Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy
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I can honestly say CFR from the media room is a perspective I only want to see from the interviewee side of the table, never again from the journalist point of view. The advantages of getting a media pass would have to have been getting a seat right by the bucking chutes to film and blog the action, and having access to the media room catering which I may or may not have taunted my fellow cowboys with a bit.

Running around taking videos of other Justin Endorsee’s Luke Butterfield, Sam Kelts, and Jason Havens was fun, partly due to me having no clue what videos would end up used. So I was taking videos of Jason taping his arm, powdering his latiggoes and of course riding. I would take videos of Sam and Luke rosining their swells and riding the exercise bike.

Probably the most interesting aspect was being there, in the thick of things, feeling none of the pressure all my buddies felt. It was a carefree time, made very enjoyable when my friends did well, like Luke Butterfield winning the Saddle Bronc riding championship, or my travelling partner from earlier this year JR Vezain of Wyoming, (who I spent all Winter convincing him Canada was where it’s at), who won the Bareback riding championship.

It was nice to get to enjoy the sport from a different perspective, but I would gladly take the stress, strains, bumps, bruises, joys and pitfalls of even one more CFR from the arena than spend the remainder of my days video blogging, and pressing interviews from the media side. Will be looking forward to the new year, and all the necks to spur so I can be back duking it out with my buddies at CFR and NFR next year.