Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy
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Having rodeoe'd the last 4 years without serious injury I got used to living rodeo to rodeo: scheduling my life around the rodeos I deemed necessary. I often found myself saying things like, "If I wasn't rodeoing I'd do this or that." Now that I am not competing due to my broken leg, (the fractured femur I sustained in May while competing at the Helldorado Days Rodeo in Las Vegas), I find myself reminded of a few of the things I'd always been meaning to do.

Art has always been a passion of mine. Before I took to ride bareback horses with full focus I had spent most of my spare time drawing and painting. Having a skill that doesn't require the use of legs has proved beneficial since I am still on crutches. Since my injury I have spent a fair bit of time at my parents ranch out on the Battle River valley North-East of Brownfield, Alberta. Feeling extremely aimless compared to my usual days travelling and riding I was chomping the bit for anything I could do to keep me busy. My mom came up with a solution to my boredom with a painting project: Western scenes painted all over the patio bar fridge stand.

Having not painted since graduating College over a year ago I was a little uncertain and ill prepared for the task. This helped it take longer than it should, but that in itself has helped me kill even more time while healing and the results are better than I could have hoped for. The Bar fridge now stands proudly by the patio door and all the Justin Boots on the boot rack, and it has helped me get plenty of painting projects from other people.

Most importantly, being injured has allowed me more time with my 14 month old son Cash. Since Cash is big enough to run, climb and speak a few words, when I get my time with him I find myself very busy, though I get nothing accomplished while he is awake. Just the other day Cash discovered that his little feet fit perfectly in the holes of a chain-link yard fence so I pretty much cannot take my eyes off the energetic little guy for a second. Whenever I find myself trying to fit in some typing, drawing or even texting with Cash around I find little hands all over my laptop, paper or phone before I know it.

Children seek to imitate, and be just like their parents, so I can see why he's doing it, but probably the most humorous and metaphorically ironic act is when Cash gets ahold of my Justin Boots and slides one of his feet inside. Though the boots currently come clear up to his diaper I can't help but hope one day Cash slides a pair of my boots on and follows in my foot-steps. Having someone who watches my every move and imitates gives me every incentive to get back riding as soon as my leg warrants so I can leave some fair sizes foot-steps for him to follow.