August 2, 2014
Justin by accident.

By Linda Banfield - Mt Dora, Florida

I was in Ft Worth several years ago and stopped by the Justin store. I didn't know to much about cowboy boots but liked the look. I tired on a few pair and was sold on a pair of black exotic's. They came in a C width which is not easy to find in a good looking boot. Oh boy how comfortable they are. I have not looked back. I wear my boots all the time because they feel so good. I do a lot of dancing and have had them resoled 4 times (I dance that much) and they still look like new. I LOVE MY JUSTIN BOOTS!!!

July 14, 2014
Vintage Ropers back in the UK

By Louise Palmer - United Kingdom

Bought my first pair of lace up Ropers in Lovington, New Mexico in 1993 while on holiday from the UK - where riding boots are only black or brown and desperately boring. They were red and cost me $95 and completely dazzled me! Wished I had bought 10 pairs as you can't get them now.

More than 20 years later, I have just bought a vintage pair from Texas and am waiting for them to be delivered. Can't remember what size I had so praying they fit.

Justin - please please please bring back the leather sole lace up.

July 27, 2014
Texas family tradition

By teresa skoowski - georgia

My grandmother went to school with the Justin brothers in Texas. She was born and raised in and around Nocona. No matter where you live life does come full circle! My mother who is 85 and I both only wear Justin and Nocona boots! You can not compare the feel and the fit! The craftsmanship has not changed according to my mother! The military has moved me around for several years but still Justin boots are indeed a family tradition!


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