Share Your Boot Story- Suburban Cowgirl
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Remember the movie Urban Cowboy? Once upon a time on the East Coast, a single suburban 20-something Virginia girl got hooked on all things western after watching that movie. When I visited my friend in Fort Worth back around 1980/81 and made a visit to Billy Bob's, I learned to 2-step and bought me some eel-skin boots, size 7-1/2. Fast-forward to 30 years of marriage, 3 grown children, a few repairs here and there (to the boots though I probably could use a few myself) and feet now size 9! And guess what, I can still wear them! Yes, one of my toes is coming through one side, but they stretched with me and still fit like a glove! I won't give them up without a fight!

Submitted by: Laura from Alexandria

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