Dean Gorsuch Heads to the 2012 WNFR
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Every year the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world, vie for a chance to compete in December at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) in Las Vegas. To qualify, these elite athletes must be ranked amongst the top 15 money winners in their event, and will compete against one another for ten consecutive performances at a chance to be crowned a World Champion. This year, Justin Boots has ten team members, who have qualified to try to win under the bright lights of the Thomas and Mack. We are very proud of how these cowboys and cowgirls represent the brand in and outside of the arena. Each week leading up to the WNFR, we will feature two Justin qualifiers, so that our fans can get to know them a little better.


This week we're talking with Dean Gorsuch:

Q: For most, winning a World Championship is the ultimate goal. Since you have already achieved this twice, what are some of your current goals for your career?

Most of my goals are still the same, I still want to win the world every year I make it but it’s not easy. I am blessed to have won it twice and I have not taken that that for granted, because in this business you can't take anything for granted. My long term goal is that I would like to someday get inducted to the hall of fame, but I have a lot more winning to do before then to get there it would be a great honor.

Q: Do you have a superstition or routine every time you ride into the box? What typically goes through your mind before you nod your head?

I have a routine but no superstitions. It is funny because Ronnie Fields and I always say we have faith, not luck. My routine is that when I go in the box, I always tell myself score sharp, slow down, and make a good run. When I nod, nothing goes through my head because we practice so much that it is more of a reaction. I tell myself to do my very best every time and that might not always be first or even place but I try to give my best every time.

Q: Tell us about Taydon and Trell. Are they future steer wrestlers in the making?

They talk about rodeoing, but I don’t know. Taydon is more into sports, but Trell really likes doing both sports and riding. I just want them to do whatever makes them happy. They are my best friends and it is funny because I talk to them about everything. They really are the best things in my life. We are actually about to add another brother, who is due in February, so we are all really excited about that. When we found out that we were having a boy they said, “Dad we are really going to fight now, huh?” They truly are a blessing.

Q: What is an important aspect of steer wrestling that the average fan might overlook?

I would say staying focused. We go to 70 rodeos and travel to about 60-70 thousand miles to do it, so you need to really stay focused mentally and physically. It is easy to get your mind off of things when you have a family at home and you are out on the road. To help this, I try to keep one of my sons with me most of the time, because it keeps me a little more relaxed. Most of all, I don’t do it as much as I should but, listen to Christian books on tape and try to read a devotional each day.