This Injured Little Piggy!
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We’d like to welcome Janis Perfetto as a JustinAmerica guest writer this month. Janis is a motorcycle enthusiast, the managing editor of the women’s motorcycle magazine, Women on Wheels®, as well as a high school English teacher. Her job with the motomagazine allows Janis to travel across the country and spend time doing the things she loves including riding and meeting new people. A true fan of Justin Gypsy workboots for her on-the-road adventures, Janis recounts how her reliable Justin Original Workboots came in handy, below.

What do you do when you have a broken fifth metatarsal bone, and in the garage out back the neighing of your motorcycle turns to first a snort, then a roar? The steel horse is ready to hit the road, but your shifting foot is injured. Several weeks ago, I failed to maneuver around a heavy piece of furniture and slammed my foot directly into the immovable object. The result was quite painful, to say the least.

If it were the right foot, it wouldn’t have been such a problem; but it was the left foot, my shifting foot. I could barely walk on it, let alone upshift with it. Not knowing whether this was a good or bad idea, I first tried to sit on the bike, pulling all 700 pounds upright with both feet firmly planted on the garage floor. Astounding! I could actually pull the bike into gear with minimal pain.

At this point, you’re probably marveling that the girl has no pain meter, right? No, actually, I’m a baby. My foot was purple, red, and even blue. However, the toe of my Justin Gypsy boot was round enough to house the injured piggy without adding insult and once inside the boot, the steel toe protection took over.

My foot felt so good in my Justin Gypsy boots, that I wore them to work to save myself from further injury. My day job as a teacher requires me to stand frequently and walk the hallways with a great chance of getting trampled. Thanks to the protective steel-toe technology of these boots and the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System with extra padding, my Justin Gypsies gave me peace of mind both on the bike and in the halls.