Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: Winter Run
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As the winter run comes to a close I feel invigorated by my love of the game. After making 5 major rodeo short go rounds, (Denver, Fort Worth, San Angelo, Austin and Houston), and placing in 12/16 PRCA rodeos, I sit 14th in the Bareback Riding World Standings.

I've made some miles, every one of them driven, and had some stellar feeling bareback rides. Some of my favorites rides came in Texas at San Angelo and Mercedes. In San Angelo I came in to the short go tied for 9th and low score in the average with an 81. I drew Fancy Free, a Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo horse.
Fancy Free reared up in the chute, slipping free of her neck rope in the process, seeing this I nodded my head as soon as I had my seat.

Fancy Free fired forward out into arena, bailing up on the front end and kicking out the back, as the ride went on I felt her dropping harder and harder, but my Justin's were hammering at the mane line clear to the whistle. My 85 was second in the round and it raised me from 9th to 3rd in the average.

Mercedes was made memorable by the smooth enjoyable bucking of Lancaster and Pickett's horse Peppermint and the stunning 75th anniversary buckle my 83 earned me. Mercedes isn't the biggest rodeo out there but the committee has continued to impress me with their efforts to put on a good rodeo, put up great prizes and their treatment of the cowboys.

I hope to continue my consistency and successes as the season goes on and look forward to many more enjoyable buckers and well organized rodeos.