Newest Bent Rail Endorsee: Brandon Rhyder
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We are proud to announce our newest Bent Rail endorsee, Brandon Rhyder. Every night Brandon plays he wins over the crowds. On his "Live at Billy Bob's Texas" record, he does just that by combining his own hits with those of other great performers. Brandon loves singing his own songs, along with others that he admires, and you can tell that on this record. Along with the other Bent Rail endorsees, Brandon knows that hard work goes a long way. He says, "I think it's really cool that a company like Justin Bent Rail would work with a select group of musicians who know what it's like to grow a fan base the old fashioned way... with hard work, a solid product and hardcore fans!"

Are you curious to know what Brandon's favorite Bent Rail Styles are? Check out these boots, BR305 and BR356, and see what you think.