FFA All-Star Ag Teachers
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FFA chapters across the state have been building leaders in agriculture for many years. Behind every chapter lies a dedicated and life-touching teacher whose love for agriculture and their students leaves a lasting mark. To recognize these hardworking men and women, Justin Boots decided to give students from the Lone Star State a chance to nominate their agriculture teachers for the Justin Boots All-Star Ag Teacher of the Year Photo Contest. Students submitted a photo and a brief description of the influence their Ag teachers have had. From the long list of nominees, ten finalists have been selected

In order for one dedicated individual to be awarded, Justin Boots needs your help. Anyone can vote on the Justin Boots Facebook page. The winning photo and description will be awarded with a $5,000 grant to further the FFA chapter that the chosen teacher serves. Voting lasts until Friday May 31, 2013. Listed below are the ten finalists, so all you have to do is GO VOTE!

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Mrs. Sullivan is the best teacher any student could ask for. She was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and had to have surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery went well but she suffered from paralysis so it was hard for her to get around. In the beginning of the year, I asked her to be my Most Important Teacher, which is a event that my Varsity basketball team has honoring our favorite teacher, and she promised she would go. But that was before her surgery so I didnt think she would be able to come since it was less then a week after her surgery. But sure enough, on MIT night, she left the hosipital to come suprise me! This just showed how caring, trusting, and resilient my Ag teacher really is. I was so proud to have Mrs. Sullivan as my Most Important Teacher and I couldn't have picked anyone better.  -- Joshua Myers

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Mr. Justin Taylor, Somerset FFA, has such a good rapport with his students that he is more like a big brother than an Ag teacher. He is easily approachable in any situation whether it be a sick animal, a feed regimen for a growing project, to problems at home or relationship problems with anyone from a love interest, to another teacher. Because of his easy going style he has many students that respect him and seek his advice on many issues. He is the consummate professional and has earned respect from students, parents and fellow teachers alike. -- Tyler Hernandez

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: When asked to write a paragraph explaining why Craig Melton deserves to be the titled the best Ag teacher in Texas, my first reaction was “Wow, just one hundred words?” In three years Mr. Melton has shaped the minds of Waller’s youth, he has completely changed not only the mindset of FFA members but also the mindset of a community. His leadership has led to state winning LDE teams, grand champion animals, record sales, and Waller’s first state officer. He has created a program that is the most successful one in the school. He deserves to be named THE BEST. -- Tyler Nelson

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Mrs. Reeves is more than an ag teacher. She's become our second mom, our coach, our listening ear, our advisor and our biggest cheerleader. She prays for us and with us. She has given up time with her own children and husband to take us all over the state to chase our goals. High school would not have been the same without her! -- Curtis Phillips

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: My Ag teacher, Ric Hunter, has been a great inspiration. I didn't have much interest in agriculture until I meet him. He is tuff and doesn't put up with laziness but he taught me to the importance of ag. He hauls around during the summer to all the goat sales to help his Ag kids find the best animals possible. He spends a majority of his time with the kids at prospect shows, FFA competitions, and after school practices. He is the reason I have been so successful in my goat showing and FFA competitions. I just wanted to thank him for being a great role model in my life.  -- Jordan Rankin

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Mr. Allsup is a man that defies all limits. Born with Cerebral Palsy, the doctors told his parents when he was born that he would never walk. His father put him on a horse when he was 2 1/2, and he was walking at 3 years old. Mr. Allsup approaches the FFA with so much energy and pushes us to be better than the best in the show arena and in life. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from him is that limitations don’t mean a thing when you have the tenacity and strength Mr. Allsup displays everyday. -- Paris Walther

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Our chapter had a moment of crisis when one of our Ag teachers left his job for a family emergency. As active as our chapter is, we were in desperate need for someone to come fill his place. Before he even graduated college, my Ag teacher, Justin Powell, stepped in and got the position as the new Ag teacher for Troy High School. Having enormous shoes to fill, Mr. Powell exceeded all of his expectations and brought Troy FFA to new heights. His first semester, all six of his CDE teams advanced to state, a new record for our chapter. -- Nathan Wallace

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: I am nominating my Ag Teacher, John VanDevender,( also known as Mr. V ) for this contest because he is truly an amazing teacher. The photo attached shows Mr. V. and some of the FFA kids , as well as his boys at the FFA night at an Astros game. Mr. V. has a wife and twin boys who are 10 years old that make huge sacrafices everyday because their loved one is always on the go. He spends countless hours helping his students and never complains. I realize that this is his job and he is expected to do these things but he goes above and beyond his duties. He has stayed at the school many nights until 9:00pm helping a few students work on their Lone Star Degrees this year and to me that means so much because I know that he could be at home relaxing or playing with his kids. He never walks away from a conversation or hangs up a phone without saying "Let me know if you need anything or if I can help you in any way". Many teachers these days do not have this kind of dedication and thats why I believe that Mr. V stands above the rest. -- Kayla Mancill

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: My Ag teacher should win this because he tries to do alot with our chapter. (Humble FFA) However, when money is low even with fundraisers it is hard to do things. My Ag teacher is very involved with the chapter, and has a family of hos own. He works as hard as he can to make things better in our chapter but money is a huge issue. In the picture above, he is making an arbor for the education foundation, which cost about 400 $ to make. We as a chapter were hoping to get about 3, 000 $ from it however, it only sold for 700 $. He really desrves this. He has put in many hours to help this progress progress, and I think with a with an opportunity like this itll be a great start to making our chapter grow and progress. -- Ernest Broomfield

Why should YOUR Ag Teacher win?: Daniel Phillips has changed my life. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in the 7th grade. I missed 57 days of school that year. In 9th grade he got me into showing cattle. He has never let me use my disease as an excuse for anything. He has taught me the value of hard work, responsibility and integrity. In this picture he is giving me words of wisdom; even as junior he still pushes me to reach for greatness. I am beating Crohn’s today and I give him the credit. -- Michael Stamper