Share Your Boot Story-Justin's go to Madagascar
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I go to a small work college, and bought my first pair of Justin's to protect my feet while doing construction on campus. Little did I know, that a year later, they would serve as a barrier between my feet and a whole host of ghastly things lurking on the forest floors and city streets of Madagascar.

During my time abroad I encountered: nipping feral dogs, 4 inch cactus spines, leeches falling from trees, the all too frequent pile of human feces, and the dreaded parasy (a parasite that burrows, and lays eggs in the tips of human toes). While the feet of my Chaco-wearing friends succumbed to these horrors, mine remained safely laced in my steel toed Justin’s. It was not my intention to wear my boots every day I was there, but my sandals fell apart one week into the trip and I had no means of replacing them. My Justin's held up remarkably well for four months of being dragged on rocky trails, subjected to tropical humidity and frequently submerged in salt water. By the end of the trip, my feet were calloused and blistered, but nothing made it's home in my skin and my boots seemed remarkably unscathed.

Now, almost two years later I have walked holes through the soles of both of my boots and am looking for a place to send them for repairs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I would love to have them fixed for my next tropical adventure.Thanks for reading, and JB, keep up the good work.Please don't judge me based on the length of my shorts, it was really hot.

Submitted by:  Marshall from Asherville, North Carolina. 

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