What is ASTM and how do I find ASTM boots?
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The American Society for Testing and Materials is an internationally recognized organization that develops and publishes safety standards for products, systems and more – including footwear.

What is ASTM F2413-11?  F2413 is a set of standards for foot protection in hazardous work environments. Specifically, Justin makes many boots with ASTM-rated impact and compression resistance for the toe area, metatarsal protection (for the bones at the top of the foot) and electric shock resistance. The “11” indicates the latest publication of F2413 standards (the previous publication was “05”). Learn more about these standards.

Check out boots that meet ASTM standards: Steel Toe – men’sladies’
Aluminum Safety Toe – men’s
Composition Safety Toe – men’s
MetGuard – men’s Electrical Hazard – men’sladies’