no slipping, the leather soles are the bomb.

Got no less than 4 pair at home now, choclate, brown and black.

I play golf a lot and was asked about the boots and my game, if Justin ever puts spikes on a pair, guess what.

September 9, 2008
Givin a bit of Spirit in Tikrit, Iraq
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I am from Liberty Hill, Texas but currently living in Tikrit, Iraq. I wear my John Deere Justin's everyday for 12 hours a day...I tried the Combat boots for about three days and went back to my Justin's. Walking on the rocks and in the sand, passing the scorpians and camel spiders...they don't stand a chance against my Justin's.

There are a lot of Texans here...AND they can’t dance!!!! So, I went down to the Military MWR to check out what was going on and low and behold they have Country Night here in Iraq for the soldiers. ONE BIG PROBLEM: most of these young men and women don't know how to dance. I have started teaching the soldiers on my time after hours how to two-step, waltz and some line danicng (we didn't do the line dancing back home). If it weren't for my Justin's I wouldn't have been able to boot scoot all the way over here in Iraq. One special solder told me that after his tour he was going to get married and he wanted to be able to dance at his wedding...after spending time with him, he told me he was gonna buy some John Deere Justin's and dance with his bride. Thanks Justin for allowing me to give a little bit spirit back to the soliders that have given us so much.

Lori Ann

September 8, 2008
The long lasting Effect of Justin's
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One hot steamy night, in the Northeast corner of Oklahoma, the Will Rogers Rodeo had just finished. All of the redneck wild cowgirls was washing all the mud and lovely horse smell off our wonderful outfits and trucks at the local car wash. When these wonderful cowboys approached us and asked if we wanted a nice cold beverage to quench our thirst. We accepted with much pleasure and began to tell old country stories and catching up on the latest gossip.

Well like any young cowpokes do when wetting there whistle, they began to feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof. I was approached and was told that he bet the Justin Boots on his feet that he could kick the can out of my hand while I was taking drink and not hit my hand.

Me being one not to back down on a bet, was very amused at this mere hoedown.

Well to say the least, he did try to kick the can out of my hand but did in fact hit it. He in the mist of the wonderful kungfoo kick lost his footing and the Justin Heel met my check bone..Leaving the Long lasting Bruise of Justin on my left check for two weeks..... Never the less I Got The Justin's and ditched the guy! Moral of the story is....That Justin's leave a longer lasting impression than any man can!

September 8, 2008
copperhead vs. justin boots
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Back in my younger years I wore justin bootseveryday. Still wear boots to this day. One day I was picking wild blackberries and stepped off into a ditch right on top of a copperhead snake. I was thankful I had on those boots because if not that rascal would have bitten me. Those JUSTIN BOOTS saved my life.

September 8, 2008
I will never buy another brand of boots
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we go to PBR events during the year and before going to the finals in las vegas each year, i usually buy a new pair of boots. generally they are very uncomfortable or need months to break in. in aug. 2007, i purchased my new boots for this year - first time i have ever bought a pair of Justin's - and i will never buy another brand of boots. i put those boots on time after time since i bought them, sometimes for 10-12 hours a day and have never had any problem and they needed no break-in. i don't know why i never bought Justin's before but these are great - my husband could not believe i did not have to break them in at all. i am 71 years old and have never owned a pair of boots that were as comfortable as these. thanks, it will be Justin boots from now on, and i plan to live to be at least 105 years old.

September 8, 2008
No One But Me In Boots...
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Over the last Forty-Two years I have worn several different boot brands.Just shy of three years ago,I bought my first pair of Justin Bay Apache Cowboy Bo0ts.Without DOUBT the best fitting,longest-lasting,most comfortable pair of boots I've EVER worn!! I'll not buy a different brand again!

I have lived in ROCHESTER,MN. for Nineteen years,now,and I can truthfully say that I rarely see anyone but me wearing boots.Everyone thinks I'm "strange" because I rarely wear anything but my boots.I am a week from my Forty-third Birthday,and have been wearing Cowboy Boots literally All My Life. Thank You, Justin Boots, for making a Boot that doesn't make my feet wish they were somewhere else.

September 8, 2008
Not your typical Justin wearer
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I'm not a rough and rugged cowboy out there branding cattle. I live in the Midwest and work in an office. In the midst of the conservative dress and sensible crepe-soled shoes, I tend to stand out in my cowboy boots. My favorite pair is my Justin Bay Apaches. Those oil-tanned leathers are tough and stand up to the rugged Michigan winters. The slush, snow and salt stains clean right off and my feet stay dry. The classic, understated finish of the Bay Apache leathers look great with khakis at the office or with jeans on the weekends. They're an American classic and never go out of style.

September 8, 2008
Boot Scooten Two Step
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It began almost 32 years ago at a dance hall in a small Texas Town.I had on my red Justin boots and wrangler jeans, and all the usual daily and dress up clothes. This very nice looking and well mannered cowboy asked me to dance. He complimented me on my red boots and western outfit. He also had on justin boots and wrangler jeans,hat and red bandanna around his neck.Well, that was the beginning of a romance that lasted almost 32 years,we married and raised 5 Justin Boot wearing kids.I lost my cowboy on October 13th 2006 ,he had a bad heart problem. He always told everyone that those red boots was reason we met and married ! While I lost the love of my life,I still have those red Justin Boots,a little worn but still the best thing that ever happened to this Texas Two Stepper !

September 7, 2008
Justins take a lickin and keep on going
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After one of my girls used the arch of my foot as a take of pad it became necessary to put my foot in a boot that would allow me to keep going. My job requires a black boot, out came the dye and my home work Justins became my job Justins. Those Justins were the beginning. The photo is my second pair for work. They go through mud, the barn, wet pastures, rain and the Florida sun. Wipe them off and through on a fresh coat of polish and they are ready for my class A's again. They don't slip on wet tile floors, they are sure footing on rough ground and with a thick sock they are better than an ace bandage.

September 7, 2008
sharing Justin boots since 1881
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In a small town in Northern California , a modest little store opened for business in 1881.

Over the years the little town of Livermore has

grown from a ranching and agriculture center,

to a more urban and wine growing region. But

this one business has stood the test of time in Livermore for over 127 years. Baughmans Western Outfitters has been meeting the needs

of customers who appreciate the quality of Justin boots, from ranchers to bankers, and

anyone who appreciates the unique style of

western footwear. Baughmans has seen trends

come and go over the years, but one brand has

stood the test of time in an ever changing marketplace - for dependable work boots, or

after work recreation, Justin boots have been

our partner - and we plan of keeping that tradition alive for years to come.

September 7, 2008
Roy's Justins
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I grew up in an era when cowboys were heros. Every Saturday morning was a continuing series of westerns where the good guys in the white hats always won out. My favorite was Roy Rogers. As an adult I always loved to stop by Roy's museum in Victorville, California every time I passe through on Interstate 15. It was built like an old western fort and inside it had all the memorabilia that reminded me of that simpler time in my life including Nellybelle and Trigger, eternally on display. I've heard that many visitors got to meet Roy there as he wandered about the museum, but I was not that fortunate.

On one visit to the museum a few years ago, I learned that the museum was closing for good. All those precious items were being boxed up and shipped to a new location in Missouri. BUT they were going to have an auction to get rid of some excess and duplicate items. I just had to be there. I changed my schedule and booked a room in Victorville for the big event.

There was only one thing that I wanted, and that was a pair of Roy's Justin boots. I don't remember exactly what I had to pay for the boots but it was several hundred dollars - but the real motivation - aside from the fact that they were Roy's - was that they were emblazoned with a big R R on the shaft of each boot - initials that Roy and I shared.

They are now part of my collection of boots and I wonder who will care for and enjoy them when I join Roy and Dale in Cowboy Heaven.

Happy Trails


September 7, 2008
Old Girlfriend
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After having resoled my Justins several times I finally got a hole in the side of one. I did as always and took them back to the shoe shop to get them repaired. The lady looked at them and at me and said "Sorry, I don't think we can do anything for you'", I said, Maam don't tell me that, those boots are just like an old girlfriend, she said "old girlfriend?". I said yes maam, they sure are going to be hard to get rid of.

September 6, 2008
boots that last
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i have worn nothing but justin boots for the last 30 years or so. they are like an old friend--easy to get along with, comfortable to be around, and will listen to just about anything!!! now our secretary is wearing justins as well. great boots, can't say there is any better than a good justin--no matter what style you wear. thank you justin boot co. for quality and value and very reasonable prices

September 6, 2008
I owe it all to my Justins!
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My husband and I were introduced by Rob Smets at a rodeo in Nephi, Utah. I was working for a rodeo stock contracter and my future husband was a PRCA calf roper. We agreed to meet again at Ogden, Utah's rodeo where we planned to go dancing after the show. Unfortunately, the heavens opened up that night and it rained cats and dogs. My beloved Justin Ropers had a hole in the bottom of them that I had neglected to get repaired so my husband carried me into the dance hall that night so my feet wouldn't get wet. He then promptly bought me 3 roses and we danced the night away! Strange thing was the cut roses kept growing long after my new friend was back home... I even called my girlfriend to come see them sprouting leaves so I would have a witness! Must have been something to it because we're still together after 21 years, 2 sons, and of course,my Justins (with new soles)!

September 6, 2008
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Well, if there is one thing that can be said of my Justin's, it is that they have "defined" me. People look and think "oh, just another horse person". That used to really upset me when I was younger because I was still firey hot about my opinions and beliefs. Today though when I pull them on, they define me still yet they give me a place in this world. I am one of the cowgirls you will see sitting on a horse at your local fair, or the person standing next in line behind you buying milk, and even the lady at the fancy bistro enjoying an evening out with friends. My Justins define me to be an American, a good citizen and a trustworthy friend. They have seen many, many miles of dirt, asphalt and arena sand and they continue to see more everyday. They can almost take the place of my trusted cowdog, almost.My boots have too many stories to tell and it would not give them their due to tell them anywhere but where they were so you could see the scars and marks for yourself. Maybe even run a hand over them. What I will say though is that they are very much a part of who I am and when I pull on my Justins, I feel like me.

September 6, 2008
double duty
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my boots serve as double duty for me. first is we live in rattlesnake and copperhead heaven in mo. i mow 4 acres by push mower. this boots have saved me from many a bite.in the summer you can not mow the lawn with out seeing at least 2. second is i travel a lot. with more than 1 million fly miles under my belt you can guess how many airports i have been in.when they get really crowed you always get 3 or 4 people stepping on your foot.i now longer get black and blue on my feet since i stared wearing my boots to the airports. this boots are a gift straight from heaven!!!

September 6, 2008
Walk the world with my Justin boots
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I can't tell you how many times I have relied on my Justin boots to get me thru a tough situation or just make my feet feel good. I purchased my first or only pair of Justin boots in 1988. These boots have been with me thru all my travels. I'm an engineer and have worn these boots all over Texas, New Orleans, Florida, Bucharest Romania, Greece, Italy and now in Colorado. They pack well and look great in any culture. I ride my Harley thru these mountain roads and can rely on them for comfort and warmth. After 20 years and 5 new soles; I am thinking about purchasing a new pair of Justin boots, but maybe I'll just get these old boots a new sole and another shine! Thank you Justin, for giving something in life that is so comfortable and reliable.

September 6, 2008
Special Justin's
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I have always had a pair of Justin's or 2 in my closet since moving to Texas many years ago. But my favorite memory of wearing these boots

happened 12 years ago today! You see on September 6, 1996 I wore my white Justin boots under my wedding dress. So as I stood in the church ready to walk down the aisle I had on the most comfortable shoes a girl could wear. I wore those boots all night long they make great dancing shoes!! And after the honeymoon I came home and had them dyed navy blue and continued to wear those favorite boots for many more years!

September 6, 2008
Growin' up without Justin Boots Ain't Right!
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I was three when I got my first pair of Justin Boots for my birthday. My Dad still has the picture of me trying on my first pair of pink boots. All growing up the only shoes I would wear whether it be to school, school function, church, or anywhere else I have always worn my Justin's. There is no other boot I would rather wear. And now that I have two children I know what my dad went through. My daughter got her first pair of Justin's when she was a year and a half old and she is just like me won't wear any other shoe. She is now 4 and just started Pre-K and they want her to wear tennis shoes for running and playing on the play ground, but she ain't budging. I can't blame her though. I just don't know what I am gonna do when it comes time to teach her to tie her shoes other then buy her a pair of lace up Justin's. My son, he is only two but the only shoes he has ever had have been Justin's. I wasn't about to fight him on the issue, so I just bought him a pair 6mths ago when I bought my daughter a new pair. I don't know how anyone grows up without Justin's. I am 27 year old female and from the south and am still a proud Justin boot wearer. To me there is no other kind of Boot or Shoe that fits and is as comfortable and works for any kind of shoe like a good pair of Justin Boots!

September 6, 2008
Saved my leg
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I was bailing hay this summer when at the end of the day I was throwing up the some of the last square bales when I slipped and lost my footing. When I did that the hay wagon tire caught my foot and started rolling up my leg. I fell straight down and rolled my leg straight as everyone on the wagon and in the field yelled for the driver of the tractor to stop. I could feel the pressure of the wagon and all the alfalfa bales weighing down it felt like my leg was going to snap any moment. Finally the tractor stopped and he back the wagon off of my leg. They wanted to rush me to the emergency room but I told them to wait I was in so much pain for a couple of minutes but then it went away. If it wasnt for the grace of God and those leather Justin ropers my leg should have been crushed. How else do you explain 12000 pounds of weight laying on this country boy chicken leg and it not breaking ? God was with me and those leather boots got stretched real good but i walked away with a little limp and some bruises and that was all. I even manned up and finish bailing hay that day !!! Thanks for making a great boot.

September 6, 2008
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September 6, 2008
My son carries the name I wear.
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I've grown up country all my life. I had always dreamed of having a pair of Justin boots. Unfortunately I was not able to buy my first pair until I after I had my son in 1988. I decided I would dance, dance, dance to work the baby weight off. So I bought my first pair. I paid $80 for them. It was love at first step. So much so, I named my son, (that's right, you guessed it) Justin.

I eventually became a dance teacher in country/cajun music dance lessons. My clients would always ask, what the most important thing to know about how to learn to dance. I said you have to start off with the perfect pair of boots. "Justin Boots." Most of my clients went out and bought a pair by the next lesson.

Well it's 20 yrs. later, I've only put one complete sole on them, I wore them for my wedding under my dress, I have rode many trail rides and worked many cattle in my boots. I regret to say that I have had to retire them due to being old & worn out.

If those boots could talk. They would even catch George Straights ear. haha I love my Justin's so much, it was good enough to carry the name on with my son, Justin Lee Breaux.

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