It Takes a Village
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When I started training horses it seemed easy. It was just me and one person to help out with saddling and minor chores. As my career continued, things became a bit more complicated. More horses, more clinics, more lessons, etc. It's a good problem to have, but cultivating a group of top notch assistants and employees can be a daunting task.

I've had many great people work for me in the past that have gone on to be successful horse trainers, but I must say my current team is the best ever. I've learned to delegate and trust my crew which has made them even better. I have three main training assistants. One is in charge of ranch management and riding/training the colts. One is in charge of going to the shows and all that that entails. And the third is in charge of the barn-including the feeding, care, and health of the horses.

Having specific areas of responsibility gives each employee purpose and accountability that results in a well-run business and well cared for animals. I wish I had let go sooner and developed this confident, expert help earlier in my career. I could not do it on my own-it truly takes a village.