Grateful For a Job and Boots
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We received this heartfelt letter from a loyal Justin Boots fan, Randy Wilbourn, and asked him if we could share it. We hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as we did.


Thanks Justin Boots, Wall Street Journal, and the Midnight Trucker Radio Show

Well, I just passed 5 years on my job and was thinking about how the good Lord has blessed me with employment. I had lost my job with anaftermarket forklift parts supplier after the economy slow down in 2007. I was praying for guidance, equipment and an open door for the future.

While unemployed I would wake up early, sometimes two or three o’clock in the morning and do job searches on the internet. During that time I would tune in to the Midnight Trucker radio show. When listening onenight I heard the commercial to call in and tell what was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal to win a free pair of Justin Boots.

I called in and voilå! I won, and the show mailed me a certificate for a pair of Justin Boots. I made a selection and mailed it in. I usually do not order shoes by mail but thought it was worth a try for a free pair of boots. Well I found out that the Lord was equipping me for the upcoming work and He included The Wall street Journal, Justin Boots, and the Midnight Trucker radio show in the process.

I received the boots (an 11EE 4760 high top pull up work boot brown). During this time I made six different applications with the FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) for different jobs and after six months of unemployment, I received an offer that I accepted as a field permit inspector covering three county’s (Nassau, Duval, and Clay) in north Florida.

After five years of employment with the FDOT I am on my second or third pair of Justin Boots. The boots have been a great blessing because many times I am working on the side of the road in tall grass and no telling what I may encounter, from fire ants to snakes to stickers, mud andclay. I keep the boots polished which makes it easy to spray mud and grime off with the water hose. Many times I am on site for directional drilling operations that includes the most slimy drill mud you have ever seen, Bentonite. I avoid the slime when possible but even drill mud will wash off of these boots. I have been known for my boots in the field and have shown many co-workers how I tuck my pant leg into the boot when I am in the stickers and beggar-lice to avoid contact with my pants leg. The stickers will not cling to the boots. This saves me a lot of cleanup time when I get back into my truck.

I wanted to give all of you feedback on a job well done.

Justin Boots: You have won a lifelong customer and I have purchased other Justin boots as a result of this quality product. As a quality inspector for over twenty years in the rail, and now roadway, industries I can with assurance state “Well done”. You guys at Justin Boots make a quality product.

Wall Street Journal: Thanks for supporting the true American workers and efforts.

Midnight Radio Show: Thanks for being there for the truckers and late night Americans like me trying to be a positive contribution to our great country.

And to the good Lord: Thanks for providing the tools before the need.

Randy Wilbourn