Ones to Watch- Drake White
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JustinAmerica is thrilled to announce Drake White as the next “One to Watch” country music artist we spotlight. Named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 Country Artists to Watch in 2013, Drake is an old-soul, who writes timeless songs that reverberate with an appreciation for the things that mean the most in life as well as an infectious appetite for enjoying a good time and making the very most of every moment. Drake says of his songs: “I hope that my music gives you some kind of hope, something bigger than just the music that you can relate to and it helps you get through the day.” It’s easy to see why Little Big Town, Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, and Eric Church have all asked him to join their stage.

Originally from Hokes Bluff, AL, Drake’s zest for living and his musically adventurous spirit were cultivated by family and friends back home. “I was always really interested in music at a very early age. Any time I heard music going on, I was drawn to it,” Drake says. “Our neighbor, Mr. Brown, was a bluegrass musician and that’s how I got my first guitar. My dad can out sing me. He’s great and my mom is the same way. My father was a fan of rock and roll, so I grew up listening to Journey, Bob Seger, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Allman Brothers. He was always into Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson and all those guys too.”

We at Justin have already fallen in love with his soulful tunes and know our fans will too. Between his gentle side with “The One That Loves You Girl,” and his funky rock side with “Alabama Dirt Road,” how can anyone not relate? His music is right down our alley with small-town, genuine, country music that everyone knows and loves.