Leather Care


Boots made of cowhide leathers generally can be cared for in the same way. However, it is important to note that some are lighter weight than others and therefore need some extra attention. Any additional instructions will be listed under the boot name.

General Cowhide care consists of the following steps unless otherwise denoted.
1.Remove loose dirt or dust with brush or rag.
2.Clean thoroughly with leather conditioner or leather balm.
3.Apply a thin coat of neutral shoe cream, then brush or rub with a soft cloth until luster is obtained.
4.For a high luster, apply a thin coat of wax polish-neutral paste on light colors, matching polish on dark colors. Brush or rub again.
Cowhide boots include:
· Bonanza
· Brahma
· Brush-Off Buffalo (Clear wax or polish works better than matching polish.)
· Bullhide
· Cow
· Imperial
· Kidskin
· Longhorn
· Majestic
· Mirage (Clear wax or polish works better than matching polish.)
· Pampas
· Rocky Mount
· Saga/Classic
· Shadow Kid
· Shrunken Shoulder
· Siciliano

Naked Leathers

Naked Finish Leathers have their own special care instructions. Characteristics of this leather are visible scars and blemishes.
1.Remove loose dirt or dust with a soft brush or rag.
2.Clean with a soft brush.
3.Do not use conditioners as the leather may become discolored.
4.Protect these leathers as you would suede. New boots should be treated with two coats of water and stain protector. Allow boots to dry between coats for maximum protection.
5.Keep free of mud and drying elements.
Naked Finish Boots include:
· Cheyenne
· Ol' Buck

Oil Leathers

These leathers are tanned using oils to protect and lubricate the fiber. Since Oil Impregnated Leathers are generally thicker, they are considered a work boot and are worn as casual footwear.
1.Remove loose dirt or dust with brush or rag.
2.Replenish oils with an all-purpose conditioner.
Oil Impregnated Leather Boots include:
· Crazy Horse
· Dominion
· Oiled Bullhide
· Oiled Toro
· Oily Ranch
· Renegade
· Retan
· Taurus
· Woodland

Finish Leathers

Suedes have a nap finish achieved with a medium abrasive paper. Snuffed finish preserves the natural grain by lightly removing the elevated surfaces.
1.New boots should be treated with two coats of water & stain protector. Allow drying between coats for maximum protection.
2.Keep free of mud and drying elements.
3.Clean with a nylon brush.
4.On snuffed grain, use a fine abrasive paper lightly on the areas that are already snuffed.
Suede and Snuffed Finish Leathers include:
· Napa
· Poco Loco
· Shadow Nubuck
· Sueded Shrunken Shoulder
· Tanglewood (Should be cared for as Oil Impregnated Leather boots.)


Exotic Boots require some special attention. Snakeskins, for example, are vulnerable to dust settling in creases and causing damage. They depend on good care, even if they are just sitting in the closet.
1.Remove loose dirt or dust with a brush or rag.
2.Apply conditioner with a soft cloth.
3.Let boots dry. Then buff with a soft cloth.
4.Apply thin coats of conditioner often. (Snakeskins do not absorb conditioner well, so it is best to apply thin coats frequently to keep them from splitting.)
5.Since rattlesnake is tanned differently, no cream or polish is required to preserve its natural beauty. Simply brush clean.


· Hornback Alligator
· Caiman (Avoid any soap or alcohol based products which will dry out leather. Waxes and polishes work well.)
· Lizard
· Brush-Off Ostrich (Use clear polish if necessary.)
· Ostrich (While these boots do not need any special attention, they should not be neglected.)

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