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Cody Webster

Professional Bullfighter

Cody Webster at rodeo event


Champion bullfighter Cody Webster knows what it is like to be on top of his field. And with Bullfighting being a centuries-old tradition, this is no small feat to be considered one of the greatest bullfighters of our time.

Cody always knew that he wanted to be a bullfighter. Coming from a family of bull riders and barrel racers, Cody grew his passion for bullfighting at an early age. As a young child, it was not uncommon to find Cody running around his house pretending to dodge imaginary bulls. And Halloween became a predictable holiday for his parents, as year in and year out his costume was always the same, a rodeo clown.

At only ten years of age Cody arrived at the doorstep of Professional Bull Riders (PBR) legend Frank Newsom trying to learn how to bullfight. Frank wound up training Cody for the coming years, teaching him lessons inside and out of the arena. This mentorship payed off when Cody became the youngest bullfighter ever to work for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR).

Bullfighting as a profession requires both mental and physical fortitude. Cody exhibits this on a daily basis in a profession that has life or death consequences. His success can be attributed to his fearless demeanor and dexterity inside the arena.

Cody’s commitment to the well-being of the riders as well the bulls themselves exhibit why Cody is held in such high regard in his field. We believe that Cody embodies the values of Justin Boots and are proud to work with such an outstanding athlete and person.

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