Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy
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Having been on crutches for three months, when Dr. Tandy Freeman, head of the Justin Sports Medicine program told me I could start walking again I was more than a little ecstatic. I took the processes suggested by Dr. Freeman, started putting weight on it, weaning down from two, to one crutch then to full out walking. Being able to walk meant the world to me. It meant no more missing a stair with a crutch and taking a spill, it meant I could chase my son Cash uninhibited and carry him to bed, it meant no more wearing down of just one sole of my Justin Boots, and it eased my mind about gaining the use of my leg for riding again.

When I returned from my trip down to see Dr. Freeman I stopped by my strength trainer, Mark Barrett, with Strong Cowboy: Strength and Conditioning in down town Calgary. The stop had me climbing down nine flights of stairs at a parking structure down town due to an out of order elevator. I avoided eating breakfast that morning, knowing that 3 months of inactivity coupled with the strenuous activity Mark usually provided in his programs might make me lose my meal.

The program was to be a simple starter core and upper body work out, but Mark, knowing the rigors of the sport designs some intense workouts. After a quick trial run of all the exercises I could hardly move, which made the climb up the stairs to my car all the more difficult. Though the exercises were initially over my head, I know that they will be necessary for me to be in top condition for my comeback to competition, and may have me even better prepared for bareback riding than I was before my injury.