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Women's Work Boots On Sale

Experience comfort, durability, and versatility in a pair of our women's work boots.

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The 8" Jalena Nano Comp Toe work boot in Maple Tan from the Justin Gypsy™ collection features a Nano Comp Toe for protection.

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Women's Work Boots Style: Pull-on Boots vs. Lace-up Boots

Justin women’s work boots come in two different styles: pull-on and lace-up. When deciding between the two, the first thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to performance, one style does not stand above the other. Rest assured that both pull-on work boots and lace-up work boots get the job done. Instead, what you need to consider is your own personal preferences for comfort, convenience and support.

Pull-on work boots offer convenience because they can slip on and off your foot easily without the need to tie or undo laces. Some may even find pull-on boots to be more comfortable as they are a bit looser around the ankles. On the other hand, you may prefer lace-up work boots if you are in need of increased ankle support. Thanks to the laces, you are able to dictate the level of support by how tightly you tie your boots.

Safety Toe Boots: Steel Toe Work Boots vs. Comp Toe Work Boots

Safety is imperative on the job site, which is why many employers require safety-toe work boots. Safety-toe boots protect the toes and metatarsal bones from falling or crushing objects and meet the ASTM F2413-18 standards for compression and impact. Justin safety-toe work boots come in two types of protection, offering steel toe boots and comp toe boots (also known as composite toe boots).

Steel toe work boots have long been an industry standard. These boots feature an internal metal toe box made of steel that protects your foot from injury. Comp toe work boots meet the same level of safety standards as their counterpart. However, rather than using steel for the toe box, comp toe boots feature protection built from non-metal materials such as carbon fiber or plastic. Because comp toe boots do not rely on metal, they are a great option for anyone who needs to pass through metal detectors on the job site and may even offer electrical resistance.

Additional Features: Electrical Rating, Waterproof Boots & Ortholite®

Speaking of electrical resistance, let’s talk additional features. Justin offers women’s work boots with electrical hazard ratings. These boots are non-conducive, protecting your feet from functioning as a grounding point for an electrical circuit.

Our work boots also offer waterproof exteriors. Women’s waterproof work boots keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day to avoid any discomfort or even pain caused by wet and soggy socks. As anyone who works on her feet for a living knows, discomfort can easily lead to reduced productivity.

If you are looking for some extra support for your feet, consider purchasing a boot that features Ortholite® insoles. Ortholite® insoles improve the comfort and support of your boots while also aiding temperature regulation. A pair such as the Rush from our Stampede Collection does the trick.

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