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Men's Work Boots

Work and walk with confidence in our tough performing, versatile work boots on and off the job.  

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  • Steel Toe
  • Electric Hazard
Casual and comfortable, the Cappie Tan Bomber Steel Toe men's workboot keeps things simple with a distressed golden tan leather exterior and woven polyester laces.
  • Puntera De Casquillo De Acero
  • Resistente Ala Electricidad
Casual y cómodo, la bota de trabajo para hombre Cappie Brown Steel Toe mantiene las cosas simples con un exterior de cuero marrón dorado desgastado y cordones de poliéster tejidos.
  • Resistente Ala Electricidad
  • Nano Composite Toe
Una elegante bota de trabajo sin cordones diseñada en el icónico estilo de bota Chelsea, la bota Childress Romeo Nano Composite Toe en Wyoming Tan cuenta con una Nano Composite Toe para protección y una resistente suela de goma Stampede de doble densidad.

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Finding the Best Work Boots

When it comes to buying the best work boots there are a number of factors you will want to consider. First, you need to identify whether you need a heavy duty work boot or a light weight work boot. Most outdoor construction, concrete and welding jobs require heavy duty work boots with specific safety features and technologies. While warehouse, technology and manufacturing jobs require more of a light duty work boot with specific safety requirements and work boot components. Second, you must identify which safety standards your work boots must meet. Whether it’s making sure you have a steel toe work boot to protect your foot from impact or you need an electrical hazard work boot to protect you from electrical currents from the ground. No matter the job, when choosing a work boot it is important to find a quality pair of boots that keep you comfortable all day.

Work Boot Fit and Style

Work boots come in two different styles - pull on work boots or lace up work boots. Choosing the best work boot style comes down to your personal preference. If you are looking for a work boot with convenience that is easy to pull on and off, then the pull on work boot is going to be your best pick. On the other hand, if you are looking for a work boot with more ankle support and a snug fit, then go with a lace up work boot. Depending on the boot, both styles offer the same work boot safety features needed for the job site. The next item to consider is your preference in toe shape. Work boots come as square toe work boots or round toe work boots. The best work boot for you comes down to your preference in fit and style.

Work Boot Features

Choosing the best work boot hinges on the safety requirements at your job. Most heavy duty job sites require safety toe work boots whether it be a steel toe work boot or a comp toe work boot. Steel toe work boots meet safety standards for job site requirements but have more weight to them. While a comp toe work boot offers the same protection at a fraction of the weight but comes at a higher price. Some work environments require met guard work boots to extend protection against compression beyond just the toe. Regardless of the safety toe work boot you choose, most steel toe work boots, comp toe work boots or nano comp toe work boots meet job site safety requirements.

Specific jobs require additional work boot safety requirements. If you work around wires and electricity you need electrical hazard work boots to protect against electrical currents from the ground. If you work outdoors you will need a waterproof work boot to keep your feet dry. If you work in cold environments you will need a pair of insulated work boots to keep your feet warm. If you work on a construction site you may need a pair of puncture resisting work boots to protect your feet against sharp objects. Most roofing contractors need a slip resisting work boot to prevent against slips and falls. Finding the best work boot for standing on concrete can be tough, that is why we have different outsole and comfort packages designed for standing on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt all day. No matter your job, it is important to find a pair of comfortable work boots to keep you focused on your job and not on your feet.

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