Cowboy Livin' with Luke Creasy: Feeling At Home
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Since moving to Texas to attend school in the fall of 2007 it has become a second home; I have an apartment I rent in Lubbock, TX that my son calls, “Daddy’s house,” and with all my pictures, furniture and time spent there with my son, it has become a home. So winning the home town rodeo, Lubbock’s ABC Rodeo at the end of March was a long awaited success. When the crowd cheered louder for their Red Raider alumni as I posted an 83 to win the bareback riding I felt very at home.

As rodeos slowed down to one or two weekly for the next month I began to enjoy the road less and my Lubbock home more as my hot streak seemed to stop. I even got the downtime to indulge my artistic side sketching as I drew a picture of my Lubbock performance, (the sketch accompanying this blog). Knowing well all it takes to get things feeling right again I began to anticipate my return to Canadian soil for some of the first rodeos of the Canadian Pro Rodeo season. The familiarity of the Canadian rodeos, coupled with the excellent breeding programs of Canadian stock contractors make CPRA rodeos very enjoyable and often profitable.

I rode in Coleman, AB first, though I didn’t place there I made a great feeling ride that had my confidence up going into Dawson Creek, BC’s rodeo where I rode Calgary Stampede’s Reckless Margie to the tune of 85 and a third place check. From there I toured down to Camrose, AB, which was my first pro rodeo back in 2007, and like in 2007 I rode to the pay window with an 81.5. Camrose was particularly enjoyable as it allowed me to catch up with my parents whom I hadn’t seen since New Year's.

In this game, comfortability, not to be mistaken with contention, leads to confidence in one’s self: much as the comfortability of your Justin Boots helps you feel sure footed. Knowing you’ve been somewhere and done well eases the tension of doing well even when the checks have been coming in slow. Now that Canadian rodeos will be growing in frequency I look forward to commuting back and forth riding my favorite stock at my favorite rodeos on both sides of the border, in arenas I feel at home.