Swamp Logger Approves New Waterproof Justin Original Workboots Style
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If there's anyone who can give expert advice on a good, reliable workboot, it's Milton "Bo" Malpass. Bo is a well-known log hauler featured on the Discovery Channel's fan-favorite "Swamp Loggers." He's been driving trucks for more than 22 years, and with his work in the swamplands of southeastern North Carolina, he often finds himself getting caught in the murky wetlands.

Bo has recently been wearing a pair of steel-toe waterproof workboots, new from Justin Original Workboots. Take a look at what he had to say about his experience with the newest style.

Q. How do these waterproof boots impact your line of work?

A. Having waterproof boots is very important for us loggers. Just today I stepped in a puddle as I was walking to trim up a load of logs. That's not uncommon in the swamps of North Carolina, but I was able to get right up in the truck and keep going with dry feet.

Q. Do you require a steel-toe workboot for your job?

A. Yes, if it weren't for the steel toe on the boot I'd have a crushed foot for sure! A log rolled off the tractor as I was unloading my truck a few weeks back, but luckily the steel protected my foot.

Q. What's your favorite thing about this pair?

A. When you buy boots it usually takes weeks for them to soften up and break in, in which time you have to deal with blisters and sore feet. But from day one, these boots have worn like I've had them for months. You don't have to take the chance of having tired, sore feet day after day while you break them in.

Q. Do you wear workboots when you're not on the job?

A. Oh yes. I can go out after work in these boots in particular and keep the work day flow going. They don't let me down when I'm out on a date with my wife or running after the kids.

Check back in with JustinAmerica for more from Bo Malpass and to learn more about the best-in-class footwear options offered by Justin Original Workboots.