My 30 year old boots
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I purchased my Justin mule hide boots 30+ years ago, they were my first pair of Justins. They have been resoled and reheeled but I have never had to do anything other than clean them with saddle soap and use boot cream on them. One night when I was living in Oregon a raging storm came up and the horses were still out in the pasture. Grabbed my Justin boots and ran out the door putting them on as I went. Was soaking wet and up to my ankles in mud gathering the horses in to the barn. Stopped in the mudroom in the house to remove boots and wet clothes and didn't take care of them till the next day. Mud was caked on and dried, took them outside hosed them off, and then treated them with saddle soap and boot cream and when they were dry creamed them again and they were good as new. I now have 7 pairs of Justin Boots and can't think of wearing any other kind. Justin you're the Best and Only Boot to wear!!!


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