Justin Vintage Turquoise Boots
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Summer is here and bright colors are hot, hot, hot this season. Lucky for you, Justin Ladies’ Vintage Boots are just the boot that will spice up any cute outfit for all those lively, summer nights. With these beauties, you’ll be the talk of the night.

The Justin Vintage Turquoise Goat Boot has been a popular summer wear around our office. Curiosity might lead you to ask, what color is this boot most often paired with? Well, the ladies here at Justin thought they’d show you! Coral is the color, and, boy, does it make the boots POP. When paired with coral, this boot is given the respect that it deserves as an attention getter. The key with this pair is to be conservative with the accents added to your outfit because too much will take away from the craftsmanship and color that makes these Vintage Justin’s so unique. No doubt, these boots will always make a fashion statement.

The Justin Vintage Boot line is so original and fashion forward that we recommend making the boot the focal point of your outfit. Plan your outfit around your favorite pair of Justin Vintage Boots, and you won’t be sorry! Although the heat of the summer is upon us, the only thing you’ll be sweating over will be the need for another pair of Vintage Justin’s for all your summer fun. For a look at other Justin Vintage styles, visit www.justinboots.com.