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Devin White

NFL Linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White riding a horse


Football linebacker extraordinaire Devin White understands the true meaning of hard work, dedication and grit. Not only from his training on and off the football field but through his passion in working with and training standard bred horses.

The two-time All-American, two-time All-SEC, first LSU Buctkus Award winner and now first round pick Tampa Bay Buccaneer grew a passion for horses at a very young age.

It all started when he was 5 years old when some of his neighbors were riding their horses down the road by his house. Devin ran up asking if they were willing to teach him to ride. His neighbors immediately put him on a horse.

The very next morning Devin went to his neighbor’s house asking for more riding lessons which continued until Devin could ride on his own. Devin says his neighbor became like family to him. He ended up getting a great friend out of the deal.

Devin was in middle school when he purchased his first horse Ricky Bobby. One of his good 
friend’s grandfather he called “Pop” had horses and let the two boys ride his horses all of 
the time. But Devin always wanted to have a horse of his own. So he called “Pop” up one day and asked him if I could help him buy his first horse. Shortly thereafter, Devin bought his first horse.

For Devin, growing up riding horses was always therapeutic for him. It was a place where he could shut out the rest of the world, find his comfort zone, and focus on building a relationship with his horse. It taught him responsibility, dedication, patience, discipline and compassion. All of these traits epitomize the values we consider essential to honoring western heritage and tradition.

We admire Devin’s talent and character and congratulate him on becoming a 
Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Keep up to date on his season by following #GetLive.

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