Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: The Creasy Boys
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It can take a while for the train to get back on track after a substantial injury. My older brother, Clay, and I both sat out last season and this winter due to injury, and have spent much of this year getting the ball rolling. I had a few good stretches, and some considerable droughts. Clay came back with as positive an attitude as I’d ever seen in him, like maybe all our, “When we get back riding,” talks had lit a fire.

Everything turned around for the both of us at the start of August, a little late in the year, but better late than never. Clay and I entered together; he had a camper full of my shirts and a spare pair of Justin Bent Rails and was waiting for me when I got to Canada. We both rode and made the short go in Strathmore, AB, but airline delays prevented me from making it back in time to ride from Dodge City’s final round. Clay swore he’d ride with a vengeance on my behalf, and he went on to place deep in the saddle bronc riding short round and average.

All total, my first weekend of August paid about $5,000 without making it back to the short round of Strathmore. Being deprived of my last ride of the weekend, I went into the second week of August hungry for more. Before heading to Dawson Creek, BC, the only pro rodeo my brother and I have both won in the same year, I took first place in Lawton, OK, and checks in Hermiston, OR, and Omak, WA. When I arrived, Clay was leading the bronc riding, as he had been two years before.

The bareback riding started tough, with Clint Laye posting an 84.5 on Aristocrat, the horse I won Dawson in 2011 on. A few more riders posted some 80s just below Clint, and then it was my turn. My horse, Kesler’s Wish List, was a tiny horse with a lot of heart - bailing up and kicking rapidly. I cranked out my toes in my custom Justin Boots and let my rowels roll. When the whistle blew and I was safely on the ground, my grin was ear to ear at my 85.5 which held through the rest of the bareback riding.

I stayed at the rodeo long enough to watch the bronc riding, hopeful for my brother, but to my dismay he got bumped to 2nd place, and a 2011 repeat dual victory wasn’t in the cards. However, with both of us etching our names high on the score board with frequency, (mine to the tune of $7,000 for August week 2), I’m happy to say the Creasy boys are back in the game.