Share Your Boot Story- Almost Gone
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I had a pair of Aged Bark Original Workboots and I loved these boots. I wore them everywhere: fancy dinners, huntin', fishin', didn't matter, they were on. While I was stationed in Florida with the U.S. Coast Guard, I went fishing with a couple of buddies and I hooked a decent size snapper and my line got caught on the rocks. So rather than lose the fish and deal with my friends busting my chops, into the water I went boots and all. I rinsed them off and put them in the back of my truck to dry. We went back to the shore line to clean up, and when I came back to the truck, my boots were gone. I thought my friends were playing a joke on me by hiding them. I asked them where my boots were and they claimed they didn't know, so I played along. We were about to leave and I asked again. They said they didn't t mess with them, and they were serious. Obviously someone needed them more than me.

After I had come to terms that my beloved boots had walked off on someone else's feet, I began my search looking for my new pair. I had to of looked in every store from Cape Canaveral to my place in Georgia, nowhere had my size or style that I wanted. I called one store in Snellville, GA called Horsetown, about a 30 minute drive from my house. They told me they had one pair left so I jumped in the truck and tore tail to get there. I got there and tried them on- perfect fit! I walked outta there with new boots on my feet.

Here's where the almost gone part comes in- a couple of friends and I took a trip to Mudfest in Milledgeville, GA. They have a mud-run through the pit and sure enough I had to run; probably should have taken the boots off, but I thought, "What better way to break 'em in than some good ole' Georgia red clay?". I had run slap outta them boots, I won the race, but when I turned around to get my boots, I only saw one. I searched all through the mud pit and couldn't find it. After about 20-30 minutes of looking, I saw the top corner of it barely sticking out of the mud. I grabbed it and it was full of mud.  Just to celebrate that I didn't lose that pair, I dumped the boot full of mud right on to my head. I still have those boots 2 years later and they fit as good as ever. I am now deployed overseas in the Middle East and I wear them proudly in my off time. Thank you to all the boot makers for making such a great pair of boots. I'll never wear anything other than the Original Justin's.

Submitted by: Andrew from Monroe

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